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A one piece clamshell baseball hat container that is used for storage, displaying, protecting and shaping baseball hats or caps. This container can be used by the consumer to display, store and protect their hat collection. It also may be used by a merchant for displaying hats.

Hunt Sr., Mickey Jay (Camby, IN, US)
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Mickey Jay Hunt Sr. (Camby, IN, US)
What is claimed is:

1. A one piece clamshell container that will store or display a single baseball hat. With this one piece design the consumer doesn't have to worry about losing or mismatching different halves of the container.

2. Living hinge design will allow this to be made of one piece. [See FIG. 1 Balloon 1]. The living hinge will allow the container to open and close many times without breakage. Opening and closing with a living hinge design is much easier then separating a two piece design.

3. Snap for secure seal. [See FIG. 5 Balloon 2] The snap will insure the container will stay shut during storage and handling.

4. Seal ridge. [See FIG. 1 Balloon 3] The seal ridge will add stability and keep the container top and bottom aligned.

5. Large bill area for contour bills. [See FIG. 1 Balloon 4] This area is large enough to except most custom bill shapes.

6. Stacking ridge design. [See FIG. 6] The stack ability of this container is about one inch. This will allow you to stack many containers in a small area.

7. Large area for buckle. [See FIG. 1 Balloon 5] This area is large enough to except many different adjustable strap designs.

8. Area for button on top of hat. [See FIG. 4 Balloon 6] Extra large area for buttons.

9. Holes for hanging. [See FIG. 1 Balloon 7] These holes will allow you to hang the container from either end. You may also use these holes to secure the container shut with a lock or wire tie.

10. Large finger area for ease of opening container. [See FIG. 3 Balloon 8].

11. Transparent so you can display and inspect hat without opening the container.



A one piece Clamshell Baseball Hat container with Living Hinge, which will display or store a single baseball hat or cap. The container will protect the hat from the elements such as dust and dirt. This container will also help keep the original shape of the hat. The container is transparent so you can visually inspect the hat without opening the container. This container is a stackable design of 1 inch.

Definition List 1
Baseball Hat or CapA cap or hat with a bill in front.
ClamshellA device with a hinge like the shell of a clam.
Living HingeA hinge or flexure bearing with no moving parts. It
is generally a thin section of the material that bends
to allow movement.