Boot and accessory storage bag
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A light weight storage bag specifically designed for various types of boots and accessories. The bag fully opens to securely hold one or two pairs of boots while protecting them from moisture and dust in a neat, organized and fashionable manner.

Jones, Barbara Jean (East Orange, NJ, US)
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Barbara J. Jones (East Orange, NJ, US)
What I claim is:

1. A lightweight boot and accessory storage comprising; a semi thick transparent polyurethane which allows an individual to readily see which pair of boots or accessory they want to retrieve.

2. The closure of claim 1 wherein the zipper is on both sides of said storage bag and extends the full length of said sides which are contiguous to the opposite edge for complete closure and opening for insertion and removal of contents thereof.

3. The wire rims of claim 1 allows the bag to stand during storage, while side wall portions which circumscribe said base allows the handle to extend from the upper location of bag for easy transport further including the storage bag folds flat when not in use.


This application claims the benefit of provisional patent application Ser. No. 60/733,236, filed Nov. 4, 2005 by the present inventor.


Although everyone wears shoes it seems as though people are now keeping a much larger wardrobe of boots. Boots seem to hold a lure and fascination for women and men. Manufacturers of boots have not acknowledged the need for attractive, affordable and effective storage for boots. The purchase box itself for years been the means for boot storage.

Several types of boot storage systems have been manufactured; for example there are the international, Japan publication numbers; JP10264926 to Hasegawa Yukio (1998); CA2467234 to Graham Felix, (2005) and U.S. Pat. Nos. 4,779,743 to Jack McKinnon (1988); 4,881,637 to Peters, Melton and Prescott (1989); 4,953,715 to Giuliano Cell (1990); and 5,881,932 to Michael M. Wadden (1999). All these inventors had wonderful inventions although some would have been expensive to manufacture.

There is a boot storage systems that take ups a great deal of space. This same system does not effectively protect the boot or accessory from dirt and moisture.

Storage apparatus for boots should not pose any possible danger to children or pets. There should be no screws, hooks or rods that extend from the base.

One such boot storage apparatus is of excessive weight without the boot and shoe stored on it, and once boots are stored it becomes top heavy unless mounted to a wall.

Boxes for boots are cumbersome, unattractive, and usually hidden under the bed, closet, or basement. Boots kept in said boxes do not allow an individual to know which pairs of boots are stored


This invention is an innovative and improved approach to an old problem of boot storage in an effective, attractive reusable and affordable manner. I claim;

This storage bag is produced from semi thick polyurethane which is sturdy and has a wire outer rim that is manufactured by various companies in the miscellaneous manufacturing industries.

This storage bag is a fully enclosed bag that is designed specifically for the storage of boots further including accessories.

Boots are kept in pairs, in a transparent, fully closed bag that will stand or stack for easy storage.

When packing luggage this bags flexibility allows you to pack a couple of pairs of boots in you suitcase without dirtying your clothing.

This bag itself is has a sturdy handle it can be used as carry on luggage via airport, bus or car along with any needed accessory.

When you store your pairs of boots, it will save time and eliminate the hassle of locating a single match or pair of boots.

The usual corner and closet clutter will be eliminated as well the boot bulk in storage containers.


FIG. 1, is an open view of the top, bottom, side, depth, sewn in handle and zipper base in accordance with a preferred embodiment of the invention.

FIG. 2, is an angled view of front, top and side view of the bag with built in handle and a pair of boots inside showing the transparency from each angle.


In accordance with the present invention a vinyl semi thick storage bag that stores boots and accessories in a stationary position that has a convenient handle for easy transport. The bag according to the invention can be easily and comfortably carried because it is lightweight

In the drawings, closely related figures have the same number but different alphabet suffixes

Referring to FIG. 1, the open view of the storage bag 11A, 12A and 13A are the top portion of the bag and 11B, 12B and 13B are the bottom portion of the storage bag.

The top 11A, folds over and joins with 11B. Support is made possible by 12A a built in wire rim that gives the top its structure. The top zipper 13A along with the bottom 13B fully opens the bag from either right or left direction stopping at either rear corner.

Item 11B, bottom of the bag will be joined by 11A top of the bag which 13B bottom zipper and 13A top zipper will interlock to fully close the bag keeping out dust, moisture and debris, while 12A top wire rim and 12B bottom wire rims together give a greater structural support.

The built in handle 15 allows the bag to become versatile from a stationary storage bag to transportable storage bag.

Ample space and depth are shown with 16 indicating that boots and small accessories can be stored comfortably within this area ie; umbrella, pocket book and gloves.

This is the Base location of the zipper 17 left and 17 right which shows when the bag is fully opened where the zippers start point.

Referring to FIG. 2, the fully closed bag 11A top and 11B bottom of bag on an angle showing the 12A top wire rim and 12B bottom wire rim supporting the bag while standing. Zippers 13A top and 13B bottom are fully interlocked closing the bag. The built in handle is at the top of the bag 15. All of the connections together show a pair of boots 16 turned against each other for balance inside a fully transparent bag from each angle.

The bag will come with an attractive label across the front and in various colors and decorated for style.