Greens towel assembly
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A golf towel assembly that permits a golfer to carry a wet towel clipped to his/her clothing is comprised of; 1) a backing made of waterproof material to prevent water from reaching clothing; 2) a grommet for attaching the greens towel assembly; 3) a terry cloth towel, with nylon netting attached, that attaches to the waterproof backing using a hook and loop attachment for easy removal. The assembly is small and can be attached to the golfer's clothing so that it does not interfere with the golfer's stroke. The assembly allows a golfer to take a compact wet towel to the green, detach it to clean the ball and replace it in an out of the way spot clear of the golf stroke.

Young, Donna Marie (Silver Spring, MD, US)
Young, Peter Michael (Silver Spring, MD, US)
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1. A golf towel assembly that allows a golfer to carry a wet, detachable, compact towel on his/her person to clean a golf ball prior to use which is comprised of; 1) a waterproof backing; 2) a grommet for attaching the greens towel assembly; 3) a terry cloth towel; 4) hook and loop attachments attached to the towel and the waterproof backing to allow for easy removal; 5) nylon netting attached to the bottom of the towel to assist in removal of debris.


This application claims benefits from a previous application, Ser. No. 60/739,999 filed on Nov. 28, 2005.


Golf is played over an area of fairways, rough, sand traps, and greens and certain rules govern the placement and handling of the ball in the rough, on the fairways, in sand traps and on the putting surface or green. A ball may be cleaned prior to teeing off from the teeing ground and most golf courses provide some type of ball washer to accomplish this.

During the course of playing a golf hole the player's ball, with few exceptions, can not be touched or cleaned. The only place where this can occur is on the green or putting surface. However, there is no facility provided on the putting green for cleaning one's golf ball. This means that the golfer must provide his or her own means for cleaning and removing debris from the ball. Since a golfer is allowed to mark the ball on the green and pick it up, it becomes most beneficial if any debris and dirt is removed from the ball allowing a truer roll when the ball is struck by the putter. A towel assembly that is small in size, convenient to use, detachable and able to be wet to provide the golfer with a clean ball is needed. When professional caddies start a round of golf they ensure that at least a portion of one golf towel is damp to facilitate removing dirt and debris from the player's ball once it reaches the green. The Greens Towel Assembly is specifically made to be wet to provide the best method of cleaning the golf ball. The easily detachable towel with a scrubbing element provides a clean golf ball for the golfer. Additionally, the fact that the assembly does not interfere with a golfer's swing allows the golfer to carry it with him or her without having the inconvenience of carrying a large towel to and from the putting green. Accordingly, the Greens Towel Assembly provides the golfer with an assembly that can be worn without interference, a wet towel that detaches and makes cleaning the ball easy and provides the golfer the advantage of a having a caddy available to clean the ball without the need for one.


The greens towel assembly of this invention consists of a vinyl piece or backing to prevent water or dampness from penetrating from the towel to the golfer's clothing. A grommet in the top of the assembly allows a clip to pass through and attach the unit to the golfer's belt loops or belt. The backing measures approximately 23 to 25 centimeters in length and approximately 14 to 15 centimeter in width. A terry cloth towel approximately 20 centimeters in length and approximately 13 centimeters wide is attached to the vinyl backing using a hook and loop assembly consisting of two strips approximately 2 centimeters wide and approximately 10 centimeters long, one attached to the towel and one attached to the vinyl backing. This allows the towel to be removed without removing the entire assembly from the belt loop or belt. It facilitates cleaning the ball and then allows easy replacement of the towel back on the vinyl backing. An area of netting is placed approximately 14 centimeters from the top of the terry cloth towel extending approximately 6 to 7 centimeters to the bottom of the terry cloth towel. This is affixed to the towel by stitching around the perimeter of the netting. This provides a surface to scrape dirt and debris off the golf ball and allow the ball a better chance of remaining on an intended line when struck towards the cup. Sewn into the vinyl backing are two weights approximately 56 grams each to help prevent the greens towel assembly from being blown about on a windy day.


FIG. 1 is a front view of the Greens Towel Assembly.

FIG. 2 is a side view of the Greens Towel Assembly


FIG. 1B terry cloth towel

FIG. 1C nylon netting attached to the towel with stitching

FIG. 1D waterproof backing

FIG. 1E weight sewn inside waterproof backing to help prevent movement

FIG. 2F hook and loop strips attached to waterproof backing and the terry cloth towel


U.S. Pat. No. 5,797,142 to Debronsky, Jr, ct al. illustrates a golf towel that attaches to a golfer's waist and may be placed in the golfer's pocket, however it is not easily detachable and is not made to be wet. U.S. Pat. No. 6,148,464 to Shioda illustrates a molded container for the golf towel but it is not made to be attached to a golfer's belt loop or belt and the towel is not easily detached for cleaning the golf ball. U.S. Pat. No. 6,226,287 to English, Jr., illustrates a golf towel that can be wet but the golf ball must be placed in a pocket and it is not made to be easily detachable.