Fireaqua Screen
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The application of the Fireaqua Screen is for decoration only. When applied it adds a feature to the fireplace to look at just like adding a mantle. The application method is getting/ordering a screen that is the rite dimensions. When installing you will remove any doors you have and screw the fountain in the opening of the current firebox. Doors may then be reapplied if desired.

Bingham, Erin Cole (Stoughton, WI, US)
Bingham, Ernest (Stoughton, WI, US)
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Erin Bingham (Stoughton, WI, US)
1. We claim to have invented this screen and it is our own design.

2. Stated in I this screen fits on the faces of fireplaces.

3. Water circulates around from bottom to top in this screen like a fountain.

4. This screen has evenly spaced openings running along the underside of the top to allow water that is pumped to the top to drip to the trough at the bottom.

5. As referred to in IV this screen has a water return trough at the bottom.

6. This screen has a hose connected to a return trough which allows water to run to a pump.

7. A pump on this screen receives water that is fed down a return hose.

8. A pump, pumps water up a hose to the top of the screen where it starts its recirculation again.

9. This screen has LED or Fiber Optic Lights evenly spaced running along the interior of the top.

10. As seen in IX these lights will light up water droplets that fall into the trough.

11. This screen will run on electric

12. We claim different faces for this screen will be available.



Fireaqua screen is a fireplace fountain that was invented by Ernest & Erin Bingham. The invention was invented by a couple Master fireplace builders. It is produced by constructing a heat resistant steel frame in the size required to fit variable sized fireboxes. In this frame a water trough is inserted to catch water that is pumped to the top of the frame by a pump near the base. People can install this by them selves or have a professional install it.


Fireaqua Screen is a metal framed heat resistant fountain that surrounds the front/opening of a fireplace. (See picture) This is the fireaqua screen. When it is mounted on the fireplace you view the flames through the center. When it is turned on the screen sprinkles water in front of the fire.