Belt with concealed pockets
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This invention has concealed pockets or pocket embedded in the middle of the belt material. This invention was made to give women options to carrying a purse . The pocket in the belt will allow your personal items to stay hidden. The configuration of the lining to create the pocket gives the belt unique inner pocket to keep money, credit cards, etc stationary in one area. The Closure structure at the top of the belt allows for easy accessibility and security.

Bowen, Jimmie Chisholm (Savannatt, GA, US)
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A45F3/00; A45C1/04
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Jimmie Chisholm Bowen (Savannah, GA, US)
1. I, Jimmie Chisholm Bowen claim this belt with hidden pockets or pocket as my invention. The pocket is an improved way to safely keep your money credit cards or other small items secured in one area of the belt.

2. I Jimmie Chisholm Bowen claim that this belt with pockets or pocket having an lined inner pocket imbedded into the middle of the belt material that can be sealed with Velcro™ or any thing that will allow closure at the top of the pocket as my invention.



I claim the benefits of the previous Provisional Application No. 60/618,503, filed Oct. 13, 2003.

I Jimmie Chisholm Bowen, a citizen of the United States, residing in Savannah, Ga. have invented a new and useful improvement of a belt with concealed pockets or pocket called the Pocket belt. This invention is a belt that a women can wear to put money or credit cards in it without it being noticeable.


This Invention is to provide women with a belt that allows for security and easy accessibility. While some other belts with concealed pockets make it difficult to access your money, The Pocket in the belt makes it easy to access your belongs by slipping your fingers between the Velcro™ lined pocket to open it. The pocket has a inner lining that can support your support small items such as driver's licenses, credit cards, money, a lipstick tube and other small item allowing you the option of leaving your purse at home. The belt can be worn on top of clothing or underneath clothing.

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This invention is a belt for women providing security and easy accessibility for carrying your money and credit cards. The combination of the structure of the belts such as the arrangement of the opening, mounting configuration of the lining and closure structure, such as a hidden Velcro™ strip gives the belt an advantage above the other belts with concealed pockets. This invention was designed for easy accessibility and security without taking the belt off. The inner lining extends approximately 7-8 inches in the middle of the belt creating a pocket. The lined pocket keeps your items stationary in one section of the belt. Sometimes carrying a purse can put you in a vulnerable situation of having your purse lost or stolen. The large pouches are very noticeable and looks unattractive around a woman's waist. This belt is an improved fashionable belt for any women to wear.


FIG. 1. Shows the Pocket Belt with one complete pocket.

FIG. 2. is showing the completed pocket after the inner lining has been inserted and stitched in place creating the pocket.

FIG. 3. show the unfinished inner lining that is tapered back with Velcro stitched to the opposite ends of it.

FIG. 4 shows an open top view a complete inner lining with Velcro™ strips stitched around the top edges.

FIG. 5 is a cut out side view of the inner lining material tapered at the top with the side sewn vertical.

FIG. 6 is showing a front view the belt material attached to a buckle with rivets.

FIG. 7 is showing the back view of the of the belt material attached to the buckle with rivets.

FIG. 8 is showing a front view of the belt material attached to the buckle by stitching.

FIG. 9 is showing a back view of the belt material attached to the buckle by stitching.

FIG. 10 shows the Velcro™ strips male and female sides.


This invention is called The Pocket Belt FIG. 1. It has concealed pockets or pocket that has about 7-8 inches of material used as an inner lining to create a pocket FIG. 3. This pocket can support small items such as driver's licenses, credit cards, money, a lipstick tube and other small items.

The concentration of this invention is on how the pocket FIG. 4 is made and operates as an important part of the belt FIG. 4. The belt is made out of any suitable material cut to provide for the proper waist size of the person wearing it. The finished belt should be approximately 3 inches more or less in width FIG. 1 which will allow enough depth in the pocket FIG. 4 to insert money, credit card, etc inside of the pocket properly. To create the belt and allow room for the pocket, the front and back width of the belt material 2 should be approximately 3 and ½ inches more or less and could be made out of any suitable material. About ½ inch of the belt material will be used for the total tapering at the bottom and top portion of the belt 3 to create clean finished stitches around the entire belt 3, but leaving about 8-9 inches of the belt material open at the top FIG. 2 for the inner pocket to be inserted FIG. 4 The lining for the pocket is made out of any thin suitable material that is approximately 8 by 5 square inches FIG. 3 of material more or less to create an inner pocket that is about 3 ½ inches deep FIG. 5. The top sides of the lining will be stitched back and tapered at the edges 4 and lined with Velcro™ FIG. 3. Velcro™ strips FIG. 10 will be placed and stitched at the top edges of opposite ends of the lining FIG. 3 to allow for opening and closing when the opposite ends comes together. Once folded over 14, each vertical end of the inner lining will be stitched FIG. 5 and, therefore, creating a complete inner_pocket FIG. 4.

The lined pocket will be inserted between the front and back of the belt material that was left opened for the pocket FIG. 2, and stitched 3 in place creating a complete pocket that is hidden concealed. The pocket can be located anywhere around the belt. The inner lining allows your small items to stay securely in one place. Velcro™ is not the only product that can securely close pocket. Using snaps, button, zippers or anything that can securely allow for easy opening and closing of the pocket can also be used.

The buckle 11 can be attached to the belt material by rivets FIG. 6, &7 or stitching FIG. 8 & 9. The opposite ends of the belt from the buckle can be tapered off so that it could easily connect and slide through the buckle for closing. There are various other ways that the buckle can be attached to the opposite end for closing. For example, the opposite ends of the belt can come together by applying eyelets, looping through or the ends can be tied.