Disc shaped golf tee with varying heights
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A golf tee having a flat disc shaped base that allows its use on frozen, wet or loose ground. The unique design of the tee alleviates the need to guess what the height of the ball is from the ground. This will enable the golfer to make better contact with the ball.

Burrowes, James Joseph (Naples, FL, US)
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James J. Burrowes (Naples, FL, US)
1. What I claim as my invention is a golf tee which has varying heights such as one half inch, one inch, one and a half inches two inches and two and one half inches. Each kit will contain five pieces. This tee will be solid and cup shaped on the top to hold the golf ball.

2. The tee will be made of rubberized plastic so that it will not get cut by a golf club as it will have little or no resistance to the golf swing. The tee will be made of a contrasting color so that it will be easy to find and it will travel only five or so yards when struck.



1. Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to a golf tee. More specifically the invention relates to a golf tee having a flat base, which allows use of the tee on frozen or loose ground.

2. Description of the Invention

Prior art exists for the basic golf tee which is suitable for the individual purpose it addresses. However, the prior art differs from the present as hereinafter contrasted. The previous golf tees all require that the golfer insert the tee into the ground, whether the ground is frozen, wet or muddy in order to hit the ball. The previous tee is not suitable for use on frozen ground.


The present invention relates to a golf tee, which holds the golf ball while the player swings. The prior art of the original golf tee made it very difficult, if not impossible to play on soggy or frozen ground. The present invention also allows the player to select different heights to customize swing preferences.