Trashcan liner vacuum release tube
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This invention comprises of a self-sticking vinyl molded half moon shaped air tube, that when placed vertically down the inside of a trash can, will provide the release of vacuum when a full plastic trash liner is pulled up and out of the trash can. The vinyl molded tube is molded altogether into a half moon shape, with two flat sides; and is bonded to a self-sticking adhesive strip (with a peel-strip backing). The vinyl molded tube and peel-strip are of equal lengths. The vinyl molded tube has a 45 degree angle cut at the bottom for obstruction free vacuum release; and has (4) approx. one-quarter inch holes near the bottom of the molded tube for increased suction release.

Rush, Rondal Guy (Columbus, OH, US)
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Rondal G. Rush (Columbus, OH, US)
What I claim as my invention is:

1. A self-sticking molded air tube comprised of a flexible molded vinyl tube, angle cut on one end, bonded to strip of self-sticking tape of equal length.

2. A three foot vinyl tube with a 45 degree angle cut on bottom of tube (with additional vacuum release holes near bottom of tube) bonded to the same length one sided self-adhesive tape (with a “peel strip”) to be used vertically inside a trash can from the top to the bottom.

3. The 45 degree angle cut at the bottom of the molded vinyl air tube, and vacuum release holes, allow the air tube sufficient obstruction free air access to the bottom of a full trash liner; therefore providing ample vacuum release for easy trash removal.



This invention relates to a vacuum release molded air tube that is made of flexible vinyl tubing, bonded to a strip of one-sided self-adhesive tape (with peel-strip backing) of equal length, with a 45 degree angle cut at one end and vacuum release holes. When invention is inserted (and secured) vertically onto the inside of a trash can (45 degree angle cut to the bottom of can, and vacuum release holes), the molded tube allows sufficient air flow underneath a full trash liner.


When trash liners are full or over-filled, they are nearly impossible to pull out of a trash can, due to the vacuum created from the trash liner suctioning itself to the inside of a trash can. Many times it takes two people to take out the trash (one to hold the trash can, and the other to pull out the full trash liner).

In prior types of vacuum release inventions for waste receptacles, the concepts are rather complicated, or require one to purchase a whole new receptacle. A few examples of such are: U.S. Pat. Nos. 5,375,732 4,890,760 5,388,717.

A simpler example of a vacuum release contraption can be found in U.S. Pat. No. 6,594,876; but even this invention requires the use of extra tools to modify an existing trash can before using the said invention.

This invention provides an alternative to purchasing a new trash can; and the air tube can be cut to fit almost any size can. In many prior inventions, one must purchase a whole new trash receptacle with a built-in vent. Other venting systems are made for certain shaped cans. This invention is versatile in that it can be used in round or square cans etc., and attaches securely to the inside of the trash can.


The primary objection of this invention is to provide the release of vacuum, and provide air flow to the inside bottom of a trash can; therefore keeping a full plastic trash liner from suctioning itself to the sides of the trash can. This invention is different from prior art due to the simple and versatile construction; being it can be used in existing trash cans of various sizes.

Due to the simple construction, this invention will not require any special production machinery to produce. The parts of this invention can be produced using current tooling machines and materials already available on the market today.


FIG. 1 Close up view of the self-sticking molded vacuum release tube.

    • 1(a) Vinyl tube
    • 1(b) Self-adhesive strip (with peel strip)

FIG. 2 Full View

    • 2(a) Top
    • 2(b) Bottom
    • 2(c) Side

FIG. 3 Shows tube installed in trash can

    • (a) Close-up view of angled tube bottom; and air holes

FIG. 4 Illustration of vacuum release when full trash liner is pulled up and out of can.


A three foot long, self-sticking molded vacuum release tube, which can be produced of vinyl or plastic tubing of various lengths and colors. The molded tube will have a 45 degree angle cut, and air holes near the bottom of the tube, to provide obstruction free vacuum release. The molded tube is bonded to a strip of self-adhesive with a peel-strip backing. When the peel strip is removed, a sticky surface is exposed for easy installation into any clean dry trash can.