Bed raptor
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The bed Raptor bed edging blade is a three dimensional blade. This blade is made out of steel. This blade is comprised of five parts. The base of the blade which resembles a cross with a specific hole size in the center for accommodating various machines as shown in Fig. B. The width of the base would be 2″ across a height of approximately 9″. These measurements will vary according to the machine it is designed for. The second component which consists of four parts is the cutting fins which are triangular in nature as shown Fig. C The cutting fins are approximately 2″ wide and 2¾″ in height. The fins have cutting teeth starting at the bottom which are ¼″ deep and ¼″ apart with a total of nine teeth per blade. The cutting fins are welded to the base at each left corner coming out one inch and tilted 15 degrees off center to the left.

Szurpicki, John James (Clinton TWP., MI, US)
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1. My claim is that my invention is the first three dimensional bed edging blade. The Bed Raptor bed edging blade is the first bed edging system that not only cuts a new edge but also excavates the soil away from the new edge. This blade will be utilized for redefining and creating new garden boarders. No other bed edging blades look or operate like the Bed Raptor.


Drawing Fig. A is a side view of the blade with cutting fins attached. The blade stands 9¾″ high. The cutting fins protrude from the base approximately 2¾″:″ The base will be manufactured out of ⅛″ steel as shown in side view.

Drawing Fig. B Is a top view of the blade which is 9¾″ wide and 9¾″ in length. This is a cut away view to properly fit the required paper size. The blade is 2¼″ wide in all four sections. The bottom of the cutting fin is welded to the base starting at each lower left corner and ending 1⅛′ out from left edge. The top of fin is tilted back to become even with left edge of blade base.

Drawing Fig. C is a front view and side view of the cutting fin to be attached. The cutting fin is 2¾″ in height and 2¼″ in width. It has nine cutting teeth per fin which are ¼″ deep and ¼″ in width. The fins will be manufactured out of ⅛″ steel as shown in side view

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