Pack for chairs
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A backpack for carrying a chair(s), the pack includes a front, a rear and lateral sides of a size to enclose a chair(s) in the pack. Backpack straps are on the rear for being worn at a wearer's shoulders. A cover encloses the top of the pack. A mesh bottom region of the pack enables exit of sand, dirt, water and tiny objects. Elements on the outside of the pack enable support of other objects on the outside of the pack.

Kasuli, Richard A. (Ridgefield, CT, US)
Uttridge, Edward (Vero Beach, FL, US)
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What is claimed is:

1. A backpack for carrying a chair including: a front, a rear and lateral sides of a size to enclose a chair in the pack, the sides having an outside; backpack straps on the outside of the rear of the pack for being worn at a wearer's shoulders; the pack having an open top; a cover for enclosing the top of the pack; a mesh bottom of the pack enabling exit of sand, dirt, water or tiny objects; elements on the outside of at least one side of the pack for enabling support of other objects on the outside of the pack.

2. The backpack of claim 1, wherein the elements on the pack include at least one of holding straps, a zipper pocket, and a net pocket.

3. The backpack of claim 1, wherein the elements comprise holding straps located to be at the cover at the top, the holding straps being shaped and adapted for receiving objects that extend across the pack in the direction of the lateral sides.

4. The backpack of claim 1, further comprising devices for fastening the cover over the front of the pack and for closing the cover and the top of the pack.

5. The backpack of claim 4, wherein the elements on the pack include a pouch on the outside of the cover.

6. The backpack of claim 1, further comprising cooperating fastening elements on the cover and on the front of the pack, fastenable together to close the cover over the top of the pack.

7. The backpack of claim 6, wherein the fastening elements include a fastenable strap connection between the cover and the pack.

8. The backpack of claim 6, wherein the fastening elements comprise a hook and loop fastener on the cover and on the front of the pack positioned and operable for fastening the cover to the front of the pack and for closing the cover and the top of the pack.

9. The backpack of claim 8, wherein the hook and loop fastener includes respective surfaces thereof on the cover and the front of the pack of a size enabling the cover to be fastened to the front at selected locations up and down the front.

10. The backpack of claim 2, wherein some of the elements are fastened to the outside of the pack by a respective hook and loop fastener for the at least some of the elements.

11. The backpack of claim 1, further comprising a fastenable waist strap on the pack located generally at a wearer's waist and fastenable around the waist.

12. The backpack of claim 11, wherein the waist strap extends between the shoulder straps when the waist strap is fastened around the waist.

13. The backpack of claim 1, further comprising a connection strap extending between the shoulder straps generally at the wearer's shoulders holding the shoulder straps to a maximum separation apart.

14. The backpack of claim 1, further comprising an element inside the pack toward the top for holding an object inside the pack under the cover enclosing the top of the pack.

15. The backpack of claim 1, further comprising a handle at the lateral side of the pack for enabling lifting the backpack.

16. The backpack of claim 1, further comprising a handle at the cover at the top of the pack.



The present invention concerns a pack used for holding one or more chairs, particularly beach or other portable, folding chairs, and for holding additional portable items, such as items which might be of use at the beach or in traveling to and from the beach or any other location where portable, folding chairs may be used, e.g., picnics, sporting events, etc.

Persons who want to sit on a chair at a beach or at some other location to which the person travels may carry the chairs and other items to be used at the beach or at the other location. Chairs are often cumbersome or heavy. Carrying one chair or sometimes two chairs may fully occupy one hand or two hands, which stresses the hands, and carrying a chair makes it difficult to transport other items needed at the same place. Simply hanging the chair from or strapping the chair to the person's body may be uncomfortable and unbalanced on the body causing pain or injury and the chair may not be held securely to the body. Strapping a chair to the persons's body limits the number of chairs that may be carried to only one.

Several backpacks have been disclosed which are adaptable for carrying chairs. They make the transport of the chairs easier and more comfortable and free the user's hands for carrying other items or for other purposes. Those disclosures include U.S. Pat. Nos. 4,972,981; 5,570,829; and 5,893,504. The illustrated packs may expose part of the chair, which could then be snagged on something. These packs are also not adapted with carriers for transport of other items and particularly items that may be of use at the location where the chair is used.


It is an object of the invention to provide a backpack for carrying at least one chair, and particularly a portable folding chair, in the pack.

Another object of the invention is to provide such a pack with additional holding and support elements for other items.

Other objects and features of the pack according to the invention are shown in the attached drawing Figures.


FIG. 1 is a rear and top perspective view of a pack of the invention;

FIG. 2 is a front and top perspective view of the pack;

FIG. 3 is a side view thereof; and

FIG. 4 is a side view of an alternate cover fastening.


Referring to the Figures, a backpack 10 comprises a generally box-shaped container 12 of nylon, canvas or other suitable durable fabric. The container may include an internal or an external frame or stiffening to maintain the pack in a generally box shape. The pack includes a wide front 14 and a wide rear 16, both having a height and a width at least slightly greater than those dimensions of a chair or chairs intended to be carried in the pack. Such a chair 17 is shown in phantom lines inside the pack 10. The pack has narrowed opposite sides 18 joining the front to the rear and has a top 22 and a bottom 24. In addition to chair(s), the pack has sufficient volume to accommodate and carry other items such as towels, clothing etc. In fact, the void created by the physical configuration of beach chair(s) is conducive for accommodating other items.

If the pack is to be stiffened, either the sides of the pack themselves are stiff or framing elements 25, shown in phantom lines, are disposed in the pack to give it its desired shape. Alternatively, the pack may be completely flexible, although that may make access into the pack for inserting or removing the chairs and also placing other items on the pack more difficult.

There should be sufficient stiffness, particularly of the rear 16 of the pack, so that the pack will remain spread comfortably over the back of the wearer. The rear 16 of the pack is a closed, flat panel which covers the entire back of the wearer and also extends forward at the top 22 of the pack, as discussed below. The rear 16, from the top 22 to the bottom 24, has a height selected so that an entire chair may be completely enclosed within the space between the front and the rear of the chair. It is preferable that the chair be thus enclosed to avoid snagging on other objects and exposure of the chair.

Attached at convenient locations on the rear 16 of the pack are adjustable backpack shoulder straps 26 so that a wearer may insert arms under the straps 26 and so that the straps will rest on the wearer's shoulders, as is conventional with knapsacks and other carryable packs.

Additional straps may be provided. There may be a strap 27 at the rear of the pack that may be wrapped and cinched around the wearer's waist. The strap 27 may be attached to the shoulder straps at about waist height. The strap 27 may be adjustable for waist size and user comfort. The strap 27 may alternatively be at the rear edges of the pack.

There may be another adjustable connection strap 29 between the shoulder straps at shoulder height, which may be adjusted for wearer comfort of the shoulder straps during use of the pack and to prevent the straps 26 falling off the shoulders and to prevent the shoulder straps exceeding a maximum separation.

There may be a storage hook 28 toward the top of the rear 16 to be used when the pack is stored. Chairs and other items may remain in the pack when it is stored.

At one or both lateral sides of the pack, respective loop handle 31 is provided by which the pack may be lifted and/or carried. This is an alternative to the straps 26 and the handle 33 for carrying the pack. This handle 31 may make carrying the pack easier, as the pack is tall so that one holding it by the top handle 33 would likely have to bend the carrying arm to raise the pack off the ground.

The opposite front 14 of the pack is also a flat panel that extends from the top 22 toward the bottom 24.

The lateral sides 18 of the pack extend over the full height of the pack and are of a width selected such that the pack has a thickness sufficient to support either one chair or two chairs, as the user may select.

Toward the same end, the rear 16 of the pack extends to wrap over the top 22 of the pack at the top cover 32 and then continues forward and down into a front cover 35 over the front 14 of the pack. The front cover extends all the way down the front 14 of the pack 10 to enclose the front and whatever also may be on the front. The cover 32 at the top 22 is as wide as the opening defined by the side walls 18 of the pack and covers all of the opening, as can be seen in FIG. 2. This closes the top of the pack blocking access to chairs within it. The top cover 32 has an attached handle 33 which allows a hand hold and hand lifting of the pack. The alternative lifting element is the loop handle 31, described above.

The top cover 32 has an adjustable size, two loop fastening for elongate objects. Each of these fastenings comprises rear flexible strap 38 and a front flexible strap 42 which are both attached to the top cover 32 of the pack. Each of the strap pairs is illustrated as adjustable, to define a loop of adjustable size. Each strap of the pair may be provided with one part of a Velcro brand hook and loop fastener so that each two opposite straps together define an adjustable size opening for holding an elongate object, such as a beach umbrella 44 as in FIG. 2 or a fishing pole 46 as in FIG. 1, extending across the top of the pack and perhaps past the lateral sides. Buckled straps are one alternative. Other types of fasteners besides Velcro connected straps may be provided at the top of the pack.

As shown in FIG. 3, the front cover 35 may be secured to the front 14 of the pack by cooperating adjustable straps 47 on the cover 35 and on the pack at 49 that may be latched together and cinched tightly closed. The adjustability of the straps 49 enables different degrees of filling of the pack while the cover can be closed correctly.

Alternatively, as shown in FIG. 4, at the front 14 of the pack, there is a tall hook and loop Velcro fastener pad 48 and at the inside of the front cover 35 is a hook and loop fastener Velcro patch 52 which cooperates with the Velcro pad 48 for closing the cover 35 over the front of the pack. The pad 48 is larger than the patch 52, so that depending upon the degree of filling of the pack, the height of the chairs and other factors, an adjustment enables the cover to be smoothly and securely fastened, and the bottom end of the cover will be at different heights depending upon the manner in which the pack has been filled. The cover and the front of the pack may be attached by other known fastenings.

An additional expandable pouch 51, with expandable sides and a closeable cover, may be attached on the outside of the front cover.

The bottom of the pack includes a region 54 of a mesh, e.g. of nylon, strong enough to support a heavy chair and to not be torn by edges, points or feet, etc. of the chair, with small enough openings to contain the chair and other objects that might be put in the pack, but large enough mesh openings to permit sand, dirt, water, other tiny objects, etc. to fall out of the pack, which is especially useful in connection with beach chairs which often have sand or the like adhered to the legs. Sand is likely to fall free of the chair while it is in the pack and the sand will in turn fall out of the pack though the mesh region 54. Also, if chairs are rinsed with water prior to inserting them in pack, water may drip through the mesh rather than being trapped in the bottom of the pack. The lower mesh region is preferably only on the bottom side of the pack and not over the height or the sides of the pack, which better protects the chairs and protects the user from contact with chairs in the pack.

Other object support elements may be provided on the pack. They are illustrated at both sides 18 of the pack. These include a holder 58, which may be net-like, of elastic material or with an elastic top, and may be closed at the bottom e.g. for holding a water bottle, or the like. A removable or permanent pouch 62 may be attached to the side, preferably below or even above, the loop handle 31. The pouch 62 may be attached by upper and lower hook and loop Velcro fasteners 63 at the side of the pack. The pouch may have a zipper closure 64 and may be attached with hook and loop velcro-type attachments at its top and bottom edges. The pouch 62 may be permanently attached and be securely closed against unauthorized access. It may be used to hold valuables, such as a wallet, purse, money, keys, telephone, etc. As a further alternative, a security pouch 65 may be disposed inside the pack under the cover and accessible through the open top of the pack.

Other attachment devices or other objects may be provided at the sides 18, the top cover 32 or outside the front side of the cover at 35 or even at the front 14 of the pack to be covered or protected by the cover 35.

A drawstring 66 passing around the top of the pack may be tightened to pull the pack securely around a chair to hold the chair against moving within the pack.

Although the present invention has been described in relation to particular embodiments thereof, many other variations and modifications and other uses will become apparent to those skilled in the art. It is preferred, therefore, that the present invention be limited not by the specific disclosure herein, but only by the appended claims.