Salad Bowl the Game
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Salad Bowl the Game is a unique board game and set of rules where players score points for their team during their turn by getting teammates to guess the names of famous people they have each written down and placed in a bowl. Each player is timed and scored. It includes three rounds of play: Say Anything Round: The first round of play where players can say anything to get their teammates to guess the correct answer. Triple Threat Round: The second round of play where players are allowed only three words in the description to get their teammates to guess the correct answer. Charades Round: The third round of play is characterized by the rules of charades. When giving clues to their teammates, players can't say any words, but must act out the clues in order to get their teammates to guess the correct answer.

Hyry, Robert William (Denver, CO, US)
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Hyry, Robert William (Denver, CO, US)
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273/430, 273/459
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A63F9/04; A63F9/00; A63F9/18
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What is claimed is:

1. A unique invention for playing a board game.

2. A copyrighted set of rules for a board game.

3. A methodology of playing that has three rounds each with its own rules the first is the Say Anything round, the second is the Triple Threat and the third is Charades.

4. The combining of these three rounds into a unique gaming experience.

5. A unique design of a board game including the box top, rules and equipment.


A game invented and played amongst family and friends over the years that Robert and Bianca Hyry, United States of America citizens resident in the State of Colorado, compiled into a specific set of rules and game design in order to share the game with many people.



  • 3 Plastic Colored Bowls: 4″ height, bottom 3″ diameter, top 7″ diameter (Shaped like Salad Bowls.) FIGS. 6.0, 7.0, 8.0.
  • Say Anything Turn, Green Bowl. FIG. 6.0.
  • Triple Threat Turn, Purple bowl. FIG. 7.0.
  • Charades Turn, Red Bowl. FIG. 8.0.
  • 1 Minute Timer. FIG. 5.0.
  • 12 Pencils. FIG. 5.0.
  • Scorecards. FIG. 5.0.
  • 6 sided die. FIG. 5.0.
  • Blank Sheets, perforated for easy tearing. FIG. 5.0.
  • Game Board. 10″ wide×20″ length folds once to 10″×10″ (Design with Pass location, Got It location, Missed It location) FIG. 4.0.
  • Game Box, 4.5″ height by 10.5″ width by 10.5″ length. FIGS. 1.0, 2.0.
  • 4-16 Players, teams of 2 or more people.
  • Recommended ages 12 and up
  • Guidelines:

Minimum of 4 players, with 2 teams of 2. It is recommended to have 3-5 players per team. Teams are not required to have the same number of team members though it works best with relatively even teams.

Each team member takes a pencil and perforated blank paper sheet.

Each team member writes down the name of 10 famous people, one on each piece of paper and puts the names in the first bowl, which is green and says “Say Anything” on it. In thinking of the names of people use someone with which at least one other person in the group is familiar. Using people from categories like entertainment, sports, politics, artists, writers, historical figures, science, etc. is recommended.

Once everyone has written down their 10 names and placed them folded once in the “Say Anything” bowl then each team rolls the die. The team with the highest roll goes first.

Say Anything Rules:

The team going first then chooses one of their members to be the “player.” When the team is ready start the timer. The player then picks a folded name out of the “Say Anything” bowl. This is the “played” name. The player then tries to get his/her other team members to guess the played name on the paper by using any words, phrases, sounds or actions to describe the person. The only limitations here are that the player can't use the name itself or its initials.

The team then tries to guess as many of the names in the bowl before the timer runs out. The player has the option to “pass” one name at a time during the turn. If the player chooses to pass the “played” name then place it face down on the board location marked “pass.” This becomes the “passed” name. The player then chooses another “played” name out of the bowl and continues with the turn.

When a name is correctly announced by one of the team members then the player places that name on the “Got It” location marked on the board and picks a new played name out of the bowl. If, subsequently, the player picks a second “played” name that is difficult the player can choose to switch this name with the one on the pass location and attempt to get the name originally passed. The player has the option to switch between the “played” and “passed” names until the team either gets one of the names or the timer runs out which signals the end of the turn. If a team member gets the name on the passed location at any time during the turn this counts and the name is moved from the passed location to the got it location.

The player can only be working on one name at a time, the “played” name in hand, and can have a maximum of one name on the pass location at any time. All other names should be either in the one of the bowls or on the “Got It” or “Miss” locations. In the “Say Anything” round a name would be placed on the “Miss” location if the player during his turn uses part of the name or the initials.

When the timer runs out it signals the end of the turn. Any name still being “played” and any names on the “pass” and “miss” locations go back into the bowl. Now count the number of names on the “Got It” location. This is your team's score for the turn. Using the scorecard tally the team's score for that turn. The names on the “Got It” location then go into the second bowl, the blue “Triple Threat” bowl which is placed to either side of the game board.

Each team then plays in this manner alternating turns. Each time it comes to a team's turn rotate through each of the team members being the “player” on their team's turn while the other members guess the answer. The “player” should change for each team on each successive term so everyone has a chance to be the clue giver and a clue guesser.

When all the names in the “Say Anything” bowl have been answered and it is empty then play continues from the “Triple Threat” bowl. Place the “Triple Threat” bowl onto the board and remove the “Say Anything” bowl to the side. Note this usually happens in the middle of a turn. Mid-turn the player then must switch and play by the “Triple Threat” bowl rules.

Triple Threat Bowl Rules:

For names pulled out of the “Triple Threat” bowl the player can only use a maximum of three words in describing the “played” name. This is a strict limitation and if a player violates this rule then the “played” name is placed on the “Miss” location on the board. Otherwise the turn continues as per the rules listed above. At the end of the turn any names on the “Miss” and “Pass” locations are placed back into the “Triple Threat” bowl. The names on the “Got It” location are tallied and placed into the “Charades” bowl which should now be on one side of the game board.

When all the names in the “Triple Threat” bowl are answered then play continues from the “Charade” bowl.

Charade Bowl Rules:

For names pulled out of the “Charade” bowl the player cannot speak words though any actions and/or noises are allowed as per conventional charade's rules. Turns are then played out as above with “Miss” and “Pass” location names going back in the bowl. The names on the “Got It” location are tallied. These names are now placed out of the game. Putting them in the “Say Anything” bowl is a convenient location.

End of the Game:

At the end of the “Charades Bowl” round, when all of the names have been played, the game is over. The team with the highest total score, wins the game.

We hope you have as much fun with this game as we have playing it!


FIG. 1.0 This is a picture of the game box top as it looks in its full view.

FIG. 2.0 This is the box top with sides expanded and the logo for the game

FIG. 3.0 This is the logo that comes as part of the game.

FIG. 4.0 This is the game board itself which comes as part of the game pieces.

FIG. 5.0 These are the game pieces inside the box.

FIG. 6.0 This is the green bowl for the first “Say Anything” round.

FIG. 7.0 This is the purple bowl used for the second “Triple Threat” round.

FIG. 8.0 This is the red bowl for the third “Charades” round.