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With the Pic Pac, needed items for any outdoor activity or event could be safely, comfortably, and conveniently carried all in a single backpack. This organizer would eliminate the hassle of lugging multiple bags or suitcases to various events, which would save a person energy, time, and frustration. Thus, he/she would have more time to enjoy the outdoors, party, or event. The Pic Pac would also keep the items in a neat, organized and ready-to-access manner, which would eliminate the hassle of searching through gear in a backpack, bag, or another container. This versatile backpack would be portable, waterproof, timesaving, convenient, effective, reusable, and durable for years of effective use.

Woodruff, Rochelle Rosalyn (Newcastle, CA, US)
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A45F4/02; B65D30/00
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1. I claim as my invention the Pic Pac and it's variations are an all in one pack for convenient carrying to the perfect spot for your picnic or other activity. The freedom to hold your child's hand or to use a hiking stick while going to your campsite, hunting site, or the perfect picnic, reading, beach spot makes this product easy for families to spend time together. The ability to keep everything in one spot enables the user to keep track of all the implements needed for each activity described before.



This is a new patent. I have submitted the form PTO/SB/08 to reference some of the other patents that I searched that were in the same general class, but in no way similar to the Pic-Pac.


There is no federally sponsored research or development for this product.


Pictures and drawings are also being submitted. There is one page of pictures and drawings. They will be referred to later in this specification.


Originally was thinking of how to keep some of my personal items for crafting in one spot because the container I was using was falling apart. I thought of how I would like to take be able to take the item with me anywhere.


The Pic Pac is a picnic basket and back pack in one. It also doubles as a picnic blanket. When closed it can be carried on your back as a back pack. When you find a spot to picnic, you place the Pic Pac on the ground and open it up. It becomes the picnic blanket with the pockets that hold all your food and treats. As you will see in the drawing of the inside of the Pic Pac, there are pockets for food, utensils, drinks, plates, cups, etc. You pull the items out of the pockets and the place them on the cutting board that is in the middle pocket. This cutting board can be used as a cutting board or as a platter/table for your picnic items. One pocket is lined with an insulated material similar to that of current lunch boxes that keeps your drinks and or some of your food clod. This can also me used for hot foods. The loop and latch closure keeps your dishes, utensils, condiments etc. in their proper places. There is no need to worry about a mess when you open the Pic Pac. The easy back pack feature makes easy to hike, bike and pack into areas where coolers and baskets would be awkward. You then have the ability to have your hands free. This is a great feature if you are with your children or taking a dog on picnic walk.


Picture 1. This is a picture of the Pic Pac closed. The dimensions of the closed product are approximately 18 inches tall, but can vary, approximately 17 inches wide, but can vary, and approximately 4 inches thick when empty and can expand to 8 inches when full, but can vary.

Picture 2. This is a picture of the Pic Pac opened. It shows the five main areas of pockets that will be discussed in a later drawing.

Picture 3. This is a picture of the Pic Pac from above showing more detail of the five main pocket areas for holding items.

Picture 4. This is another picture of the Pic Pac from above showing the detail of the five main pocket areas for holding items.

Drawing 1. This is a drawing of the outside of the Pic Pac. The lines in the middle are the shoulder straps. They are padded so you can hold plenty of picnic goods without your shoulders or back hurting.

Drawing 2. This is a drawing of the inside of the Pic Pac. The numbers on the drawing correspond to the numbers on the bottom of the drawing which I will repeat here and bring out more detail. Pocket area one (1) is a polyethylene foam with plastic covering expandable pocket in order to hold hot or cold items intended to stay that way. This picket has a loop and latch closure or zipper closure. Pocket area two (2) is three pockets next to each other. The closures for the pockets are loop and latch so none of the contents will spill out. In my prototype, this area has three pockets. The two on the ends I use for utensils. Large utensils and picnic utensils. The middle one, I use for plates and bowls to eat out of. Pocket area three (3) is a large pocket in the middle of the Pic Pac. This is a useful pocket for a cutting board. This cutting board has the added advantage of a back support for the wearer. I have also used this pocket for food along with the cutting board. The cutting board can be used as a “table top” while your picnicking also, a stable place for your food to set while sitting on the blanket. Pocket area four (4) has four separate compartments that can hold cups, glasses, condiments, wine, snacks, virtually anything. Pocket area five (5) is for snacks, foods, bread, again virtually anything. When you fold the Pic Pac up, you can place serving bowls with lids, wrapped platters, plastic bags, etc on the cutting board area (compartment 3) and fold the Pic Pac over them. This will securely hold the food in place and you will not fall out of the Pic Pac as the Pic Pac wraps around the food.


How I came upon the idea was on Jul. 24, 2004 about 3 p.m. I was driving down Hwy 193 with my husband and youngest son. We had come from walking through Sutter Street in Folsom, Calif. On the way home, I was thinking how my box with all of my magical stuff was falling apart. I then thought of how I take that box everywhere with me and it would be easier if it were a back pack style carrier.

I told my husband of the idea and he said, “What other uses could there be?” I said, “there could be one for picnics.”

From there, we went home and made our list of supplies needed. For the pic-pac we needed and bought the following:

    • 4 yards of 45″faux suede in brown for the “outside”, the part that goes on the ground.
    • 5 yards of 45″ red/gray checkerboard print (like gingham) for the inside 6 feet of loop and latch enclosure
    • 6 feet of Ribbing (for the straps)
    • 2 clasps for adjustment of straps
    • Padding for shoulder straps
    • 1 spool brown thread

I took the suede and made a 5 foot circle, by sewing together 2 cut pieces then cutting out the circle.

Next I did the same with the red/gray checkerboard print material. I sewed 7 pockets onto the checkerboard side as you can see on the diagram. They are labeled for example purposes only. These are not the only pockets that can be sewn in and many variations and combinations can exist.

I then sewed the suede to the checkerboard material. I made shoulder straps out of the suede and sewed them on along with adjustable straps and loop and latch enclosure to close the “Pac.”

There are variations that I have already thought of which include but are not limited to:

    • Hunter/fishing Pac—for storage of knives, food, extra ammunition, with or without a table as the backset with removable legs so a “gutting table” can be set up anywhere in the field
    • Altar Pac—for all magical supplies i.e.: mortar & pestle, chalice, athame, herbs, oils, with or without a table as the backset with removable legs for a portable altar.
    • I then showed the finished product to witnesses. After they signed the declaration, I signed it also and mailed it to myself to be opened only in front of a judge so as I have a copyright to the product.

Upon further thinking, I found the Pic Pac could be round, rectangle, or square. The outside material could be any material that is weather resistant, whether by a treatment or on its own, and the inside could be any type of material that gives that picnic feel. There are many different applications and variations that the Pic Pac can be modified for. There are many different sizes as in the size I have created for the prototype, smaller or bigger.

The appealing features of the Pic Pac would be its space-saving, portability, compact size, light weight, durability, versatility, convenience, ease of use, effectiveness, time savings, and practicality. The Pic Pact would be easy to transport and could lead to less strain and more enjoyment of the outing. With this product, the weight of a fully loaded picnic basket would be evenly distributed to avoid fatigue and strain.

The following are some of the variations of my invention the Pic Pac:

    • Fishing Pac—It could be round or square. The part that goes against your back would become a table with fold up legs. This could be used for gutting and skinning your fish. There would be a place for all of the following but not limited to fishing lures, tools ie Pliers; a pocket for extra line, insulated pocket (cold pack) to either hold fish that you have prepared or for food & drinks to have while you fish. There would be pockets and holders for fishing knives, tackle, flies (fly fishing) and rod holders.
    • Hunting Pac—This could be round or square also. There would be camoflage material on the outside with orange stripe on it. The pockets inside would hold including but not limited to knives, ammunition, flashlights, gloves, extra clothing, supplies as in “scat”
    • First Aid Pac—This could be round, square or rectangle. There would be pockets for all types of first aid products including but not limited to splints bandages of all kinds, medicines, ointments, flashlight, hot & cold packs, even a fold up sign that says “help me” on one side and a red cross on the other.
    • Survival Pac—This could be round, square or rectangle. There would be pockets for all types of survival products including but not limited to all the items in the First Aid Pac plus other items that could be used if you are stranded in the wild. GPS Locator beacon, steel and flint and fuzz, water proof matches, hatchet, knife, folding shovel, mirror, magnifying glass, fishing line, water purifying tablets or bottle, bug repellent, emergency rashion of food, crank radio, hood in case it rains, and two collapsible sticks to the pack can be folded into a stretcher if needed.
    • Beach Pac—This one would be round with a hole in it to hold the umbrella (described next). There would be included but not limited to a fold up umbrella to put in the unfolded blanket, small radio, insulated pocket for drinks and or snacks, pockets for sunscreen, towels, and other items needed at the beach.
    • Book Pac—This would be round. This simple one would have pockets for the following but not limited to them. Insulated pocket for drinks or snacks, padded pocket for notebook computer, pockets for books.
    • Camping Pac—This would be rectangle shape to fit a common campsite picnic table. It would hang over the sides of the table about 13 inches on all sides. The inside of this would be vinyl so it is easy to wipe off Along the sides that hang down there would be sites on the long sides for place settings—bowls, plates, cups, and utensils that are loop and latched in. On one of the ends that fit the ends of the tables would be pockets for folding dish pan, dish washing supplies. The other end would hold cooking utensils and small pans.
    • Craft Pac—This could be round, rectangle or square. It would be like the fishing pack as the back would have a table with folding legs. The pockets would include but are not limited to all types of crafting supplies, from scissors to glue guns, buttons and string and everything in between.
    • Slumber Pac—This could be round, rectangle or square also. The pack itself would be a sleeping bag. The inside, when you fold it out, would have pockets for clothes, toys, books, favorite treats, and there would be a pillow attached to the top of the pack.

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