Jym Pitch Trainer
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A method for training and exercising athletes, using an apparatus comprising a stretchable elastomer tube having a molded baseball and snap hook collar mounted thereon opposed ends. An exercise device is provided for developing, rehabilitating, strengthening the arm and shoulder muscles participated with the throwing motion.

Jennings, James Edward (Superior, CO, US)
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1. An exercise apparatus comprises a elongated, flexible, and stretchable cylindrical elastomer tubing, ball sphere and plastic snap hook collar connections respectively attached to opposite end sections of said tubing, one of said connections integrally connected to a molded ball, and a snap hook collar integrally attached to the opposite end of said elastomer tubing, said plastic snap hook having release able means of attachment, whereby said tubing yields controllable resistance tension from circum center internal and circum external bonded tube walls, providing development, rehabilitation, strengthening of the hand, wrist, arm and shoulder muscles.

2. A rehabilitation and strengthening trainer comprising a foam material core and outer raised stitched cover closed cell layer injection molded ball with integral means for attachment to a length of elastomer resistance tubing with said injection mold means for attachment to both ball and thermoplastic snap hook collar, whereby said trainer comprising a means for synergistic incorporation of nerves, tendons, ligaments and muscles through repetitive arm exercise mechanics.

3. A method for a versatile trainer comprising a injection molded ball with a foam rubber core and outer layer attached to a length of resistance elastomer tubing further connected to a snap hook, said trainer providing a means for athletic exercise drills and injury rehabilitation, whereby providing said components are manufactured with an elastomer material, providing said tubing, providing a length made of one or more materials and providing a spherical ball proximal end, a snap hook distal end, providing said distal end portion having a longitudinal axis, and an outside surface, providing the distal portion of said tubing having a molded collar having an outside surface forming a snap hook shape and providing proximal and distal ends, providing the said molded collar is made of a thermoplastic or polymeric injection material molding disposed on the distal end of the tubing, whereby, providing a surrounding of the said provided tubing portion, and extending proximal and distal of the distal end of the said tubing to form an elastomer tubing and molded snap hook collar assembly.



This is a continuation of application Ser. No. 11/073,949, Filed Mar. 7, 2005, now abandoned.


A self teaching synergistic apparatus that will allow athletes to develop perfect pitching mechanics and perform many repetitions without wear and tear on the shoulder. Teach yourself to throw with less effort with a portable exercise device provided for specific strength training of the rotator cuff.


This invention is a device for exercising and strengthening the rotator cuff muscles of the human body. Past inventions or prior devices enabled strengthening of the isolated shoulder muscles. The “shoulder joint” actually comprises three separate joints: (1) the ball of the humerus and the glenoid fossa, (2) the sliding, rotating scapula, and (3) the pivotal hinge of the clavicle. The rotator cuff muscles, comprising the subscapularis, infraspinatus, teres major, teres minor and supraspinatus muscles are responsible for stabilizing the head of the humerus in the glenoid fossa and for effecting rotation of the head of the humerus in the fossa. In kinesiological terms, these muscles are referred to as “mid-course correctors”, by contrast with the larger and more powerful deltoid and pectoral muscles called the “prime movers”.

Pitchers break down small ligament, tendon, rotator cuff, not big pecs, delts, bicep, tricep etc. The Jym Pitch Trainer strengthens and prevents injury by training for the explosive “function of throwing a baseball. Training the movement not just the muscles through integration of the full body.


Sports conditioning equipment and training programs have been used for strengthening the rotator cuff muscles fail to bring synergetic coordination. Commercial equipment focus on increasing isolated muscular size and strength over the course of training. Professional athletes are frequently trained on equipment which supports the arm, or partially braces or stabilizes the subject, while the athlete carries out rotational or flex movements against a resistance (e.g. pulley weights, weight machines).

The Jym Pitch Trainer exercises and coordinates various muscles for immediate or repeated arm joint stresses arising from the throwing motion. Unlike motion-restricted equipment which “isolates” the rotator cuff, smoothly engaging the mid-course correctors to alter the trajectory of motion as required. Allowing the athletes arm through a full range of motion involved against a constant tension. In effort to avoid, “weakness” in the complex of the nervous system, ligaments, tendons and muscles trained. Boosting velocity cannot come from adding more strength. Sports science research has proven that pitching velocity comes as the result of improving elastic energy production by improving mechanics using a smooth explosive delivery which produces like a giant rubber band that whips the arm there through at high speed.

A useful ball cover layer material for a polyurethane foam inner spherical core is a natural rubber latex or polyurethane layer which has a comparable tensile strength of 4,000 psi, elongation of 500-700%, high resilience, and good scuff resistance. However, polyurethane has a good bond rate and latex has poor bond ability. Elastomer tubing is elongated, flexible and stretchable. A snap hook is molded from a hardened plastic, may thus be solidly fused or secured together.

To execute the motion relative to conventional baseball, the snap hook is secured to some sturdy stationary object such as a fence post or chain-link fence. The height of the connection point is preferably above the head of the pitcher. The pitcher then grips the baseball and stretches to a desired extent during movement of his or her arm through a simulated throwing or pitching motion. The pitcher stands with his or her back to the fence or other anchor point. When used for softball, the apparatus is connected to a stationary object at a low elevation level and the method is performed while the pitcher has his or her arm downward and palm up in softball pitching position.

Thus, by performing the simulated pitching or throwing movement many times, muscle memory is developed, hand speed is increased, maximize velocity with less effort and develop a correct arm circle delivery. Also, by reason of its small size, the Jym Pitch Trainer can be carried and readily used inside of a gymnasium or other athletic training facility.


The Jym Pitch Trainer is unique and highly functional. Our main goal is to develop a trainer that works with the delivery, not against it, to help baseball athletes achieve their highest level of performance. The Jym Pitch Trainer reduces the need of throwing a baseball and builds strength, reduces injuries and may be used for rehabilitation in the sport by solving previous existing problems. Pitching velocity is all about speed of movement and proper timing of transferring elastic energy from the large muscles.

An exercise device is provided for developing and strengthening the arm muscles, particularly those muscles associated with the act of throwing. The apparatus includes spherical ball attached to one end of an elastomer tubing to which a snap hook structure is provided at the other end by injection molding (Injection molding involves taking plastic in the form of pellets or granules and heating this material until a melt is obtained. Then the melt is forced into a split die/mold where it is allowed to cool into a desired shape. The mold is opened and the part is ejected, at which time the cycle is repeated.) for anchoring the apparatus to a relatively immobile object of restraint.

One aspect of the present invention, an elastomer tubing is connected to a baseball at one tangent point and bonded to a snap hook on the opposite end. Then, a training method is practiced by which a simulated throwing motion is performed, very slowly, and the wrist is at all times so turned that the tubing is between the baseball-gripping fingers. This is referred to an acceleration mode which stretches, strengthens and warms up the pitching arm in the safest way, but also develops muscle associated with generating arm speed memory and velocity. In a deceleration mode the pitcher grips the baseball with a normal, comfortable pitching grip, and stands in a conventional pre-pitch position from the fence or other anchor point and starts by pulling back like a bow and arrow while raising the hand and elbow. He or she then, very slowly, move his or her arm forward and downward in a pitching or throwing follow thru motion. At the beginning of the motion, the wrist is cocked upward, while during the latter stages of the motion the wrist is caused to pivot so that the hand palm pivots downward. Additional exercises that work the rotator cuff muscles are internal rotation, external rotation, shoulder flexion/abduction and are performed with bent elbow, anchor attached at waist level. Scapula retraction exercise require mounting hook at ankle height raising an extended arm.





FIG. 1-2 In accordance with one aspect of the invention, there is provided a baseball including a spherical core of foamable material and one layer of foamable material. The core can be formed by injection molding a foamable material or, rotational molding, compression molding, casting or other conventional molding techniques into circumference molds. Cover layers can be separately formed. It is preferable to form each layer by either injection molding or compression molding. Finally the outer cover layer is injection molded over the foam material core layer in a simulated stitched cavity mold.

The mold of invention with injection molded tubing includes ball and snap hook molded integral connections, generally designated as proximal and distal, respectively attached to opposite end sections of the tubing. A tubing, having a length and made of one or more materials and including a spherical proximal end, a snap hook distal end, a distal portion, a longitudinal axis, and an outside surface, the distal portion of the tubing having a molded collar having an outside surface forming a snap hook shape and proximal and distal ends, the molded collar made of a thermoplastic or polymeric material injection molded disposed on the distal end of the tubing. Substantially surrounding the tubing portion, and extending proximal and distal of the distal end of the tubing to form a tubing and molded snap hook collar assembly. When the parts have been formed, the molds are transferred to a cooling chamber where cooling is accomplished by any means, preferably cold water spray or forced cold air. Lastly, the molds are opened and the parts removed either by manual or mechanical means.

A secondary embodiment is disclosed for joining materials of similar composition. The mold may have single or multi-cavities and is designed to accept a portion of the interior tube and provide a seal around any perimeter openings. The mold is closed around the interior tube and placed into the injection molding machine. Resin is injected into the cavity which forms a molded tip around a portion of the tube. Standard injection molding equipment and machinery may be used to make the present invention. Tubing may be injection molded or dip molded.


There are various possibilities with regard to the relative structure and composition of a Jym Pitch Trainer including: flat resistance bands, velcro straps, woven straps, various components parts and means for attachment, inflatable bladder and valve, cover layers, additional layers of molten and wound material. While in the foregoing specification detailed descriptions of specific embodiments of the invention were set forth for the purpose of illustration, it will be understand that many of the details herein given may be varied considerably by those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

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