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The Sanitary Toilet Seat covering (Cheek 2 Ceat) is a product designed to cut the spread of germs and bacteria commonly found on toilet seats in public toilet areas. It achieves this by use of a water resistant outer layer and adhesive strips to hold the seat cover firmly in place while in use. Comfort during use is enhanced by a soft, cotton or cotton-like material within. After it's use, the entire seat cover may be disposed of via tabs on the outer edges of seat cover that allow the individual to comfortably remove seat cover once toilet use is complete.

Mapenzi-xe, Zuri (Aurora, IL, US)
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A47K13/14; A47K13/24
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Zuri Mapenzi-Xe (Aurora, IL, US)
1. I, Zuri Mapenzi-Xe claim the Design and Utility of all right's to the Sanitary Toilet Seat. I am the Sole Inventor of this product of which I call “Cheeks 2 Ceat” (C2C logo to be embossed). I have designed a Sanitary and Comfortable item for the Buttock. It is a Sanitized Toilet Seat Covering. It is padded with thick cotton batting material, aligned with water resistant layers of plastic inserts and features an adhesive bottom strip for firmness and grip. It will protect the Buttock and hands from all germs on the Toilet Seat. Especially useful for the Elderly and Young children or anyone not capable of lifting their buttock above the seat on public toilets. It protects and prevent the spread of contagious diseases in a clean and comfortable manner. Each seat has four sanitized lift tabs (front and back) for easy lifting. Made of disaposable material to be tossed into the garbage after use.


Remove Tabs on Pressure Sentitive Adhesive Strips on the Underside of the Sanitary Toilet Seat Cover.

Turn cover over and Position over the Public Toilet Seat. Place Cover with Padded Side Up and Press Cover into Place on the Toilet Seat.

The Sanitary Toilet Seat Cover will stay in place while being used. After use pull the Seat Cover off the Toilet Seat using the extended Sanitary Pull Tabs, Fold the Seat Cover so the adhesive tabs stick together and dispose in a trash container. DO NOT FLUSH the cover in the toilet. It is not water-soluble and will clog the toilet.

Folding and Packaging Sequence

The Sanitary Toilet Seat Cover is folded in half twice to form a compact easy-to-carry package that will fit into purse or pocket. A heat-sealed plastic pouch is used to market and merchandise the product. After use the Sert Cover can be folded up and placed back in the bag. The individual packs can be packaged in cartons holding multiple Seat Covers (Carton and Individual Seat Cover Package-Film Bag).



1) Fabric Covered Waterproof Film that is heat-sealed and heat-staked to the bottom waterproof film, capturing the cotton batting between the two layers.

2) Four Tabs extend out the sides of the Sanitary Toilet Seat Cover. After use the seat cover is pulled off the toilet seat and disposed of in the trash, not toilet.

3) This pattern is a series of heat-stake points that capture the cotton batting and hold it in place. The circle can have a company logo embossed in these multiple spots.


FIG. 2 Shows the three-piece lamination sequence of a cotton batting piece placed between two layers of water proof film. The film captures the cotton batting. Heat stakes (3) hold the cotton batting in place.


FIG. 3 Shows the positioning of four strips of double sided pressure sensitive adhesive tape with a release strips are removed prior to placing the SAnitary Toilet Cover on the toilet face-down.

1 Inch Thick Cotton Padding, ½ Inch Thick Cotton Padding, ¼ Inch Thick Cotton Padding, Cotton Material is sandwiched and heat sealed between two layers or waterproof Film. Waterproof Fabric covered film—Top layer. Water Proof Plastic Film—Bottom Layer, Film Layers are Heat Sealed Around the Cotton Batting Center Layer.

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