Haven House
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The Haven House offers a much stronger structure than conventional structures by utilizing the inherent strength of a complete sphere as opposed to a truncated sphere and by utilizing its system of pre-cast concrete structural members that are laced together in several different directions with post-tensioned cables. The inherent flexibility of the multitude of hinged connections that make up the Haven House allows the structure to distort but not fail when subjected to various forces of nature such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. Its response to these destructive forces can be likened to a three-dimensional and more widely diversified version of a palm tree bending but not breaking when subjected to high winds.

Woodcock, Jerry Allen (Aurora, CO, US)
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1. The Haven House offers a safe dwelling in almost any environment. The post-tensioning of the cables that run through the structural members of the Haven House insure that the structure behaves as an integral unit while it maintains a degree of flexibility. Mechanical features such as overhead coiling shutters, water storage tanks with purge nozzles, and sets of four cable tethers with winches along with the predominately concrete, steel and glass building components gives the Haven House the ability to withstand almost any natural catastrophe that may come its way.

2. (1) When situated within a liquefacting medium, the structure will ride out an earthquake by floating upon the liquefacting medium while using it as a buffer from the main earthquake forces.

3. (2) When not located in a liquefacting substrate, the Haven House will withstand an earthquake by flexing at the joints as the post-tensioned cables stretch while the structure absorbs and dissipates the earthquake forces.

4. (3) With its structural members all in compression, this structure will withstand the high winds of hurricanes and tornadoes.

5. (4) The proper management of its four tethers and the ballast of the water storage tanks in the lower portions of the structure will allow the Haven House to rise with flood waters and lower back down as the waters recede.

6. (5) A predominately concrete, steel and glass structure equipped with interior sprinklers and the eight nozzles used to purge the ballast tanks, the Haven House will be highly fire resistant both internally and externally.


The Haven House is a spherical, predominately pre-cast concrete structure that consists of a segmented central column, two polar caps, and floors at the equator, at the approximate Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and, depending upon a particular radius, at various intermediate levels. The floors are supported by beams that radiate out from the central column at forty-five degree increments and that terminate at segmental horizontal ring beams known as latitudinal beams. Segmental longitudinal beams that encircle the entire structure and intersect the junctures of the radial beams and latitudinal beams complete the framework around the wall panels that finish the spherical shape. Pairs or, depending upon a particular radius, sets of four post-tensioned cables run through all the beams as well as the central column to cinch the structure all together.


From igloos, through geodesic domes, to hemispherical domes made by spraying a cementitious material over an inflated bladder, there have been, through history, many types of truncated domes used as dwellings and commercial buildings. The Haven House offers the added strength of a complete, continuous sphere along with an internal framework for establishing floors and room divisions. By utilizing pre-cast structural members that are laced together with post-tensioned cables, the structure is given the flexibility of a multitude of hinged connections and the integral strength of all members working in compression with one another.