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The invention relates to a lounger, a wading or floating in pool, a floating devise, a small personal boat, with many ways to use. Made from a plastic body, enclosed watertight and floatable and provides many ways to relax in or out of a pool or any body of water.

Benfield, David Eugene (Troutman, NC, US)
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David Eugene Benfield (Troutman, NC, US)
What I claim as my invention is:

1. I David Eugene Benfield claim my invention does not rely on a swimming pool for floating is made of molded plastics. It is durable, strong, and light weight and unlike any other similar invention. There are many ways to use at home in your own back yard or deck. It takes the place of lounge chairs, floats and the need for a pool. It comes in many molded colors to fit your home decor. If you already have a pool it can also be used as a float on a hot summer day. If not, fill it with water and lie back and relax, with the top up it can shade you from the sun's rays. You can lounge in the shade sitting in cool water. Along with padded seat bottom and adjustable back rest side handles are available for ease and safety getting in and out of the lounge. It is also equipped with a cup holder and side netting for holding accessories.

2. A lounger or wading pool personal boat of float with a watertight plastic body with a retachable top and backrest, handles for transporting, or storage also includes a float with a inflatable buttocks area for support and bouyancy molded cup holder, rubber side nets for personal items provides many ways of floating, tanning, lounging.

3. Lounger wading pool personal boat or float, as claimed in claim 2. Where in the plastic body consists of one single watertight floatable body with a supporting surface top edge flat bottom with a depression for holding water for wading or floating.

4. Lounger wading pool personal boat or float as claimed in claim 2 where in a retachable top and backrest can be adjusted for comfort and shading from the sun.

5. Lounger wading pool personal boat or float as claimed in claim 2 where in handles on both sides and molded in opening front and back or for transport or storage and entering or exit.

6. Lounger wading pool personal boat or float as claimed in claim 2 where in a float with a inflatable buttocks area for supporting and bouyancy made with a covered floatable material.

7. A lounger or wading pool personal boat or float as claimed in claim 2 where in rubber nets or provided for personal items.

8. A lounger or wading pool personal boat or float as claimed in claim 2 provides many ways of floating where in a inturnale float is provided where in water is used inside float lounge cavity for floating laying down or in a lounging manner with backrest up can be used in a pool of body of water as a personal boat


The Float Lounge would be made of molded plastic. A variety of color choices would be available. The unique design gives versatility in ease of storage, compact design for homes and apartments with little or no storage space. It can be used with a pool or without, can be freestanding on a deck or backyard. Can be used at Hotels or spas or any vacation spot. The float itself is made of floatable material. Without a pool it can be filled with water to lie in or with floatation devise added to float in your own backyard using some water. Attachments include cover for keeping sun out of your eyes. Float Lounge fills with water easily with a garden hose. The back rest has three adjustable positions for comfort. Handles are provided for easy access. Cup holders are molded in. Net materials are provided to hold accessories.


1. shows view of float lounge made of a plastic body which is composed of one single plastic watertight cavity

2. shows top edge surface which tappers inward halfway for in or out standing room

3. shows flat bottom having the upward shape at front for forward movement

4. shows adjustable backrest

5. shows paded plastic bottom set

6. shows body molded cup holders

7. shows finger method handles to provided user ease in and out

8. shows rubber net for personal items

9. shows soft rubber guard

10. shows body molded hand holes for carrying (are holding onto in a pool)

11. shows shows retruchable top

12. shows top component tubing

13-14. shows tighting nubs

1. Shows view of Float Lounge made of a watertight plastic body. This said invention can be filled with water from a garden hose.

10. Shows hand openings at each end of said invention Float Lounge. This allows users ease in moving and storing away, and for moving or adjusting in the direction of the sun, for better tanning. It can be used for holding onto during use in a pool.