Play set for toy vehicles made from foamed material
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It is the general object of the present invention to provide a toy vehicle play set that will inspire children's imaginations, while allowing for a fun and safe toy. More particular, it is the object of the present invention to provide a play set for toy vehicles made from a foamed material.

Young, Jared (Spanish Fork, UT, US)
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Kelly Preece
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Kelly Preece (Salt Lake City, UT, US)
That which is claimed is:

1. A play set made out of a foam material for use with toy vehicles.

2. A play set according to claim 1, comprising: a flat base; at least one ramp, formed by shaping an angle in said foamed material, with the vertex of the said angle connected to said flat base and said ramp, and said angle being acute; a plurality of roads, trails, and paths formed into said foamed material for use with said toy vehicles.

3. A play set according to claim 2 wherein said plurality of roads, trails, and paths comprise of straight sections, curved sections, and hill sections.

4. A play set according to claim 1, comprising: at least one tunnel formed through the said foamed material wherein portions of said plurality of roads, trails, and paths go through the said tunnel; at least one cave like formation; at least one flat area.

5. A play set according to claim 1 covered in a coating wherein said coating provides details of landscape and/or provides means to make the foam more durable.

6. A removable bridge portion comprising: two ends; said ends comprising of a flat bottom portion such that said removable bridge can be rested on said flat area of said play set; said ends further comprising of a angled portion formed by shaping an angle between said flat bottom portion, with the vertex of the angle being connected to said flat bottom portion and said angled portion, and said angle being acute.



Toy vehicles and toy vehicle tracks and play sets are a popular category of toys. To date, most toy vehicle play sets are made by connecting track pieces, and attempt, in one means or another, to propel the toy vehicle along the track. Although watching a toy vehicle roll down a track is exciting, it takes the control of the vehicle out of the child's hand. This limits the fun of steering and controlling where and when toy vehicles will go on the play set, and thus does not inspire creativity or imagination. Furthermore, most toy vehicle play sets are made of a hardened plastic material. The plastic material facilitates the ability of the toy vehicle to roll freely through the play set; however, the hard plastic can often have sharp edges, and mating track pieces can pose a pinch danger while assembling and using the play set.

Foamed material is a common construction material for many types of toys. Foamed material has been used extensively for toys, which may require a soft or safe material, such as foam toy footballs and basketballs. The foamed material has the advantage of being sturdy enough to simulate a solid object; however, foam is also soft enough to provide a cushion or damping effect, which makes for a safer toy. One of the most popular examples of a foamed toy is that of a foamed football. While a real football may be to heavy for a child to throw, a foamed football is not. A real football may injure a child trying to catch, while a foamed football is light enough and soft enough to prevent injury.

In light of the success and popularity of toy vehicle play sets, and further considering 1—the limitations of the prior art briefly described concerning the toy vehicle play sets, and 2—said advantages of using foamed material in a child's toy, there exists a need for an improved and different type of toy vehicle play set.


FIG. 1 sets forth an overall view of a mountain terrain version of the foamed play set for use with toy vehicles. The structure is made from a foamed material, which is shaped in such a way to be used as a play set for toy vehicles. The structure has a flat base (1), which allows the play set to rest on a flat surface while in use. On the said flat base, there exists at least one ramp (6), which angles directly up from said flat surface, thus allowing a toy vehicle to move smoothly from the said flat surface and onto the foamed play set. Formed into the play set are a series of roads, paths, or trails (4). Some roads, paths, or trails may be on an incline, thus simulating a hill to allow a freewheeled toy vehicle to roll by way of gravity along the road, path, or trail. The road, paths, or trails are made up of straight sections, as well as curved and winding portions to provide variety to the play set. The road, paths, or trails, along with the simulated landscape of the toy, can be shaped such to form tunnels (2) for toy vehicles to move through while rolling along the said roads, paths, or trails. The play set structure will have formed into it a series of caves like formations (3). These caves will be used as a hiding place for toy vehicles while the play set is in use, and also to be used as a storage mechanism for toy vehicles while the play set is not in use. Said caves may be located anywhere on the play set where there exists a space large enough to capacitate a cave.

The structure will also have at least one flat section (5) for use as a parking section or helicopter toy vehicle-landing pad. Said flat section will also be utilized in conjunction with the foamed bridge shown in FIG. 2. Both ends of the bridge will be comprised of a flat base (2), with a ramp starting from said flat base and going to level of the bridge necessary to make the bridge sturdy enough to serve as a bridge from one play set to a second play set. One end of the foamed bridge will be able to rest on said flat section of one play set, and the second end of the foamed bridge will be able to rest on said flat section of a second play set, thus allowing toy vehicles to cross over from one play set to a second play set.

A coating that will enhance the landscape features and also provide the foam with more durability may cover the foam material of the play set.

The preferred embodiment of the play set may contain some or all of the features described and shown in FIG. 1; however, the landscape or theme of the play set can be formed into any structure that would facilitate the use of toy vehicles. Given the general principle of the play set, several theme variations may include, but are not limited to: cityscapes, planets, mountain terrain, rivers and bodies of water, desserts, and replicas of national and world monuments.