T & E's purse and things
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My unit can safely store anything from small items such as wallets and purses to larger items such as laptops and briefcases. This idea came about due to lack of storage space, and needing a way to keep things orderly. It is a way of keeping the appearance of the items in good clean condition. The materials can be made of many different textures and there can be an array of color combinations. The compartments of the unit are in different sizes with the smaller ones at the top and working the way down to the larger ones at the bottom.

Chastant, Evelyn Elaine (Gulfport, MS, US)
Binder, Tiffaney Renne (Gulfport, MS, US)
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Evelyn Elaine Chastant (Gulfport, MS, US)
1. I claim that T&E's purse and things will protect purses and items from damage. Such damage as dust, dirt, and other things that can damage the purse or other items enclosed. It helps to retain shape and color, will organize space for such items as purses, laptops, and etc. It also helps the stored items to maintain their original quality such as shape, color, and etc. It can range in various sizes, materials, and prices. This item can be made of plastic, canvas, leather, and the enclosures can be made of snaps, zippers, and Velcro. How to use T&E's purse and things, first one can hang the item on the back of the door or inside a closet. Then the flap closures can be unsnapped or unzipped, and the item or items of choice can then be put inside of the compartment, and then be re closed.


I have a product that stores purses and accessories so they will be safe from natural and un-natural elements. This helps the items stay safely stored and organized. The items will be enclosed inside compartments of various sizes, so they will retain their quality, shape, and colors. The product can be hung inside a closet or on the back of a door. It will have 3 hooks on the top, 2 that can be hung on the door, and 1 that turns in the middle so it can be hung in the closet. It can be made of several different materials, and in a multitude of colors. I will have the smaller compartments at the top for ( ex: wallets, evening bags, clutches), with the larger ones toward the bottom for ( ex: larger purses, laptops, briefcases ). Each compartment will contain a closure such as a snap, zipper, or Velcro to ensure the safety of the items. It may also be possible to incorporate a light into the top of the unit in order to see the stored items. My product would measure 48″ to 72″ long, by 30″ to 32″ wide. A felt covered plastic material can also be placed inside of the unit for added strength and to help hold it's shape.


T & E's Purse and Things is a practical, convenient storage for purses, laptops, etc. It can protect stored items from elements that could possibly damage them. The materials are in various textures and can be made in a multitude of colors. This item is something that could be used in every home. My item was conceived due to lack of storage: and purses losing their shape and color.