Railroad crossing safety device
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This system is a special device known as the hybrid sound detector (HSD) composed of electronic components attached to two separate printed circuit boards mounted in a hand held plastic box that can be installed in any motor vehicle, train, car and airplanes near the operator. The first part of the HSD schematic board is a sound level meter that measure the sound level in noise range 110 to 114 decibel. The sound circuit board of the HSD schematic board is a driver circuit with low-level signal. A small red light and mini buzzer are visible and connected to the two electronic circuit boards.

Monget Jr., Jesse (Hammond, LA, US)
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Jesse Monget, Jr. (Natalbany, LA, US)
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1. Is an electronic safety device constructed to notify operators of a possible head on collision with other motor vehicles in mid-air, waterways or highways. The device dimensions are 3″×6″×2″ and could be powered by both secondary and primary power supply. The hybrid sound detector FIG. 1 of section AA-BB main function is to measure sound level hosed in a range of 500 feet.

2. BB of FIG. 1, hybrid sound detector electronic schematic design driver circuit is driven by external low-level signal. FIG. 1, Section AA and BB total output of driver circuits activates #1 light and #2 mini buzzer with piezo threshold between 110 to 114 decibels sound level. The total output of the driver circuit activates #1 light and a mini buzzer #2 notifying the operator visually and by audio sound before a collision takes place.

3. This device FIG. 1 combines Section AA and BB to activate safety device compensate for poor visibility and lack of early sound detection. The deaf and visually impaired individuals will benefit from the hybrid sound detector. Claims: 1. Railroad Crossing for automobiles 2. Early warning for the deaf and visually impaired 3. Prevent air collisions



1. Field of the Invention

The invention relates generally to various other means of preventing accidents at railroad crossings.

2. Prior Art


U.S. Pat. No. 6,116,546 issued Sep. 12, 2000 to Fort N. Burkhart describes a process for creating a flashing red light at a railroad-highway grade crossing. This process is revealed as a flashing red light that causes motorist and others to be aware that a train is approaching the grade crossing. The light unit is located to the front of the train 13 to 15 feet above the railroad tracks. A reflector unit is mounted at the crossing grade equal to the same height as the light unit.


U.S. Pat. No. 6,195,020 issued Feb. 27, 2001 to Ronald E. Bradeur, Sr., a system that can detect the presence of a vehicle within the area of a four-gate railroad crossing, determining its location and direction. The system is equipped with a series of magnetometer sensors capable of detecting the presence of a vehicle entrapped inside an area of a four-gate railroad crossing. The exit gates are used to allow the entrapped vehicle to escape.


U.S. Pat. No. 5,414,406 issued May 9, 1995 to Melburn J. Baxter, a Conventional Horn composed of an electronic switching circuit that operates at a switching frequency equal to the reason frequency of the horn. A transducer and signal conditioner produces a horn output pulse train at a frequency equal to the acoustic output of the horn. The sweep frequency output oscillator is applied to the other input of the phase. The phase comparator generates a stop signal for the sweep frequency oscillator when the input signals are in phase with each other and signifies that the horn is operating at its reasonant frequency.


The railroad crossing safety device is an electronic box composed of integrated circuits that were designed to automatically measure sound levels in a designated area. The box dimensions are 3″×6″×2″ in size. Standard fasteners are used for mount the box in a secure location closely or near the operator of any and all mobile equipment. The construction of the box is made from metal on plastic materials with an internal circuit board powered by the primary source of electricity and back-up of nickel plated batteries in case of power interruption.


FIG. 1 is an electronic schematic compound of two independent sections that are grouped together to set off warning signals comprised of light and sound. Section AA and BB display electrical components that will rectify and carry warning signals to a red light and a small buzzer.


FIG. 1 is a device set up to save lives at all railroad crossings. A very unique electrical sound will be activated in any car, bus, truck, motorcycle or any type of motor vehicle when two or more objects come within 5000 feet of each other. The hybrid sound detector (HSD) is an electrical device made up of an integrated electrical device made up of an integrated electronic system. The system if used to compensate for poor visibility and lack of early sound detection. Deaf and visually impaired individuals will benefit significantly from this special device. However, in most collision accidents the operator sometimes develops an impairment known as attention disorder This occurs when a person is not aware of his surroundings for a very short period of time. The system is a special device that will meet the safety needs of passengers and operators at railroad crossings, air routes, waterways and highways.

Section AA and BB of the hybrid sound detector's main function is created by using two different circuits. Each circuit is able to function alone. The device's dependability is identified as a cascaded coupling. Section AA of FIG. 1, hybrid sound detector as designed serves as a sound level meter. Sound levels are measured as noise range 110 to 114 decibels with sound level devices. FIG. 1 of Section AA and BB integration activates fast mode to detect noise 110 to 114 decibels selection range.