Laptop Cover with Handles
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The concept of this idea is wholly owned by Chandra Germaine Elliott. I thought of the idea when I noticed how others and myself were attending meetings and having to carry our laptops in our hands along with other items. Currently there are rough drawings that exist. I believe the product to be a completely new product idea and will come in multiple colors. The needs the product fulfills for the consumer is the elimination of unwanted tension on the back from carrying heavier briefcases. It also serves as a protector from minor scratches.

Elliott, Chandra G. (Marietta, GA, US)
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Elliott, Chandra G. (Marietta, GA, US)
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Chandra Elliott (Marietta, GA, US)
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1. The casing is made of plastic or rubber (recyclable) and is about 1 centimeter in depth of thickness. The average size of the casing will be about 11″ in height, 12″ in length and ½″ in width, diameter is about 15″. The overall shape is square. The handles are made of plastic. The material is lightweight therefore eliminating the extra weight of carrying a regular briefcase. In turn it also will relieve the extra pressure on a person's back, wrists, and shoulders from carry of extra weight.


The casing is made of rubber or plastic but has handles that are retractable. The handles are located on either side of the case. The casing is form fitting to the laptop and has open slots in the back to allow for peripheral connections. The casing covers all sides the laptop, but not the screen nor the keyboard.

There are also netted pockets which are attached on either side, that allow the user to carry their mouse, extra battery or power supply. When closed the laptop will look like a miniature version of the briefcase.