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To accomplish the present invention essentially consists, in a cover provide with a form concave in the top of the cover and lines of depth or geometric forms similar to their design, and in their sides lashes of security curved and retractile; with two rings of security located in its base, to supplement container opens up easy and that it is typical to keep, to organize all type of products of consumptions and inputs; industrial, chemical and groceries. For their new system and its structures of their concave cover and base, it is a container opens up easy, ergonomic, economic, sure, practical, to maintain tightly sealed their content. In view of foregoing disadvantages inherent in the some types well known of covers, now the present invention provides one new and improved form of cover easy to open up, providing a better alternative to assure and to manage any products better.

Zavala, Raul Antonio (Comayaguela, HN)
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Zavala, Raul Antonio (Comayaguela, HN)
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B65D45/00; B65D45/32
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What is claimed is:

1. The new and improved COVER CONCAVE WITH LASHES CURVED AND RETRACTILE AND IN ITS BASE WITH TWO RINGS OF SECURITY, characterized for their concave cover and their borders the lashes curved and retractile, that they go coupled in its base with their two characteristics rings of security and reinforced with lines or forms concentric similar to their design of depth to provide bigger durability in the top of the concave cover by the fact, to opens up, to close and seal tightly, creating of this way a system for a complete container of different sizes and geometric forms (Round, Square, Rectangular, Triangular and other geometric forms that can use this invention claimed herein), according to that described in FIG. 1 y 3.

2. The new and improved cover concave with lashes curved and retractile and in its bases with two rings of security as described in claim 1 characterized wherein the two rings of security 1 and 2 they are located strategically near to the superior part of the base, forming a channel among the two rings and that they allow to accommodate on the first ring of security, the initial curved the of the lashes of security and this way to maintain the closed cover and at the same time the second ring of subject security the final curve of the lash of security, helped by the ring or external seal of security according to that described in it FIG. 4.



The present invention consists on a titled new, COVER CONCAVE WITH LASHES CURVED AND RETRACTILE AND IN ITS BASE WITH TWO RINGS OF SECURITY, to complete a system opens up easy, the cover and the base it contains several elements that to conform a container open up easy complete.

Due to their new novel structure facilitates to open their cover, taking advantage of their predecessors, actually contributing to the industry a new container practices and simple of opening up, paying once and for all, the difficult or complicated that to have to tolerate in some occasions other difficult containers to open up.


Actually the most common complications that are observed in most of the containers that are complicated to open up; in big and small containers that to contain products.


Who at the moment has not met with the inconvenience of opening a container for opens up easy?,

How long was it invested in opening it?, Why are the supposedly simple containers so complicated of opening up?


Such problems are solved with a COVER CONCAVE WITH LASHES CURVED AND RETRACTILES AND IN ITS BASE WITH TWO RINGS OF SECURITY, incorporating ergonomic advances and technology of easy opening, the main advantage for the consumer, is that it can be used with a single hand; Making it governable and express for people that can not use the two hands for diverse reasons; old men, and handicapped, without the necessity of using another instrument or extra ability to open containers.


The cover and their base, among their possible uses are: in such big containers as the bucket of plastic 5(five) and 1 (one) gallons, trash cans for offices and homemade containers of plastic, glass and iron stainless, aluminum and zinc, they can also be included for small containers containing different matters items, creams for all the uses, containers for foods, milky products, fruits, and along with other applications.


Their main operation is very simple, this will depend on the size of the container or of the cover concave if it will be used the hand or a finger and it is like it continues; it was pressed with the hand or with a finger the cover concave in the central superior part of the cover, this pressure allows to liberate the curved lashes of security of the ring 1 and they move moderately toward its ends, liberating the concave cover of the ring of security 1 with easiness, the concave cover remains plane in its top central part and at the same time expands its lashes of security toward the sides, facilitating this way to put or to retire the cover of the base see FIG. 2; and to close the cover on the base, it is pressed to both sides simultaneously in the lashes of security, also owed to this pressure the cover concave it returns to its concave original form and the lashes of security close see FIG. 1; and this action of pressing in the indicated points, they allow to achieve a opening and closing, working both as an insurance or lock between the cover and the base.

An advantage is that the ring 2, it is excellent to install an seal external ring of security of iron stainless or plastic and that it is placed on the second ring grabbing and covering the it finishes curve of the lashes to assure the cover better, second curve of the lashes of security that can be removed without causing damages to the cover, this external insurance will prevent bigger damages that could happen, caused by blows or that they are abruptly managed and it doesn't allow that leave the cover, this a double security is required to protect its cover concave better.

The cover and their base, they are compatible with the current sealed canned standards of feeding systems, stuffed, and prosecution, this makes that the use of this new container is compatible and simple for the makers and canners, to provide to new and improved cover, which may be easily and efficiently reliable manufactured and marketed.

To summarize up the commented advantages; the design of the cover and their base, allow to work him with a single caliber of sheet of stainless iron, zinc, aluminum and plastic of PVC, allowing to control and to regulate, the production costs; contributing to the yield of the materials and that it can be manufactured with any flexible and resistant material; Contrary case doesn't happen to other containers, because in most they are manufactured with sheets of stainless iron, aluminum, pvc, etc., being forced to use two types of calibers of material, a caliber type for the cover and another for its base.

Of that incorporated and constituted in the annexed figures, evidently the prerogatives of constructive and functional order are emphasized that determine to the patent, it is not considered necessary to stand out in bigger details of the patent, except for the fact of clarifying the right of the applicant of the patent to introduce later detail modifications without being left of you limit them and the subsequent clauses claimant's trajectories.


For bigger clarity and vision of the main objective of the invention, several figures are shown, elects for a better favorite understanding, everything as an illustrative and not limitative example.

The FIG. 1, a view of the concave cover closed is shown and in its central part this concave, and the lashes of security are retractile, this happens when it is pressed their sides of the lashes simultaneously.

The FIG. 2, a view of the concave cover open is shown and in its central part this planed, and the lashes of security are expanded, this happens when the cover is pressed in its central part superior.

In the FIG. 3, it schematizes the cover and base complete with all their details; you can appreciate in the superior part of the cover their concave and concentric form in the central part with its respective line of depth to reinforce the top of cover and to give him bigger yield due to the constant use being pressing the cover and the lashes of security with their two characteristic curves and in the FIG. 3.a., a ring it is shown as example a seal of iron security and the same can be made of plastic.

Finally in the FIG. 4, the base it is shown the rings of security 1 y 2, to grab and to assure the cover respectively and at the same time it allows to install additional above the ring of security 2 an external seal of security.