Steamer stain fighter:A vending machine for removing stains
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A self-contained machine for removing stains from textiles with the air compressor and solvent all contained with-in the same unit. The machine can be used in a home setting or a coin-changer attached to allow it to be a self-service profit center. This allows stains to be removed quickly and allowing the textile to remain in use without any laundering or drycleaning procedures needed.

Hirmer, Steven Phillip (Burr Ridge, IL, US)
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Steven Phillip Hirmer (Naperville, IL, US)
What is claimed is:

1. a self-contained machine for removing stains comprised of an internal air compressor, internal solvent reservoir and dispensing gun.

2. The device of claim 1 with a coin changer attached.

3. The device of claim 1 where the parts of said machine are reconfigured and placed inside and outside respectively of another machine like a washing machine or dryer.



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The present invention grew out the textile care field. The problem of stain removal from textiles (i.e. the clothes that people wear) is a daily problem. The removal of stains to be successful must restore the fabric to its original condition without damage.

The current answers to this problem while effective are costly both in time and timeliness. The first drawback is the current methods require a specialist to perform the task which is expensive. The second drawback is the timeliness of this process. The sooner after staining the easier it is to remove without negative consequences(i.e. color loss or damage to the fibers). The present invention allows a person to perform this task by oneself whenever a stain is caused. Therefore the present invention reduces the cost and increases the effectiveness of the stain removal process by allowing it to be removed immediately. The present invention also eliminates the need to launder or dryclean the item to remove the spotting agents used to remove the stain, thereby allowing the user to continue to wear the item.


Accordingly, this invention has as an object the provision of allowing the spot removal to be accomplished by the self-service method, either at home or anywhere the machine is placed.

A further object contemplates as its goal to provide this as a profit making device for the business where the machine is located in the form of a coin changer to activate the machine, not needed on a home unit.

It is yet a further object that this invention could be incorporated into the cabinet that houses other textile cleaning devices like a washing machine or dryer using the motors and such as parts of the invention, thus reducing the cost for manufacture and installation.

Another object of the invention is to allow the user to continue wearing the garment after the stain has been removed without having to rinse the pre-spotting agent by laundering or drycleaning the garment.


FIG. 1 is a frontal view of the device showing the inside with the air compressor parts and the bottom of the solvent reservoir. This view also shows the parts of the air compressor: motor, air reservoir. The garment platform is on the top and the coin changer is on the outside supplying the power to the unit.

FIG. 2 is a side view showing the side with the operable parts. The hoses from the inside (air reservoir and solvent reservoir) connecting to the air gun. The coin changer is on the side. The garment platform is on this side as well providing a hook for resting the spotting gun.

FIG. 3 is a top view showing the reservoir cap, coin changer, garment platform and the spotting gun.


Referring to FIG. 1 a frontal view is shown that details all of the parts of the machine. The invention is essentially comprised of a cabinet with lock 8. The air compressor motor 1 and the air reservoir 2 are located inside to avoid tampering. This makes the machine portable and not needing to be attached to a stand alone air compressor. The solvent reservoir 3 is located in an opening in the top of the unit and is inside the cabinet with only the top open for adding solvent. This reservoir has a cap 9 for filling. This again allows for portability of the unit not needing to be attached to an external solvent source. A garment platform 5 is attached to the top and off to the side to give a place if necessary to lay the garment on for support in the stain removal activity. This platform is attached by the supports12. This platform has holes to allow the solvent not to puddle under the garment and to allow it to vaporize before hitting the ground. An air/solvent dispensing gun 4 is attached by two hoses 6 and set on a hook on the garment platform. The hoses come out of holes made in the side of the cabinet. One of the hoses is attached to the solvent reservoir 10 and the other hose is attached to the air reservoir 11. A coin changer 7 with coin box is mounted on the side. Thus the machine can be used as a self-service profit center anywhere the machine can be placed. The coin changer also delivers power to the machine via a power cord 6. The machine runs on 110 VAC.

FIG. 2 is a side view showing the holes where the hoses 6 come out of the cabinet. The figure gives a front view of the coin changer 7 with coin box. There is a view of the location of the garment platform 5 with the air/solvent gun 4 attached with a hook.

In operation one places the prescribed amount of money in the coin changer 7. The solvent reservoir must have solvent in it, this will usually be water as this is the solvent that will take out almost all food stains and will flush out without negative consequences any water soluble stain removal used as well. Water is also readily available in most locales. The user then uses the air gun to blast the stain off the garment. Compressing the handle on the gun part way dispenses air only and all the way dispenses air and solvent. A combination of this activity will result in most stains being immediately removed. No other laundering or drycleaning is necessary. The process can be accomplished while wearing the garment or by removing and placing on the garment platform.

While the present invention has been described as a portable stand alone unit, the internal and external parts could be made a part of another machine like a washing machine or dryer, thereby using the existing cabinet of the other machine to act as the cabinet for this machine. The parts of this invention being placed inside and outside respectively.