Thong sandal accessory
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An accessory for thong sandals that allows the wearer to change the color and look of an ordinary sandal. The invention has no mechanical function it is strictly to change the esthetics of the wearers own sandal.

Mollicone, Anthony Robert (Saugus, CA, US)
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Anthony Robert Mollicone (Saugus, CA, US)
What I claim as my invention is as follows:

1. A fabric cover made of Lycra spandex.

2. A machine-cut rectangular fabric with serged, over locked or turned and sewn edges.

3. A machine-cut, finished edge with tie straps on each end.

4. Rectangular piece of fabric of a predetermined length to accommodate the V portion of girls/ladies size thong sandals.

5. Tie straps formed by a simple horizontal cut into the rectangular piece of fabric on both ends.

6. Horizontal cuts into the middle of each end of the rectangular piece of fabric of a predetermined length to accommodate girls/ladies sizes of thong sandals.

7. Additional embellishments of beads or other type embellishment additions in order to offer variety of styles to same said invention.



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The present invention provides the wearer of a girls/ladies thong sandal with the option to temporarily change the look of that sandal to co-ordinate or stylize their sandal to match an outfit. The present invention would come in a variety of colors, fabric textures and embellishments to appease the wearer's sense of style. The present invention would allow the wearer to co-ordinate their thong sandal footwear with their outfits. The present invention would be made in preset and predetermined sizes so as to fit all sizes of girls/ladies thong sandals.


1. Field of the Invention

The invention relates to the field of accessorizing and enhancing the look of girls and ladies sandals.

2. Statement of the Problem

At the present time there is no invention to accessorize and update the look of ordinary girls and ladies sandals. There is no accessory available that can be added or removed to change the look of thong sandals.

3. Solution to the Problem

The present invention addresses the desire of the wearer to co-ordinate their sandals to match their outfit. The present invention allows the wearer of sandals to choose from an assortment of colors and fabric textures to create a temporary new style.


FIG. 1. Is a perspective view of the present invention and a ladies thong sandal. The broken line showing of the thong base in the Figures is for illustrative purposes only and forms no part of the claimed design.

The broken lines which define the bounds of the claimed design form no part thereof.

The surfaces of the article not shown in the drawing or described in the specification forms no part of the claimed design.

FIG. 2. Is a top section view of the rectangular fabric that makes up the present invention. It shows the edges as being serged, over locked or turned and sewn to finish. It shows the horizontal machine cut into the middle of the rectangular piece of fabric to a predetermined length, in order to make up the tie ends.


FIG. 1. Shows the present invention when donned on the existing ladies thong sandal. The center of existing invention 3 is wrapped around the prong of the existing thong sandal. Then each side 11 is pulled over the respective left and right side of the V portion of the existing thong sandal. The tie ends 2 of each side can then be tied at the base of the V portion of the existing thong sandal to form a knot 6 resulting in bow tie ends 4.

FIG. 2. Shows the present invention 1 in its pre donned state. There is a center of the rectangular piece of fabric 3. The horizontal cuts 5 are machine cut to a predetermined length to form two tie ends 2 on the right and left side of the present invention. The present invention has a finished edge 7 which is serged, over locked or turned and sewn by machine. The tie ends 2 can be further embellished by adding colored bead ends 8. The horizontal cuts 5 are to be bar tacked 9 at the horizontal cuts apex by machine for stability and to prevent tearing of the horizontal cuts.