Container for electroplating baths
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The invention relates to a container, in particular for electroplating baths, having a removal opening, characterized in that the container has a flexible jacket on which the removal opening is provided, and a metering valve is situated at the removal opening.

Koops, Ulrich (Gundershausen, DE)
Baruth, Annette (Kleinostheim, DE)
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1. Container for electroplating baths, having a removal opening (3), said container having a flexible jacket on which the removal opening is provided, and a metering valve (4) situated at the removal opening.

2. Container according to claim 1, wherein the flexible jacket is in the shape of a bag (1).

3. Container according to claim 1 wherein the jacket is formed from a material that is air-proof, light-proof or both air- and light-proof.

4. Container according claim 1, wherein the jacket is formed from a multilayer material composite.

5. Container according to claim 1, wherein the jacket has a metal layer.

6. Container according to claim 1, wherein the jacket has an oxygen diffusion barrier layer.

7. Container according to claim 1, wherein the container has a holding device which optionally is provided on the jacket.

8. Method for packaging electroplating baths which comprises packaging said electroplating baths in the container of claim 1.

9. Container of claim 2, wherein said bag is a tubular bag.

10. Container of claim 5, wherein said metal layer is an aluminum layer.


The invention relates to a container, in particular for electroplating baths, having a removal opening.


Electroplating baths are electrolytic baths used in particular in electroplating, and may contain an activator. Such electroplating baths are provided in bottles, in plastic bottles, for example. After the bottle is opened, air reaches these baths. As the result of a reaction in particular with oxygen in the air, which penetrates the bottle after opening and is present above the liquid, the baths lose their effectiveness and their service life is limited.

The object of the invention is to provide a container for electroplating baths by which the service life of these baths may be enhanced.


The object is achieved by the independent claims. Advantageous embodiments are stated in the dependent claims. As a result of the container having a flexible jacket on which the removal opening is provided, the container may be used in a hanging position, for example, so that the removal opening is situated at the lower end. The liquid is withdrawn by means of the metering valve situated at the removal opening. This creates a partial vacuum in the container which causes the jacket to contract. As a result of the metering valve practically no air is able to penetrate, and the flexible jacket in particular prevents air from being drawn in. The container allows the electroplating baths to be virtually closed off from the influence of air, so that their service life is not limited by reaction with air. A flexible jacket is understood in particular to mean a jacket which deforms when the container is emptied due to the partial vacuum thus created, and no significant restoring forces arise to return the jacket, filled with the electroplating bath, to its original shape.


The flexible jacket advantageously has the shape of a bag, in particular a tubular bag. Instead of a tubular bag, a bag produced in some other manner, for example a so-called seal-edge bag manufactured from multiple parts mutually joined to one another (by adhesive bonding or welding, for example), may also be used. The jacket advantageously is composed of an air- and/or light-proof material. In particular, the jacket may be formed from a multilayer material composite, and may have a metal layer, in particular an aluminum layer. The jacket may also have an oxygen diffusion barrier, in particular as a layer. It is practical for this oxygen diffusion barrier to surround the entire interior of the jacket. In addition, the container, preferably the jacket, may have a holding device by which the jacket can be fixed in a hanging position.

The object is further achieved by use of a container having a flexible jacket, in particular a bag, preferably a tubular bag, as packaging for electroplating baths.

One exemplary embodiment of the invention is explained below with reference to one drawing.


The drawing illustrates the container according to the invention.

The container essentially comprises a bag 1. This bag may be designed as a tubular bag, and thus may have an elongated shape. The bag is made of a light-proof multilayer film which has an aluminum barrier layer between two plastic layers. At its upper end the bag 1 has a fastening eye 2 for hanging on a rack. Instead of the eye 2, a hook, for example, or a bracket may be used. The removal opening 3 is situated at the lower end, and can be opened and closed by means of a metering valve 4. The electroplating bath, an electrolyte, is provided in the bag 1. During use, the electroplating bath is withdrawn through the removal opening 3 so that it may be used for producing metallic layers by electrochemical or chemical means. The bag 1 automatically contracts during the withdrawal, so that no air is drawn in and the remaining volume is practically completely filled with the liquid. Such a bag may be used, for example, as packaging for gold baths for the production of electroplated dental prostheses.