Tub scrub/scrubber- a rechargeable long-handled cleaning device with detachable heads
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The focus of this tub scrub/scrubber/cleaning device combines several different creative and technological advanced ways to produce a quality and effective cleaning product. These elements consist of a long handle approximately 3 feet long, with detachable heads consisting of a rounded base with a multi bristled brush, a sponge or chamois for cleaning and polishing various surfaces such as tubs, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, cars and boats. The technological advancement of the rechargeable NiCad battery compartment along with AC plug-in charger allows longer and more mobile cleaning time before recharging. The Micro Servo Motor with gear rotation and plastic clipped attachments, allow for easy changing and cleaning of heads and faster and thorough cleaning of different surfaces on tubs, cars boats etc. The brush, sponge and chamois turn in a fast and circular motion, and the combination of plastic tubular compartment and aluminum/plastic tubing makes for a sturdy and quality cleaning product. A nylon or metal loop is attached at end of handle for easy storage.

Lies, Margaret Brenda (Virginia Beach, VA, US)
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15/28, 15/97.1
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1. What I claim as my invention is a cleaning device which: Consists of an aluminum or plastic tube, 3 feet long, with tubular components at either end; Consists of one end housing the micro servo motor with gear rotation and because of it's power turns the heads fast making them very effective in scrubbing, polishing and cleaning; Consists of the gear rotation extending from the micro servo motor which clips into the base of the head and is secured in place with a turning motion; Consists of various detachable plastic heads which turn in a fast and effective motion which incorporates a rounded multi bristled brush which is used for scrubbing various surfaces and crevices; Consist of a chamois head turns in a circular motion for polishing; Consists of a detachable sponge head used for cleaning various surfaces such as those on tubs, Jacuzzis, hot tubs cars and boats; Consists of the micro servo motor which is wired through the center of the aluminum or plastic tubing to the on/off switch at the handle end which encases the connector for the NiCad battery; Consists of a NiCad battery tube which is encased in the end of the handle and is detachable to plug in to the AC charger which in turn plugs in to an electrical outlet; Consists of the rechargeable NiCad battery tube allows for efficiency and mobility and a 30-40 minute use time; Consists of a metal or nylon loop on the handle which is used to hang for storage.



The field of endeavor is to use advanced technology to produce a different and much improved cleaning, scrubbing and polishing device that would make the difficult and unpleasant job of cleaning, scrubbing and polishing various and different surfaces better, faster and easier, for the general public, commercial cleaners, the elderly and physically challenged.

Some of the surface examples are as follows: The rounded bristle type brush would be a cleaning asset for a tub, hot tub, Jacuzzi, boat and car. The sponge attachment would also be used for areas that are more difficult to clean, and the chamois is good for polishing on cars or boats.

The object of the inventive product is utilizing the advancements in the field of technology to produce a quality product as follows:

    • 1. The use of a battery pack—a molded plastic tubular compartment that houses the NiCad Battery tube and the rechargeable molded plastic handle that receives the power from an AC charger that plugs into an electric wall outlet and after charging, the plastic molded handle compartment plugs back into the brush handle to power the Micro Servo Motor which turns the various cleaning heads (brush, chamois or sponge) for approximately 30-40 minutes of cleaning time before it must be recharged.
    • 2. The long handle, approximately 3 feet long, minimizes bending to accomplish these various scrubbing, cleaning and polishing jobs.
    • 3. The Micro Servo Motor with gear rotation is powerful and provides quality and fast scrubbing, polishing and cleaning of many surfaces turning quickly in a circular motion.
    • 4. The detachable heads with plastic clip can attach and detach easily for securing the appropriate polishing scrubbing or cleaning head. The brush is rounded with a volume of bristles to make cleaning faster and more effective and allows cleaning in most crevices and surfaces. The sponge is another type of cleaning and scrubbing attachment. The chamois is for polishing on cars, boats, etc.
    • 5. The approximate three foot handle design is sturdy yet easy to use, with aluminum or plastic tubing in the middle which fits into the molded tubular plastic pieces on either end. One end attaches to the heads, houses the Micro Servo Motor with gear rotation and the other end of handle houses the tube of NiCad rechargeable batteries that are charged by the AC charger.
    • 6. The metal or nylon clip is placed on handle for easy storage.


The objective of the long handled tub, car and boat cleaning device is to help solve various cleaning problems. It makes these tasks easier, faster, more mobile, and less physically challenging. All these areas are as described in detail and are as follows: A long handle with an advanced power source and detachable heads that scrub, polish and clean a variety of surfaces.


FIG. 1. Overview of the brush cleaning bath tub. Rounded brush completely covered with bristles, that is one of the detachable heads.

FIG. 2. View showing brush cleaning car with pictured sponge for scrubbing and chamois for polishing.

FIG. 3. View of picture showing brush cleaning boat with above described heads.

FIG. 4. A larger view of the cleaning device with detachable heads.

FIG. 5. A side view showing the plastic encased Micro Servo Motor at one end and detachable heads at the other end

FIG. 6. Enlarged view of the NiCad Battery and how it is encased, and the AC charger

FIG. 7. An enlarged view of how the NiCad battery attaches to the handle.

FIG. 8. Shows how the Micro Servo Motor attaches to the detachable brush.

FIG. 9 Shows the Micro Servo Motor and detachable brush.


FIGS. 1, 2 and 3 show a general overview of the cleaning device. The detachable brush 1 and the head 2 attaches to the plastic encased Micro Servo motor 3 which enables the heads with either brush, chamois or sponge to turn quickly to clean or polish many different surfaces. The rounded brush 1 can easily reach in crevices, the chamois 10 works well for polishing cars and boats and the sponge 11, either natural or synthetic, is good for scrubbing a variety of surfaces. The aluminum and/or plastic tubular handle 8 encloses the wiring from the motor connection to the on/off switch 9 placed towards the top of the handle 8. This in turn attaches to the plastic encased 7 NiCad battery 4 power source which is recharged by an AC charger.

FIG. 4 is an enlarged view of the cleaning device.

FIG. 5 shows the brush head 1 and 2 detached from the Micro Servo motor 3 and at the handle end shows the plastic encased NiCad battery 4 and 7 detached from the on/off switch 9 and shows the clip/loop 6 for hanging.

FIG. 6 shows the NiCad battery 4 which is encased in the plastic tubular compartment 7. This plugs in to the electrical charger 5 which is the recharging power source and allows for approximately 20-40 minutes of quality cleaning time.

FIG. 7 shows how the encased NiCad battery 4 and 7 attaches to the handle with the on/off switch 4 and 9.

FIG. 8 shows how the detachable head 2 is clipped to the motor

FIG. 9 is an enlarged close up view of the Micro Servo Motor 3 with gear rotation and flat plastic base which attaches, by means of a small tubular extension, into the indented base on the detachable head 2 and brush 1

The improvements outlined give a much needed mobility which allows cleaning, scrubbing and polishing to become much faster, easier and more efficient, both commercially, in the home, and also making it a great product for seniors and physically handicapped.