Can/bottle beverage holder
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The Can/Bottle Beverage Holder has been design to hold beverage cans, bottles and cups in a way that current holders cannot while offering protection to the hands from exposure to the temperature of the beverage.

Jackson, Eleanor Elizabeth (Riverside, CA, US)
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248/313, 248/310
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A47F5/00; A47K1/08
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Eleanor E. Jackson (Riverside, CA, US)
1. A beverage holder comprising of: 1. A round base—made of two layers of plastic and with Styrofoam in the middle. 2. The diameter of the base would be made as a size large, to accommodate beverages in a can, bottled or cup. 3. The inside of the base has two groves on opposites sides and a “crescent-shaped rim,” facing each other above the hollow portion of the base. The opening of the “crescent-shaped rims” line up with the grooves. These serve as “locking” mechanisms. 4. To accommodate various sizes, from small to medium beverages, cups or frame-liked holders or “inserts” of various sizes could be manufactured to slide in through two grooves on the inner wall of the base. 5. The bottom of the “insert” is solid with some pores for drainage from condensation and beverage spills to flow down “hollow” portion of the base. It has a center hole where the sponge, sand stone or cork-like material snaps in place. 6. The sponge, sand stone or cork-like material is made with a “plastic stud” and glued to the top, center section to snap in place in the center “hole” at the bottom of the insert. Liquid can be emptied or cleaned from the bottom of the base by removing the sponge, sand stone or cork-like material and the “insert.” 7. There are two straight, flat and upright “support guides on two sides of the “insert.” The width compensates for the gap that is created around the base of the Holder, based on sizes small or medium. There are two small holes at the end. 7.1 When inserted into the base, the insert snaps in place at the opening of the crescent and rests on top of the sponge, sand stone or cork-like material and the “crescent-shaped rim.” 7.2 Manufactured without the two grooves in the base, the “insert” can be turned clockwise to lock in place at the “crescent-shaped rim” or counter clockwise to be released from the “crescent-shaped rim.” 8. The depth of the base is manufactured to allow room for these distinct features: 8.1 Layer# 3—for an small frozen and removable, flat ice-pack to be placed at the bottom of the “Insert.” 8.2 Layer #2—to easily absorb and drain the condensation, moisture or spills from the beverages, a removable, sponge, sand stone or cork-like material lines the bottom by snapping it in place. See # 3 & # 4 above. 8.3. Layer #1—a hollow at the bottom of the base for moisture containment. The moisture is contained in the bottom of the base. Above the hollow portion is a narrow plastic “rim” which extends from the wall inside the base. A removable sponge, sand stone or cork-like material would sit on top of this “rim” 9. An outline for a promotional label is located at the exterior base of this container. This is an option for manufacturers or distributors to obtain imprints and lettering for labeling or marketing purposes. 10. An upright, adjustable plastic support extends upwards from the base and contours to grasp the container. 11. A “C” shaped feature is attached to the upright plastic support for securely embracing the top of the beverage. 12. The “C” shaped feature would be manufactured with “grove” to allow for the adjustments, to increase/decrease in diameter. 13. Inside the “C” shape is a material that provides a secure grip for cans, bottles and cups made of their various materials. 14. An outline for promotional label is located on each side of the “C” shaped feature of this container. 15. A handle is attached to the upright support in # 10 above and extends down. On the outer portion of the handle are two plastic grooves and a clear plastic is inserted to create a window. In this window, can be inserted a piece of paper with an individual—s name, allowing for the identification of the owner of the beverage. 16. This invention can also be manufactured without the adjustable features on the “C” shape and the upright support. The base could be made of a single layer plastic, without the styrofoam and with the sponge secured to the bottom of the base with glue. 17. Using plastic to manufacture the Can/Bottle Beverage Holder, it could be complemented by a variety of colors.



The Can/Bottle Beverage Holder is easy to assemble, safe and ideal for use by consumers on a daily basis or during any occasion or event. It protects hands from contact with the temperature of a beverage. Affording adjustable features, this is a one size fits all holder that will be appreciated by all, from toddlers to seniors. It's a secure, creative and innovative idea that offers revenue potential to any of it's license holder.


This invention can also be manufactured in various sizes, without the adjustable features on the “C” shape and the upright support. The base could be made of a single layer plastic, with the sponge secured to the bottom of the base with glue to absorb moisture from condensation or spill.