System for training base ball batters
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A base ball batting training system consists of a tubular rubber or any other material sleeve that is slipped over an existing upstanding batting pole. The rubber sleeve or any other material is open at its bottom but has a cover plate at its top. The plate has on its top surface an upstanding soft rubber nipple attached there and centered thereon. The soft rubber nipple has at its top a depression therein. The depression is sized to conform to an outer circumference of a golf ball when placed thereon. The small sized golf ball when compared to a base ball is a visual and mental aid when a batter is trying to hit the small sized ball. Once the trainee batter, or even a professional batter, is proficient at hitting the small sized golf ball, the visual and mental aid will carry over into hitting a regular sized base ball with the same proficiency.

Tudjek, Joseph (Estero, FL, US)
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Joseph Tudjek (Estero, FL, US)
What I claim is:

1. A base ball batting training system including a sleeve sized to fit over: the top of a well known upstanding batting practice pole, said sleeve being open at the bottom and having a plate at its top, said plate having an upstanding nipple attached thereon, means for supporting a golf practice ball on a top of said nipple.

2. The base ball batting system of claim 1, wherein said upstanding nipple is made of a soft rubber when compared to said sleeve.

3. The base ball batting training system of claim 1, wherein said means for supporting said golf ball is a depression in the top of said nipple.



The invention is directed to a system for training batters to learn to correctly and more effectively hit a baseball. It is especially directed to young baseball players, children, to be used in batting practices. The system may also be used for adults or professional players to hone their batting skills


There are many training devices and systems in use for training prospective and skilled baseball batters. They consist, for example, of a stand that has a regular sized baseball placed on top by some support and it is up to the batter to try to hit the as best as possible. The stand itself is adjustable as to height to match the height of the batter.


The inventive training system uses basically the same training system as described above but if is modified to display a smaller golf practice ball to the sight of the batter so that the batter has to concentrate more in order to hit the smaller ball. When the batter gets to be quite proficient in hitting the smaller ball on a persistent basis, he/she is then confronted with the throw of a regular size baseball in practice or a regular game, the eyes of the batter are still accustomed to seeing the small ball, whereby the hitting percentage will be greatly improved. The eye-hand coordination and the muscle memory is also greatly improved.


FIG. 1 is a side view of the improved batting device;

FIG. 2 is a top view of the device shown in FIG. 1;

FIG. 3 is a bottom view of the device of FIG. 1;

FIG. 4 shows the device of FIG. 1 with a golf ball placed thereon.


FIG. 1 shows the device 1 that is used in the inventive batting system. the device 1 is a hollow sleeve made of rubber or any other material so that it remains somewhat flexible or pliant. The device 1 has an inner wall 2 and an outer wall 3. The bottom is open so that it can be slipped over an existing T-ball tees or upstanding pole. The top of the device is closed with a plate 4. On top of the plate 4 there is attached a soft rubber tube or nipple 5 made of similar material as is found in a baby pacifier. It should be soft rubber so that when the batter misses the ball by striking too low, the nipple will easily give instead of being damaged or broken off. The top of the nipple 5 has a cone shaped depression therein. It is shaped to the curvature of the circumference of the golf practice ball so that the ball will nestle therein and be displayed toward the batter.

FIG. 2 shows a top view of the device 1 including the plate 4 which the nipple 5 attached thereto at its center.

FIG. 3 shows a bottom view of the device 1 and it can be seen that it s hollow. the device 1 has the inner wall 2 and the outer wall 3.

FIG. 4 illustrates the top of the device including the plate 4 with the nipple 5 mounted thereon. This FIG. also shows the depression 6 and the golf ball B having the dimples 7 on its surface. It can be seen that the circumference of the ball B fits within the depression 6 of the nipple 5 and remains therein until struck by the bat of the batter.

In operation, the device 1 is slipped over the upstanding batting pole (not shown). The rubber sleeve 1 will fit snugly over the top of the pole. Thereafter, the training system is ready for practice by placing a golf ball B on top of the nipple 5. As explained above, the eyes of the batter are sighted on the small circumference of the ball while trying to hit the same. The batter thereby obtains a mental and a visual impression of the small ball. When the batter gets proficient in hitting the small ball, the same batting is practiced by advancing to a regular sized baseball. However, the batter still has the mental and visual image of the smaller golf practice ball and the trained muscles will act accordingly. By using the above explained system, the hitting percentage of the batter is greatly improved. This equally applies to children in base ball practice or to professionals trying to improve their skills in batting practice