Construction method of rooms with multimedia equipment for meditation and other similar activities
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The construction method of meditation rooms, confession or opinion rooms, acquaintance rooms and opinion poll rooms is made of rooms that on the inside will be covered wall to wall, as well as on the ceiling by monitors, all rooms connect with the central unit where there will be a computer. In the central unit a selection out of four programmes will be made. Anyone that selects the first programme will go in the room and watch mandala, symbolic representations and abstract pictures. Anyone that selects the second and the third programme will be recorded by the camera but only what they themselves wish to record. In the second programme they will confess or express their opinions and in the third programme they will mention some information on them, if they wish to, in order to make some acquaintance. What has been recorded will go to the fourth programme, where anyone that has selected this programme will have a quick access to the videos recorded and will select the one he/she wants to see.

Theodorakakis, Sotiris (Petroupoli Attikis, GR)
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1. The construction method of rooms with multimedia equipment for meditation and other similar activities has the characteristic that the future or 3d televisions that will be used at home or in exterior area, will have a cube form (or any other figure) with approximations in some points, for better view. The surface of the cube will be covered with screens and in the area there will be a portable armchair, computer, speaker, two cameras, air condition and a system of air freshening. With the existence of screens in all surfaces and with the cooperation of the computer, there will be a presentation and a simulation of whatever picture we want.

2. The construction method of rooms with multimedia equipment for meditation and other similar activities according to the above claim 1, will use for image view of the countryside, views of the sky in bob, of the grass in floor, left the forest, right the valley. A computer will present the pictures, which will be static or moving, in order to create the feeling of movement. The computer will have these images or will receive them via DVD, Internet, tv or satellite signals. The images will be prorate and synchronized in each place so as to create a full simulation of the space. The use of the system is very important as someone can see movies, games, theatricals, sport games, shopping from commercially store in cube From a phial connected with the computer the room will smell nicely according to the images that are presented.

3. The construction method of rooms with multimedia equipment for meditation and other similar activities according to the first claim, will use systems that can be placed to private or to public area for usage from companies, in order to help the customer to make confessions, to meet people as he wants. One camera will record the data and will transform them to a central computer in which the data will be controlled and then they will return to the initial place so as to be seen.


The invention refers to an electronic construction made out of rooms that on the inside will be covered wall to wall, as well as on the ceiling by monitors, all rooms connected with the central unit where there will be a computer.

I am not aware if there is a level of a previous technique and I believe that the idea is innovative.

First of all, I believe a lot in this idea and construction and I think that it will expand globally and will help to diminish the communication and solitude problem that weighs on so many people. It is a commercial humanitarian and democratic idea and I believe that it will also have the state's blessing.


Rooms made out of a wooden or metal construction on the outside and inside a door that closes and the client or guest enters. The company that will use the idea, will place them at first in open areas such as large super markets or other densely populated spaces (amusement parks, music theatres), and can build a cafeteria in order to increase its profit if it wishes to. Later the company can place them in indoor spaces.

Each room will not be very small so that the client does not feel claustrophobic, and not very big so that expenses are not increased. The rooms will be covered by monitors from wall to wall, as well as on the ceiling, and all rooms will be connected to a central unit that will be situated in the same place, a little further away, and from there will take place the coordination on the option that will be selected by the guest.

In the central unit, the selection of an option by the client and the payment of the respective price will take place, without the remaining clients knowing the programme chosen.

This secrecy is essential and will help the whole creation.

Each room, besides the monitors, will also have a comfortable armchair, two cameras, one that will record for the second and third programme (an explanation follows later on) and one that will monitor the room in case the client does any damage in the room while he/she is there alone.

Furthermore, there will be air-conditioning and pleasant sounds will be heard, depending on the programme. Smoking will be prohibited in the rooms.

Two or more persons will be in the central unit, and they will be responsible for the issuance of a ticket, the activation of the option requested by the client, they tell the client in which cabin he/she is supposed to be, they process the videos from the second and third programme.

The client can sit in a room for 15-30 minutes, and there will be a clock indicating the remaining time. If however, someone wishes to leave earlier, he/she will press a button, the persons in charge in the central unit will check the space through the camera, and if no damage has been done and everything is in order, they will open the door.

In the beginning there will be four programmes or options (later many more subcategories can be added).

The first programme that will be mostly advertised will be the meditation one.

The client will sit comfortably on the armchair, will look towards the ceiling or the surrounding walls where the surfaces will be covered by monitors, and will be watching symbolic representations, Mandala and abstract images, and this will be advertised as relaxation of the mind and as a pleasant break from all the problems.

The ceiling will have a round monitor that will rotate. This programme will be advertised the most, so that persons of an advanced age come and provide a prestige that will boost the next programmes, which will provide momentum to the whole enterprise. In the first programme, space images and trips to infinity will be added. The second and third programme will cost a little bit more.

Second Programme

The client that will select the second programme will also watch images of landscapes or representations along with the suitable music.

In front of the armchair there will be a remote control screwed to a spot, which will coordinate the one camera. In the second programme confessions or opinions will be expressed, so that we do not have any problems with the church. The client will be notified that if there is something indecent, it will be cut.

As soon as the client deems it appropriate, he/she will press the camera's record button and he/she will say what he/she wants to say. If he/she wants, he/she will be able to rewind it and see what he/she recorded and he/she does not like something he/she can erase it.

In the end, he/she will be asked if he/she wants to register it. In the video, he/she will have the possibility not to show his/her face clearly if he/she is embarrassed, or to have his/her voice altered. What has been recorded will not be played immediately. All videos will go to the central unit where a quick approach will be made in order to determine if there is something indecent and then, everything will go to the fourth programme.

Third Programme Acquaintances

The same as in the second programme, only here each person will talk about who he/she wants to meets, what his/her qualities and his hobbies are, his/her age if he/she wishes to, as well as his/her phone number, or even for ore security his/her e-mail.

The possibility to alter the face and the voice of the client will be available as well. The same procedure applies here and the client is asked again if at the end he/she wishes to register the video, then these videos are processed and go to the fourth programme.

Fourth Programme

Here will be registered everything that has been written in programmes two and three, separated in these two categories to begin with.

The client that will select the fourth programme will be watching images in the surrounding monitors but in of those, or in the ceiling, he/she will be watching with the help of the remote control the videos, with the option of quick access and will be able to stop whenever a person attracts his/her attention, and thus will be able to hear an opinion, a confession from someone unknown, or see persons with which he/she may be acquainted.

In this section one can add subcategories, for example for people over forty years old, for homosexuals, for aspiring stars, for people with common hobbies and pursuits, so that what the client desires can be found more quickly.

The central unit will have an ON LINE connection in case it is necessary, as well as a connection to the Internet if there is a reason of national security.

Furthermore, if they wish to, at the end they will answer to various opinion polls without showing their face and the company will sell the results to the companies that requested them.

All those who enter the second and third programme will be given a code and after some time, if they no longer wish to be in plain view they can erase themselves from the programme and from the central unit using this code.

Now, based on this idea, future televisions will be large boxes in which the spectator will enter, with large monitors everywhere as well as on the ceiling and on the floor. The boxes can be rectangular, round or of any other shape. The spectator will watch the movie in the central monitor and the remaining monitors will show scene from the movie, providing a sense of background, and the spectator will be in a space surrounded by monitors thus experiencing another type of virtual reality.

This way, the manner in which movies are made will change. The central monitor can at some point become secondary and another monitor in the room become central and the movie's main character for example may appear from the left and this way, the spectator will not know in which monitor the movie will continue and what will happen, thus making the movie more exciting. As the monitors change, the same will happen with the sound that will come from the respective direction, and at the same time other sounds in a lower volume (i.e. bird chirping, storm approaching) can be heard from other sides, depending on the scenario.

The whole movie or some scenes may have multi-angled takes and this way the spectator can select which angle he/she wishes to see. Furthermore, he/she will be able to watch stereoscopically without using the special glasses.

The space will be air-conditioned and there will also be a system for the absorption of smoke. More expensive television models will be ventilated in a better manner, with a kind of windows that will open when the television is not used. This will be executed through the following procedure.

The box that will go inside the room or in an outside space will be supported on its four angles. The monitors on each side of the box will not be in one-piece but will be separated horizontally in two or more parts. The monitor's upper horizontal part will have two safety bolts which when unhinged will be lowered and become adjacent with the lower part of the monitor on this side. The same will be able to be done for all other sides. As the upper monitors are lowered, the place will look like a bar, and if one adds a sliding bar, he/she can turn it into one. One person can stay inside the room and his/her friends around it outside.

By connecting a computer, we will have the future computers. Thus clients will be able to see and create unthinkable things. They will see and process photographs, three dimension pictures, image processing, they will rent or buy movies and games.

Through a connection to the Internet and with the placement of a camera in the space, we can talk with another person who has a similar device and see each other in a three-dimensional manner. Furthermore, through the Internet we will be able to visit and see in a three-dimensional manner, museums, art spaces, theatrical shows, sport games. Furthermore, we will be able to visit various shops and feel as if we were inside, explore the space and purchase the things we want.

These stores can be regular stores or virtual stores that seem real, crowded and with a variety of products, and on some of the shelves there can be advertisements. This way the client will look three-dimensionally in the room and will feel as if he/she is in the store, these being the future stores and the manner in which future purchases will be made.

Due to the fact that someone may sit inside the room for many hours and lose touch with the external environment, a few security systems will be implemented. The user will be notified in this space, through a suitable connection, if the doorbell is ringing, if the food in the kitchen is ready, if there is a need for fire detection. If he/she wants to be reminded of some things, he/she can register it in the computer and the latter will make it appear on one of the monitors. A wireless camera can also be installed in outside areas around the house or in some room (i.e. the children's room) so that he/she can monitor the area in case of an emergency or in case he/she just wishes to, in a three-dimensional manner and in real time.

There will also be a smell and odour cartridge that will be refilled just like ink cartridges, and will be connected to the computer. This cartridge will be filled with a lot of smells and odours (i.e. wet earth, tree and plant odours, even some unpleasant odours). The computer, depending on the movie, will receive a signal from the producers of the movie, who will have a code at this point of the film and thus the release of some odour will be activated and the spectator will feel closer to the movie. Future stores, following every purchase will be giving out such cartridges with other odours for free, and when the client revisits the store through the Internet, the suitable odours will be released in the room, assuming he wishes them to