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The Kinoko is a three piece barbecue grill that uses a lower section as a small grill, or by adding the larger section, it becomes a large capacity grill or smoker. The lid is a bell shaped dome that will cover either section. By using the cast grill with the lower half, the Kinoko becomes a hibachi. Also the caste grill will also keep direct heat away from the meat in the smoking process, and allows the use of propane with the larger upper half The wok can be used to stir fry vegetables or as a fryer.

Steadman, Bart David (Little Rock, AR, US)
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Steadman, Bart D. (LITTLE ROCK, AR, US)
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We claim an improved barbecue grill for outdoor cooking comprising of:

1. a large half sphere cooking unit 24 inches across and 11 inches deep with the bottom removed leaving an opening of 16 inches across. This section has a grill upon which the food is cooked or smoked. This section sits upon the smaller section, using the smaller as the heat source.

2. a smaller section that acts as the heat source for a larger grill section. The smaller section 18 inches across and 7 inches deep is also a smaller grill and with a caste grate it becomes a hibachi, and with the wok, it becomes a deep fryer. It has detachable legs for easy transport, vents to adjust air intake, and a side door in which to add fuel or wood chips.

3. both sections can be covered by a bell shaped lid that is beveled to fit either the large section or the smaller section. The lid has a vent to adjust the air volume and a hook to hang it from either grill.


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Advertising Literature disclosing the Weber Smokey Joe and the Weber Bar-B-Kettle.







This invention relates to a barbecue grill for outdoor cooking, and more particularly to an improved barbecue grill with both a solid fuel burning means, and gas or liquid fuel burning means.

Barbecue grills are well known in the prior art. A number of bowl-shaped grills for burning fuels such as charcoal or liquid fuel are provided in the prior art, some of which also provide wheels to make them transportable.

U.S. Pat. No. 5,865,099 discloses a barbecue grill assembly including a bowl and domed lid mating to form a three-dimensional oval in a support assembly. The assembly includes shelves having stops engageable with the lid. Vent means is suspended beneath a central portion of the bowl, an ash collector, and an ash sweep assembly for cleanup of the ashes within the bowl. U.S. Pat. No. Des. 409,436 shows the ornamental design for a barbecue kettle grill.


The Kinoko is a dual hemispherical barbecue grill that uses a smaller half round grill with legs, and a larger, section, open at the bottom, that sits on the smaller grill using the lower grill as it's heat source. The smaller grill can be used as a small grill, a hibachi, a wok/fryer (with the wok pan) using charcoal or propane (with a propane burner). The larger section becomes a larger capacity grill, simply by setting the larger section on the smaller heat source. And the larger section becomes a smoker by keeping the heat away from the meat. The Kinoko is portable by the legs being sectional and the smaller half setting inside the larger section during transportation.


FIG. 1 The Kinoko as it would stand normally.

FIG. 2a Shows the ash catcher from underneath showing the springs holding the catcher in place.

FIG. 2b Shows the ash catcher with the springs holding the hooks in close to make it more portable.

FIG. 3 Shows the upper portion, which has an open bottom as it would sit on the lower section

FIG. 4 Shows the legs that are sectional to allow the Kinoko to be full height, or to use one section and sit it on a table, or not use any and use both the lager section on a table. The lower section is the fire source in that situation.

FIG. 5 Shows the Hibachi grill

FIG. 6 Shows the wok with two curved handles with a wooden center.

FIG. 7 Shows the 3/4 circle that sits on the charcoal grate to hold the charcoal away from the inside wall of the fire unit.

FIG. 8 Shows a top view of the optional propane burner.

FIG. 9 Shows a side view of the optional propane burner.

FIG. 10 Shows the Kinoko with the propane accessories

FIG. 11 Shows the Kinoko parts in order


The Kinoko is a barbecue grill made of two half spherical sections. The larger section sets upon the smaller lower section, which acts as the heat source. FIG. 1

The lower section is half spherical, 14 inches across by 7 inches in depth. It has handles on each side for easy handling. It has three sectional legs that have a locking grove to keep them in place. FIG. 4 The sectional legs allow for three different heights and allows for the legs to be stored inside the upper section during transport. The first height with both sections is a traditional grill height. The second with one section allows for the lower section to be used on a table top. With no legs the lower section can be used on a table top or with the large section. One section would be rubber coated on the end to provide a non-skid surface.

The ash catcher FIG. 2a and 2b can be used with any of the leg sections.

The lower section is equipped with two adjustable vents for air (not shown), a hinged door 4 inches by 4 inches to allow fuel to be added or the propane accessory to be used. FIG. 8 and FIG. 9.

The lower section has tabs 2 inches from the bottom(not shown), that keep a heavy metal grate for the charcoal off the bottom of the grill. This allows air for combustion to get to the fuel. The propane burner will also set on this grate. A 3-inch tall grate, the circumference of the grill with an opening at the door, keeps the charcoal away from the sides of the grill prolonging the life of the grill. FIG. 7

The lower section has tabs (not shown) to hold the cooking grill in place. The Kinoko will come with a standard grill (not shown), a cast aluminum grate FIG. 5, and a deep beveled wok FIG. 6 for stir frying or deep frying. The wok has a curved handle on each side with a wooden center piece in-between to make it easier to move. The handles hold the wok in place by resting on the edge of the grill.

The larger upper section is a half sphere 24 inches across and 11 inches in depth. The lower half is removed leaving an opening of 16 inches across. This allows the larger upper half sit on top of the lower half, using it as the heat source. This arrangement allows the upper grill to quickly be a standard grill, or a smoker by keeping the heat away from the meat being cooked. It also allows the upper section to sit at a different angle than the lower half, keeping the upper half level even if the lower half is not.

The lower section comes with handles on each side for easy moving and removal. The lower section, the legs, and the accessories will sit inside the upper section during transport.

A bell shaped lid FIG. 1 will cover the larger section, and because of the bevel will also cover the smaller lower section. The lid will have a handle for easy removable, an adjustable air vent, and a hook to hang the lid to the grill while the meat is being tended..