"The shoe fly" - multi-purpose shoe carrier
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“The Shoe Fly” Multi-Purpose Shoe Carrier is a revolutionary piece of luggage designed specifically to address the problem of travel with multiple pairs of shoes. Up to this point, luggage manufacturers have tried to address this problem by adding a pocket or two to a standard piece of luggage or by including separate shoe bags with the standard suitcase. The “Shoe Fly” can be carried on to planes, trains, buses etc. for convenience, and can also transport other accessories. Larger versions of the “Shoe Fly can be used in the fashion, theatre, movie and television industries where several pairs of shoes or various accessories may be needed.

Jones, Angela (Selkirk, NY, US)
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Angela Jones (Louisville, KY, US)
What I claim as my invention is:

1. “The Shoe Fly” Multi-Purpose Shoe Carrier. “The Shoe Fly” is suitable for any traveler; it stores shoes in a convenient and efficient manner. “The Shoe Fly prevents damage to clothing and shoes while traveling. “The Shoe Fly” goes from being fully open to ready to go in less than a minute. “The Shoe Fly” is multi-purpose and can be used to store other accessories.



Previous Inventions for luggage have not addressed the need to have separate storage areas specifically for various types of shoes. Even though travelers frequently require or need several pairs of shoes, most luggage (previous styles of luggage) provides space sufficient for only one pair of shoes.

This space is usually within the clothing area, which causes wrinkling/creasing of clothes and can cause deformity and some minor damage to the shoe. Some people have found other ways to pack shoes that are functional but not very effective. These methods include wrapping previously worn shoes in towels, plastic bags, and other materials to prevent soiling or damage to the clothing. For new shoes, these methods are used to try to prevent damage to the shoe.


The “Shoe Fly” Multi-Purpose Shoe Carrier addresses the need of travelers who carry several pairs of shoes. It allows travelers to store more than one pair of shoes and some accessories. Most of the bag sizes will permit people who use commercial transportation to take their bag along as a carry-on piece of luggage.

The “Shoe Fly” is convenient and efficient for travelers. It goes from being fully opened to being ready to go in less than a minute.


It is an object of this invention to provide a bag that is specifically designed to carry shoes and shoe accessories for any type of traveler

It is another object of this invention to provide a means for carrying shoes without causing any damage to the shoe itself or clothing

It is another object of this invention to carry multiple pairs of shoes and eliminate the need for “make-shift” shoe carrying methods

It is another object of this invention to make carrying/packing shoes more convenient

It is another object of this invention to provide the traveler with additional space for storing accessories such as shoe polish, brushes, cloths, etc.

It is another object of this invention that the storage spaces can also be used to pack other items such as hosiery, socks, or anything else that will fit into the compartments.


FIG. 1 - - - Perspective view of the roll-up version of the “Shoe Fly”

FIG. 2A—Bottom view of the bag after being rolled

FIG. 2B—Upright and closed view of the roll-up version of the “Shoe Fly”

FIG. 3—Perspective view of the second version of the “Shoe Fly”

FIG. 4—Side and perspective view of closed 2nd shoe carrier

FIG. 5—Side and perspective view of the 3rd version of the “Shoe Fly”

FIG. 6—Side and perspective view of closed 3rd shoe carrier


FIG. 1 shows a perspective view of one version of the multi-purpose shoe carrier 1. This view shows what it looks like when fully opened. Storage compartments 4 are fully lined with a soft non-abrasive material that will protect the contents. Satin or velvet can be used for this purpose. In the drawing, shoes are the item that is being stored in the storage compartments 4 where a draw-string and closure 7 assembly is used to secure the shoes or any other contents that are stored. Accessory pocket 5 is located at one extreme end of the multi-purpose shoe carrier 1. Fastening means 8 are necessary for securing the contents in the accessory pocket 5. Examples of fastening 8 are heavy-duty snaps, buttons, or a zipper. Once the apparatus is rolled into a duffle bag shape (see FIG. 2A), bottom flap 2 is closed and secured with a heavy-duty zipper 10.

Once that is done, the sides are secured by a heavy-duty separating zipper (see FIG. 2B). The top flap 3 comprises a drawstring 9 that acts as the final closing mechanism.

FIG. 2A shows the bottom view of the multi-purpose shoe carrier 1 after adding contents and rolling it into a duffle bag shape as shown. The bottom flap 2 is shown prior to being closed and secured with the heavy-duty zipper 10.

FIG. 2B shows an upright side view of the completely closed and secured multi-purpose shoe carrier 1. The heavy-duty separating zipper 11 as previously mentioned is used to secure the two sides. The top flap 3 is shown fully gathered and tightened by the drawstrings 9. For added convenience, the bag is supported n an upright position using the metallic stops 12 on the bottom of the bag. For easy carrying, a detachable strap 14 is connected on the side to attachment brackets 13.

FIG. 3 shows a second version of the multi-purpose shoe carrier designed in a circular fashion resembling a large hatbox. This version has a carry handle 1 located on the top of the shoe carrier 2 and a pull up handle 3 that extends to make it easy to pull and guide the shoe carrier as it rolls on wheels 4 located on the rear bottom of the carrier. The interior of the multi-purpose shoe carrier has 5-7 compartments 5 around the perimeter of the carrier for easy storage and identification of shoes, boots, etc.

In the center of the multi-purpose shoe carrier is a compartment 6 designed to store shoe polish, brushes, cloths and other shoe care essentials. The top 7 is secured with a heavy-duty two-way zipper 8 that has a removable lock with key.

FIG. 4 shows the front side and side view of the second version of the multi-purpose shoe carrier when it is closed.

FIG. 5 shows a third version of the multi-purpose shoe carrier 1 designed more like a standard piece of luggage. Carry handles 2 are located on the top and the top side of the shoe carrier. The pull up handle 3 on the back of the shoe carrier makes it easy to maneuver, the storage compartments 4 will accommodate boots or shoes and can even be used to store other accessories such as socks, nylons, belts etc. 5 Shows a cut out of a storage compartment. The wheels 6 on the bottom rear of the shoe carrier roll smoothly making travel easier, the metal stop 7 on the bottom of the shoe carrier help to stabilize it when upright. 8 shows the center compartment that is used to store shoe polish, brushes, cloths, and other care essentials. 9 Shows the heavy-duty zipper that is used to close the top of the shoe carrier 10 and secure the contents.

FIG. 6 shows a side view and a perspective view of the third version of the multi-purpose shoe carrier.

The “Shoe Fly” Multi-purpose Shoe Carrier can be adapted to carry anywhere from 5-100 pairs of shoes so it not only provides great convenience for everyday travelers, it can be used by the fashion industry, the entertainment industry, or any other industry that will require that shoes and accessories be transported in an organized and efficient manner.