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Invention is a hairbrush that has an accessible space for the storage of personal items. Space access will have an attached cover that is secured when closed. The access covers and securing devices can be attached in multiple ways. Hairbrush components can be made of any standard material. The hairbrush and access space will provide hair grooming and any other grooming aid or personal item that is selected by the user for stowage in the access space. The purpose of the stowage hairbrush is to provide the user with one compact location for personal items that are frequently used.

Ord, Timothy Harold (Tacoma, WA, US)
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A45D24/00; A45D44/18; A46B15/00
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Timothy H. Ord (Tacoma, WA, US)
1. I claim as my invention known as the moveable or removable cover to the hair brush comprised of each individual concept design option


I claim as my invention the device known as the movable or removable cover or lid to the Sleep-Over hairbrush comprised of each individual concept and design option.

    • I The lid shall include a hinge, hinged swivel or snap and will attach/detach from any of one to four sides or four corners of the base mount of the hairbrush.
    • II Or can slide in either of four different directions.
    • III Or can swivel in one of four different directions.
    • IV The hairbrush lid may open from the center or side in one piece, or two pieces to access personal items. The lid only, handle only, or lid and handle (as one piece) may open separately or together. The lid(s) shall be fastened or snapped to the cover base mount of the hairbrush. The end of the hairbrush handle shall be either capped for access or plugged, depending on design option utilized.
    • V The hairbrush components shall be made of synthetic material, wood, metal or cellulous material or composite.
    • VI The storage compartment(s) inside the hairbrush and handle shall be used for daily personal items for all designs.
    • VII The design of the hairbrush lid and handle shall be at the option of the designer and/or the manufacturer relating to the hairbrush/lid patent application. The shape of the hairbrush may occur as an oval, rectangle, square, triangle, circle, etc., at the option of the designer
    • VIII A locking device shall be used for the hinging swivel or snap to secure the lid at the option of the designer and/or manufacturer.