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The following enclosures pertain to our invention called, The Nose Top. The Nose Top is a basic covering to a beverage cup with one small difference, an indention of a nose on the center top portion of the covering. This will aid in the comfort ability of drinking beverages so the human nose can press comfortably into the covering rather then pushing/pressing against the covering.

Walz, Kristoph Gunther (Twp. of Washington, NJ, US)
Carbone, Kimberly Anne (Twp. of Washington, NJ, US)
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B65D41/18; A47G19/22
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Kristoph G. Walz (Twp. of Washington, NJ, US)
What we claim as our invention is, The Nose Top.

1. A covering for beverage cups, may it be plastic, metal or any other material has an indention of a nose on the top of it.


The subject of this patent application is an improved plastic top, called The Nose Top. The Nose Top is simply one circular piece of plastic large enough in circumference to cover plastic, cardboard or styrofoam cups. It consists of a round body with a rigid outer rim, inner rim smaller in circumference, steam holes the size of pin holes, optional convex rim, spout, flat surface and indented nose shape. All the parts just mentioned are integral. However, the steam holes are embodied in the inner rim so any liquid that may steam out from the holes would lie in the inner rim so the liquid would not spill onto the consumer. The nose shape would be indented on the flat surface top of the lid for the consumer's nose to press into. There would also be the option to have a plastic “u-shaped” piece molded onto the top that would snap onto the spout to close the opening, as it would also bend backwards to snap in the back to keep spout open. The manufacturer's can keep this in mind as an option.

This is a simple piece of material because there are tops/lids for covering cups that exists on the market today; we are simply adding the indention of a nose shape. The purpose of this concept is for comfortable drinking. The human nose comes in so many shapes and sizes and most tops that exist today are completely flat on top that the nose can press sometimes uncomfortably against the flat top. This would change that.


“The Nose Top” is an article of manufacture made of plastic. It is a lid that covers basic styrofoam cups that usually hold liquids such as coffee, tea, etc. Even though there are lids that already exist to cover styrofoam cups “The Nose Top” differs because it would have an indention into the top of the lid where normally a person's nose presses into and this indention would also be shaped out of a nose. The reason for shaping the indention to form a nose is so that it would comfortably fit a person's nose, hence the title “The Nose Top.” Not to say that each individual lid manufactured would be precisely fitted to form each consumer's nose, the indention of the nose would just be made large enough so that it is comfortable for a person's nose to either fit entirely into the indention or enough for the tip of a person's nose to comfortably press into the indention. We feel this invention would be beneficial to consumers because no matter how big or small a human nose is, it still presses (sometimes uncomfortably) against the top of the lids that already exists on the market today. The lid would also have the option to have a detachable plastic piece that would bend forwards and backwards to snap onto the “spout” of “The Nose Top” for consumers who enjoy drinking their beverages over a course of time. The plastic piece, which would resemble a bendable “U” shape, would be able to snap onto the “spout” to keep any liquid from pouring out. When ready, the consumer can un-snap the plastic “U” piece and bend it backwards to snap in the back of “The Nose Top” for further drinking.


The Nose Top is a very simple and improved invention of coverslids that already exists on the market today for covering beverage cups. Beverage cups are made up of different types of matter such as plastic (all types and consistency) and metal. Therefore the matter, which makes up The Nose Top, can be made of plastic or metal. In any form the purpose of The Nose Top is to meet the comfort ability needs of the public. Out on the market today, there are many types of lids to cover beverage cups. There are completely flat tops, slightly raised tops, slightly indented raised tops and the list goes on. Since the only difference of The Nose Top from other tops is the small detail of an indented nose shape on the very center on top of the lid, it can be formed together with every other type of lid out there today. You can have the nose indention on any one of the lids for example flat tops, slightly indented tops, slightly indented raised tops, etc.

Of course in order to manufacture Nose Tops, a mold would have to be made of a particular lid with a nose shape in the center and on top of the lid. Again, it can be made of such matter as plastic or metal. The mold would also have to have an opening for the spout where liquid would pour out of and two steam holes on the inner rims incase of any liquid steam spurting out, it can then lay in the inner rim so it does not drip out onto the consumer. Depending on the material used, The Nose Tops can be manufactured for little cost and sold in bundles just like regular tops are today.


FIG. 1A shows:

The view of the top of “The Nose Top.” It consists of a body, a inner rim, a raised indented portion leading up to the spout, an inner flat surface where a indention of a nose lays and two steam holes laying in the inner rim so just incase any liquid steam spurts out, it will stay in the inner rim.

FIG. 1B shows:

The side view of “The Nose Top.” It again, consists of the round body, inner rim, a raised portion leading up to the spout, an inner flat surface where an indention of a nose lays and two steam holes laying in the inner rim. The difference between FIG. 1A and FIG. 1B is, is that FIG. 1B shows how truly raised the inner top portion is.

FIG. 1C shows:

The side view of “The Nose Top” with an attachable/detachable plastic “u-shape.” The plastic “u-shape” is so very thin and connects to the flat top surface of “The Nose Top.” Its consistency is bendable to click over and onto the opening/spout to close it from any liquid getting out of the cup. It also bends backwards to snap into the back of the lid to keep the spout open for further drinking. Being that the “u-shape” is so flimsy and bendable, the consumer can actually bend/rip it off “The Nose Top” for further comfort ability. Having the “u-shape” manufactured onto “The Nose Top” is completely optional for distributors.