Small area, semi portable, vented heater
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In general the invention is a new heating source for small areas. Which includes an enclosed combustion area that will be vented to the outside? Furthermore it has an enclosed flame or combustion area. The basic novelty of the invention is (1) that is reuses liquid propane tanks and converts them into safe economical and very useable heaters. (2) The size, portability and safety. (3) The manor in which the combustion area is assembled. It provides a heating apparatus where none are readily available today.

Maier II, Simeon E. (Caledonia, MI, US)
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1. A heater for heating an enclosed area which will vent combustion gases out of the enclosed area and transfer heat into the enclosed area, said heater will be constructed from, used, new, or new parts of a liquid propane tank or metallic structure that is similar in size and shape, which will be retrofitted so as to function as a combustion chamber and heat exchanger at same time, the combustion area will be configured so as to bum a multiplicity of fuels.

2. The heater of claim 1, will be comprised of a shell, combustion area, exhaust aperture, and supporting legs



For the past three years I have searched for the perfect little heater that could be used in a small enclosed area such as a deer blind or garage. All current art heaters that are available today either have open flame which is a fire hazard or are vent less which mean the pollute the air that you are breathing or both. They are also too large and expensive. The Lil Pyro solves all these problems. It is small, it has and enclosed flame it is vented and it is inexpensive. It is also appreciated that it can be manufactured to operate on a verity of fuels such as gas or wood.


This invention is primarily for heating a small area. Such as a garage, deer blind, ice fishing shantie, cottage, tent, or it could be used as a supplemental heater for a house. It is ideal for a small structure in remote locations where there is no electricity. It is a vented heater that vents to the outside thus leaving the concern of asphyxiation that goes along with non-vented heaters. It will have a typically enclosed combustion chamber for added safety.

The shell of the heater is made from a 20, 30, or 40 lb. used, new or built from parts of a liquid propane tank (LP), or a tank of similar size and shape. Said LP tank is retrofitted to become a combustion chamber and heat exchanger at the same time. By using used LP tanks the invention can be manufactured at a very low cost. It will also be recycling tanks that are no longer viable to use for LP. The invention shall be fitted with applicable orifice to allow the venting of combustion gases to the outside by way of a chimney pipe. The combustion chamber is located toward the lower half of the shell, and will be retrofitted in a manor so it can operate on duplicity of fuels, such as, LP, natural gas, wood, etc. . . .

The invention shall have legs fixed to the shell of proper strength to support the invention to a trheight that is convenient for use. The invention will have the top side of sufficient shape and flatness to serve as a heating surface for heating or cooking.