Golf utility belt
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A personal clothing Golf Utility Belt which has permanent built on/in applications, that allows user to store golf tee's, metal ball markers and golf glove. The Golf Utility Belt is intended to be secured in pants around user's waist only. A golf belt that secures around a golfers waist as clothing attire with added permanent features that holds golf equipment/accessories. Its' Features include: Velcro patch for attaching golf glove too (the primary feature), t-slots for storage of tee's and magnetic ball marker holding unit.

Moor, David (Sault Ste. Marie, CA)
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224/918, 224/933
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A45C1/04; A45F3/00; A63B57/20; F41C33/02; F42B39/02
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David Britt Moor (Irvine, CA, US)
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1. A Golf Utility Belt used to secure users pants and carry various articles by use of built in/on applications (A) A Golf Utility Belt that is fastened in such manner around the users waist in pants to hold up pants (B) Built in/on applications to hold users/golfers golf tees, metal ball markers and golf glove. (C) Built in/on applications consist of built in/on tee slots for user/golfer to insert up to 4 golf tees into slots on belt; Magnetic ball marker holder consist of magnet inserted into/onto belt (not buckle) allowing user to attach metal ball markers; Golf glove holder which consist of a fastener built in/on belt to allow golfer to attach golf glove to belt while wearing.

2. A Golf Utility Belt to be secured only around user's waist. (A) Golf Utility Belt secured in Users pants/short around waist only by way of belt buckle.



The golf belt (known as G.U.B., golf utility belt) is hybrid of a clothing belt and golf equipment holders, unlike any other holders, with its primary application point being around the golfers waist; servings as both clothing belt and equipment holder. With the added holders/fastening areas designed and placed specifically in mind for easy access to key equipment and accessories, the G.U.B. provides unique and stylish look. Numerous holders for golf equipment have been provided in past, but none as now present in the G.U.B. (golf utility belt). Most similar unit is golf bag belt organizer, which primary application is around golf bag with different features and holding compartments as well with no objective to secure pants/shorts as clothing accessory.


A principle objective of the present invention is to provide a golf belt for containing and carrying various articles that is designed to be secured around a golfer's waist only. Meeting all the requirement and functions of a clothing belt plus more.

Another object is to provide a golf belt for containing and carrying various articles (ball markers, tee's, and glove) that includes a specific area on belt and design for each article/s.

A further object is to provide a golf belt for secure pants/short and containing and carrying various articles that is easy to use and allows for easy access to equipment/accessories located on golfer's waist.

An additional object is to provide a golf belt for containing and carrying various articles. More specifically, a location and holding units (t-slots) on belt that allows a golfer to carry 3-4 golf tee on waist, A location and holding unit on the belt (Velcro patch) that allows a golfer to attach a golf glove to while putting, walking, or driving cart (when ever glove is not in use) and lastly a location and holding unit on the belt (a magnetic strip/ball-marker holder) that allows a golfer to carry metal ball-markers or coins (up to two) on the belt, allowing for easy access when needed.

A still further object is that placement of all holding/attachment areas for equipment/accessories will vary depending on golfer's primary hand of use (Left or Right).

Further description and to relate above objectives, illustration is provided, attention being called to fact, that the drawing is illustrative only and that changes may be made in the specific construction illustrated and described.


Turning to the drawing.

  • A) Illustrates G.U.B. (golf utility belt); which can be made using suitable belt fabrics.
  • B) Illustrates T-Slots; Which are sowed, glued or embedded into belt, looping suitable fabrics.
  • C) Illustrates Velcro patch for attaching or hang golf glove off of; Velcro patch (width of belt) which is sowed, glued or embedded into/on to belt.
  • D) Illustrates magnetic strip/ball maker holder with metal ball-markers; Magnet or magnetic tape shaped long enough to fit at least two metal ball markers or coins on belt, which is sowed, glued or embedded into/on to belt.