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A female figurine with an overall body including arms and legs and a waist and belt of emitting light worn at the waist area and, optionally, a headband for similarly emitting light. The overall figurine and the images and sounds that it emits are intended to heighten the awareness of the world's children by instilling in them carefully crafted definitions of their place in it.

Aponte, Sandra (Bronx, NY, US)
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What is claimed is:

1. A figurine bearing a distinct name and characterized as a universal peace ambassador, the figurine comprising: a figurine body in the shape of a female, including arms and legs, a waist and a head; a belt worn at the waist area of the figurine and capable of emitting flashes of light and the lashes of light designating different moods that are intended to soothe the feelings and improve the mood of a child playing with the figurine.

2. The figurine of claim 1, in a system which combines a laptop computer that projects different images of the figurine in different psychological moods.

3. The figurine of claim 2, including a facility for emitting soothing speech phrases.

4. The figurine of claim 1, including a headband capable of emitting light of a different colors.



The present application claims priority under 35 U.S.C. § 119 of Provisional Application Ser. No. 60/632,847 filed Dec. 3, 2004.


The figure Narezia can be characterized as a “Universal Peace Ambassador” which has been created with the distinct mission for heightening the awareness and understanding of the world's children by instilling in them a carefully crafted definition of their place in it. Given the heightened popularity among children with publications such as Harry Potter and the widespread distribution networks and spiraling successes for and by Pokeman, action figures and games of a violent nature, very careful thought has been given to the development of a character that would instill in children, at a very early age, some of the fundamental principles of humanistic values and universal co-existence. This would be accomplished through spiritual development without the rigidities of institutional fear-based theologies, but more so on individual awareness of astronomy, the vastness of the universe and by establishing a scientific foundation that repels fear, low self esteem, loathing and insecurity yet cultivates self love, an appreciation for nature and the wonders of pure being. It is believed that the character of Narezia will capture a child's imagination similar in nature to Star Wars action figures minus the violent tendencies of such figures sporting weaponry.

Narezia is of the female gender and is grounded in instilling values and principles for conflict resolution on a social level as well as developing spiritual and moral tenets from a responsible scientific viewpoint. The development of this character encompasses the years of experience secured by Sandra Aponte, a licensed Social Worker (LCSW), as a psychiatric social worker, Ms. Aponte is competent in research and possess knowledge in psychology, metaphysics, religion and cosmology. Much of this would be based on the world's current intellectual and cultural development.

Narezia is a being of light complexion with purple/violet eyes, like the color of a beautiful amethyst. She carries a small round birth/beauty mark on her cheek, the same color as her eyes. Her hair is long an dark, almost indigo with he front hairline being a widow's peak. A small green light is located beneath her widow's peak that lights up when she communicates with others in her universe. Her height is approximately 5 foot 11 inches to 6 feet tall with an athletic build and well-proportioned body. She maintains a placid and serene expression and disposition that is equally expressive I her eyes consistent with her mission of peace and harmony.

Her main outfit is a blend of soft colors highlighted by violet and rose. She wears knee-high boots. On her waits, she carries a channeling and signaling device in the form of a belt with seven color light keys; blue, yellow, pink, white, green, purple and gold, all in the stated sequence. Beneath her clothes and on her body you can see a three-flamed purple heart symbolic of her self-love and her love for the universe. The three colors are blue (left side), light yellow (center of her heart) and pink (right side). On her wrist, Narezia carries a “transparent” bracelet that projects beams of light that are both positive and healing energies. She uses this for the purpose and benefit of healing of physical, emotional or psychological pain and/or ailments around her universe.

In instances in which she encounters violence, a beam of energy from the bracelet becomes a tool of adaptive transformation in so far as Narezia stops the violent action instantly and paralyzes the subject exercising the violence and touches him/her with a violet ray of freedom with mixing lights in luminous white and yellow extinguishing such violence thereby allowing time period for the development of an observant ego in the subject's mind. To the extent a subject is non-receptive, the belt that Narezia carries signals light and sound that eradicates violence so as to allow the subject preparation for re-education and self-transformation. Overall this transformation is healing and self-revelatory in nature and provides educational messages to the subject about the universe and their place in it.

The medical profession agrees that human beings are prey to the act autointoxication; meaning that we flood our systems with various poisons seeded by the various states of mind and emotions. The most poisonous of these states are fear, anger, worry and sentimental emotionalism and envy. These flawed states are, of course, the breeding ground for much of today's social dysfunction, which fertilize war, murder, cruelty, lust, and the worst of all . . . ignorance. It beats with a heavy vibration to which people are drawn to if they have no stronger vibration of their own. From a scientific viewpoint, their only protection and defense is to develop stronger vibrations that Narezia will characterize as love, charity and belief in one's self, idealism, hope and an ever-evolving intellect . . . in short, to learn to love one's self in order to love others.

For children, Narezia presents herself as a toy companion for the imaginative world of play. The character of Narezia besides being a toy also doubles as a life character insofar as she is interactive therapeutically. Narezia utilizes the means of positive affirmations in order to teach children to “just be” and to polarize as permanent channels of positive power assuming responsibility for the energy each child transmits to the world around them understanding that this will assist them with linking them with others on higher levels of positive vibration.

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmation repeated three times by Narezia (doll) is her way of therapeutically interacting with the child through constant play with Narezia. The child is being acquainted with self-love, thereby, conditioning him or herself to love one's self for who he or she is without condition. Understanding and accepting that it is “OK” to just “be”. Loving one's self and acknowledging our creator's plan of perfection is for all of us and abundance is our rightful claim. As a consequence, children will endeavor for a life of spiritual and material prosperity with a wholesome appreciation of self that will immediately translate into a wholesome appreciation of others. When children feel good about themselves they project a positive self-image and the likelihood that they will engage in destructive behavior are minimized if not altogether dismissed. At adulthood, this will be exemplified as:

    • Ability to love and forgive
    • Confidence and optimism
    • Clarity as to what we want and trust that we can secure it without damaging others
    • A heightened capacity to enjoy
    • Capacity to tolerate intimacy
    • Maintaining a sense of self in relationships
    • Freedom of self-expression
    • Having preferences rather than additions
    • Prosperity consciousness, and
    • The ability to say “no”
      Insofar as a child can play with their parents or any adult, the therapeutic benefits can be revolutionary. It would probably require hundreds of years to the average person to acquire intelligent expressions of self and satisfactory expressions of emotions and love for others. This would probably be witnessed in a person ascending to a much higher respect for order and balance of being. In this sense, Narezia seeks to bring “HOPE” by establishing a set of universal ethics by promoting universal peace and heightening our understanding of our place in it.

Affirmations sink into one's unconscious and subconscious mind, thereby, becoming an innate part of ourselves promoting self-awareness and self-reliance. Such affirmations include, but are not limited to the following levels.

Level I

I feel loved and safe at all times

I am perfectly, imperfect, the way I am

I love and accept myself totally as I am. Our Creator wants us to be happy.

I can give freely and without fear.

I love and respect others.

I welcome abundance of love, health and prosperity.

I am creative, successful and capable.

I am good, I am enough.

I deserve the best of everything simply for who I am.

Level II

Life is wonderful, loving and joyful.

I have total confidence in my own abilities.

I feel gratitude for my life and my blessings.

Being happy and loved feels totally safe.

I welcome success and prosperity.

I feel confident I can succeed in anything I want.

I have the power to create what I will for myself.

I have the power to understand.

I welcome love, wisdom and honor in my life.

Level III

I trust myself to be free.

I trust that I shall receive whatever I want.

People love me for being who I am.

I am grateful for all the good things life brings to me everyday.

I trust the abundance of the universe.

I allow myself to relax whenever I need to.

Level IV

I nourish my body with good food, sleep and exercise.

I am in control of my emotions.

I am not here to be perfect or to meet others expectations.

I am proud of who I am.

I love others with understanding of who they are at all times.

Level V

I trust myself to be free.

I trust the abundance of the universe.

I have as much a right to be here as anyone else.

It is really OK for me to say “NO”.

I feel confident I can handle any situation that arises.

Level VI

Feeling in charge of my life feels totally safe.

The more I look after myself, the happier other people are.

People love and respect me for being strong and knowing what I want.

I am not here to meet other people's expectations.

Level VII

I am faithful to myself.

I welcome peace and harmony.

All the days proceed in order.

I am raised by love's great power.

I am grateful for the truth.

Level VIII

My creator's law is love in action or universal law is love in action.

I am light within, without.

I am shining like the sun.

From every shadow, I am free.

I am living ever free.

I am the power of infinite love.

Level IX

I am projecting my love out into the world.

I am grateful for the right way.

I am moving onward to perfection.

I am my creator's will manifest everywhere or I trust the universal goodness manifest everywhere.

I am my creator's energy within my mind or I hold to universal truth within my mind.

I am my creator's energy within my heart or I hold to universal truth in my heart.

I am the healing hands of peace.

I am a being of love.


Each one of use is intensely affected by sound waves, which of course, pass right through our bodies. Affirmations recited by Narezia should be done in a note or chord sounding gently and melodic in order to secure a healing and constructive influence on the child. The aim being is to have affirmations with rhythm and resonance. Proper rhythm creates a very penetrating projection of spiritual vibrations that will permeate environments with the quality of love invoked by the stated affirmations.


Key of D-Melodies had a strong emotional appeal

Key of G-Favorite key for composers of romantic music.

Significance Of Colors

Medical science has proved that different colors have definite and varied effects upon our nervous system and that they act upon us quite independently of our eyes and minds. The perfect blending of the seven color rays in the bright day gives us white light. In fact, colors rays are pouring down on the earth night and day with every object and every atom responding to them. The seven major planets of our solar system are radiating their various forces outwards, so that they reach the earth at considerable strength. Astronomers suspect as there are also seven primary color rays radiating to the earth that there is a definite connection here, suggesting that colors are really an expression of the planetary rays which become observable by us as they are absorbed and held by different objects. For purposes of giving meaning to the lights of the “Belt Device” Narezia carries the colors in the order they appear in the spectrum.

RED Astrologers tell us red is the planetary color of Mars. This color is of 10 vibration and most physically vitalizing. Providing strength, force, power, vitality and leadership, cheerfulness and stimulating to the spirit and body.

ORANGE Associated with the Sun. Warm and invigorating effect, stimulating to the emotions.

YELLOW We are told this color belongs to the planet Mercury. Mercury confers with a quick intellect by stimulating the nervous system. Color yellow has stood for wisdom and intellect throughout the ages. If pale and luminous it illustrates high wisdom and intellectuality.

GREEN Belonging to planet Saturn color green provides stability, endurance and quietude. I luminous it stands for social stability and harmony and gives an all around quieting and steadying influence.

PALE BLUE Belongs to the planet Venus, the giver of love, devotion and harmony.

INDIGO (between blue and violet). Soothing both nerves and blood. Planet is said to be Uranus. It stands for dignity and high aspirations.

VIOLET Speaks of honor, spirituality and self-esteem.

Above Violet, color Rose the highlight of Narezia's main/outfit speaks of optimism, hope and spiritualized love. A blend of all colors sublimated and pale until the end.

Colors if used intelligently can be strengthening, soothing and inspiring. Dark and dingy colors should be avoided as they inhibit optimism and success, they encourage crime, inhibitions, inferiority and stunted development.

Narezia as a “Universal Peace Ambassador” with a therapeutic objective has taken into account the meaning of colors not only symbolically but, otherwise scientifically as delineated above. Her outfits have been coordinated with conscious effort to combine rationale colors with therapeutic intent, ie to calm an overactive child, uplift one in spirit, etc.


We do not have any guarantees for the future but we can take charge if of our individual lives early in childhood by believing in the power within the power to love and accept ourselves giving us the possibility to then endeavor in a collective future. Narezia envisions a peaceful and prosperous future for all humans and a harmonious co-existence with the universe. Her goal is to foster world peace and teaching for everyone and provides children with a simple tool to have this at their fingertips via their natural way of interacting with the world-“The Natural World of Play”.

Positive affirmations recited by Narezia and repeated by the children seek to call forth that position of the universal life force existing originally within all of us which is innately good and allows us to be secure and loving beings. Essentially, this happens when we believe in ourselves and with confidence trust and know that it is a human right for all to have happiness, refreshment of spirit and the building of good fortune.

Again Narezia touches children early in life. As life, nature and society never cease to change for a single moment the interactive ability for Narezia to continue to communicate with the children on an ongoing basis. To reiterate getting redirection and simultaneously transforming the impact of negativity and toxics from the external world as they grow and mature.

In a most natural and simple way children will discover a way of living that redirects all things toward value, hope and harmony. On the other hand, it also makes children responsible in a radical sense, for their own lives independent from the external world. They will seek happiness from within and not be weak and vulnerable to the outer surroundings. Children will learn that by tapping into their vast inner position they can find unlimited resources of courage, wisdom and compassion.

Narezia as a character in deed stands with both a global and universal responsibility if one believes destiny is influenced by the individual action and that every individual is interconnected to everything no only on earth but to the entire universe. Narezia's position is definitely one of a “Universal Peace Ambassador”.

Paradoxically, the idea that the power to achieve happiness lies within us can be disconcerting for many people. Yet, Narezia will reach children early enough in their lives to ease them from any anxiety. She provides a simple practice that will manifest itself naturally within each child. Yet Narezia is non-authoritarian and is scientific based. She does hold to the insight that discipline in the manifestations of one's behavior can be geared towards world peace. If we all believe we deserve love and happiness—essentially to truly love ourselves. Narezia creates a system that penetrates children's unconscious mind reminding them that it's natural for them to embrace fundamental love towards self and others. Children will enable themselves to confront difficulties and challenges in their lives with vigor and confidence. The blindness of human beings to the 9 preciousness of their lives and the lack of acknowledgement that the fundamental life condition of inner strength can allow us to co-exist in peace and harmony with the universe is what Narezia aims at transforming. She aims at dispelling ignorance and establishing in children a correct view of seeing themselves in relation to the universe. True reality is one of impermanence and constant change, yet, love for one-self and consequently a world peace and ultimately, others must be constant for survival of the universe. Narezia in itself not meant to enforce moralistic values but rather to emphasize the need for humans to attain a means that allows for calling forth the law of life from within as we journey in this world.

Narezia acceptance with our children calls upon a principle of power and can directly affect the epoch to a new epoch in the history of the world. Her teachings are only as old as mankind. The law of life is not the exclusive property of anyone or anything but rather it is shared simply, open and equally by everyone in this world; and in perfect relationship with the larger universe.

Narezia declares unity of life an beliefs that each and everyone of us is an essential entity of the human soul. She also declares that the security, happiness and overall well being of oneself ultimately depends on assuring the well being of all life on earth so that we may also be in perfect harmony with the universe. She believes that the awareness and will to truly love ourselves will allow for this good to happen. Narezia an activist, protector, a true Universal Peace Ambassador who comes as a gift of light to the children of the world. Her name itself is a combination of three names meaning just that “A gift of light”.

Additional Information

Narezia as an interactive toy will carry a laptop with a whole series of positive visual images that also serve as therapeutic for the unconscious mind of the child.

It will include tapes with the positive affirmations and to be used in conjunction with the laptop and relaxing meditation music soothing and calming for the child.

Cover of laptop will include a picture of Narezia worked with graphic art (art print) that presents her coming out from the earth's center surrounded with luminous colors and orbit planets surrounding her image from earth.

Special Needs

For children with special needs or circumstances Narezia offers specific images and music for use with laptop as well as taking into consideration the most appropriate colors for therapeutic effect on child.


FIG. 1 is a perspective front view of the figurine of the present invention.

FIG. 2 is a rear view of the figurine of the present invention.

FIG. 3 is a further perspective of the figurine of the present invention.

FIG. 4a shows a headband that can be worn with the figurine of the present invention.

FIG. 4b shows a waistband that can be worn with the figurine of the present invention.

FIG. 5 is rear view showing a concealed access door for internal electronics and batteries for the figurine of the present invention.


Essentially Narezia has been described as an interactive toy which is usable in conjunction with a laptop computer that can carry a series of positive visual images that also serve as therapeutic tools to soothe and enhance the well being of the subconscious mind of a child.

As described above, the figurine can emit rays of light and can interact with the laptop to issue various sounds from the belt worn at the waist or from the headband and from sounds that would appear to emanate from the mouth of the figurine in a manner well known to those skilled in the art.

Although the present invention has been described in relation to particular embodiments thereof, many other variations and modifications and other uses will become apparent to those skilled in the art. It is preferred, therefore, that the present invention be limited not by the specific disclosure herein, but only by the appended claims.

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