The Cab Hailer Umbrella
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An umbrella fitted with a flashing yellow/amber light at the top of the shaft. When the umbrella is open and the user wishes to hail a taxicab, all they need to do is push a button on the shaft or at the light itself thereby activating the flashing yellow/amber light. This would result in the attraction of awaiting taxicabs. This yellow/amber light could also be retrofitted to existing umbrellas.

Mattozzi, Mark Anthony (Chicago, IL, US)
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Mark A. Mattozzi (chicago, IL, US)
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1. What I claim as my invention is that using an umbrella and attempting to flag down a taxicab under a dark sky is quite difficult, especially during a downpour and when the user attempts to wave their hands and arms, they ultimately become wet as they lower the umbrella. My invention will alleviate this problem whereby they simply activate the switch located within the shaft or at the light itself. This invention would benefit individuals especially in urban areas. In cities it is common to have a yellow/amber flashing light on the side of tall buildings. Taxicabs are accustom to reacting where they see a flashing yellow/amber light. This will greatly benefit a person where they are unable to utilize a yellow/amber light to summon a taxicab, especially under a darken sky or a dimly lit area.


This is a standard typical umbrella that has been fitted with a flashing yellow/amber light at the top of the umbrella shaft and is activated either at the light itself or a switch in the shaft.

Once activated the amber light will flash, thereby gaining the attention of awaiting taxicabs.