Soft blast masonry cleaning
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The use of Baking Soda as a vehicle for cleaning stain and surface dirt or discoloration from masonry surfaces such as brick, stone, etc. The method is high pressure spray of the dry Baking Soda particles. As the particles come in contact with the masonry surface the stains are abraded off leaving a fresh masonry surface. The method is similar to sand blasting in concept. The difference is that the Baking Soda while strong enough to remove surface grime is far softer than the surface of the masonry. This allows a very efficient method of cleaning without the typical surface damage and subsequent shortened life expectancy associated with sand blasting or bead blasting.

Bingham, Ernest Henry (Stoughton, WI, US)
Bingham, Erin Cole (Stoughton, WI, US)
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Ernest Bingham (Stoughton, WI, US)
What I claim as my invention is:

1. Using Baking Soda to clean masonry surfaces such as brick, stone, etc.

2. As set forth in claim #I, the masonry cleaning comes from a spray of dry Baking Soda particles.

3. As set forth in claim #2, spraying Baking Soda at a high pressure upon the surface of masonry. This will clean all masonry surfaces.


As masonry structures age, dirt, grime, etc. will accumulate on the surface. The evidence of lichen, soot, moss and rust stains grow on the surface and discoloration occurs as substances build up.

This can all be cleaned off by spraying Baking Soda at a high PSI. This blasts away all the minerals, dirt, grime “anything softer than masonry itself” leaving the surface clean.