Christmas tree stand with modeled combustible-fuel-powered vehicle themes incorporating a water level gauge
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A Christmas tree holding device that incorporates decor mental combustible fuel powered vehicle themes or motifs. A water level gauge will display the amount of water in a basin inside the base. This allows for the careful inspection of the water level so a fire hazard, like a dry tree, can be suppressed. A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is incorporated in the base so tree lights and other decorative items can be plugged in and be controlled by a possible handset. A float switch is activated when the basin is emptied by the water being absorbed by the tree. The switch activates a gauge that will read empty and the sounder circuit will alarm by sending out a “chugging” noise like a vehicle running out of fuel. It is then time to fill the basin with water. Another float switch is activated when the basin is full. This switch activates the water level gauge to read “full” and a “vroom” sound is heard notifying that the basin is full and to stop adding water. Lighted gauges will give a desirable effect.

Solak, David Mark (Seven Hills, OH, US)
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1. A Christmas tree stand, comprising: a. a power supply of sufficient voltage to power incorporated circuitry, and b. a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter), to protect from accidental shock, and c. gauges to decorate the tree stand, and d. lights to illuminate and give effects to said tree stand, and e. a handset to control circuitry, and f. float switches of the electromechanical family to control electromechanical, visual displays and audible alarms, and g. alarm sounds characteristic of an internal combustion engine and the embodying vehicle or machine.

2. A tree supporting base, comprising: e. a combustible fuel powered vehicle theme or motif, and b. basin to hold water, and c. a water level gauge to display the amount of water in the basin, and d. electrical outlets located about the base, and e. a support system to hold the tree in the upright position



1. Field of Invention

This invention is intended to hold a Christmas tree upright while providing a decor mental combustible fuel powered vehicle theme like an automobile dashboard or a motorcycle type theme with the likeness of the real vehicle. A Christmas tree needs a means of holding in a vertical position, having supports to hold the trunk and a basin so the tree can take up water to its branches. This invention provides these basic elements along with some decor mental aspects that may appeal to combustible fuel powered vehicle fans.

2. Description of Prior Art

There is a Safety Tree Stand in prior art U.S. Pat. No. 6,382,582 issued May 7, 2002 to Brown that has a multiple of elements that distinguish it from the invention described in this document. The patent claims an elliptical shape with flame retardant capabilities, tree rotation, CD player and so forth. The invention in this article intends to display a automobile dashboard or maybe a motorcycle theme with gauges and typical characteristics found in combustible fuel powered vehicles. This invention also has 120 VAC outlets that may be controlled by an infrared handset. The invention in this document will make a “chugging” sound when the water is empty in the basin and then make a “vroom” sound when the water is filled. A Christmas Tree Safety Device, U.S. Pat. No. 6,088,960 to Hartzog issued Jul. 18, 2000 is described as a device to determine and report an amount of water in a reservoir of a potted plant by incorporating a probe. The invention being applied in this document is not intended for potted plants utilizing soil. The invention claimed in this application has two float switches rather then a probe. A Universal Christmas Tree Water Delivery System Using Gravity Regulated Flow was patented Aug. 11, 1998. U.S. Pat. No. 5,791,082 to Finello intends to keep the water in the basin full. The invention described in this document intends to monitor the water level then provide alarms and visual outputs through electrical circuits. Another invention in prior art: U.S. Pat. No. 5,522,179 issued Jun. 4, 1996 to Hollis shows a basin with a mechanical valve that opens and closes to allow water to flow in and stop flowing. Electronic circuits are not incorporated in the design, nor are there any audible or visual alarms. U.S. Pat. No. 4,796,017 issued Jan. 3, 1989 claims a “resistive water probe” incorporated in the design and a Christmas tree ornament that lights when activated by the probe. The invention described in this document intends to visually show the water is low by viewing a water gauge and audibly alarm by making a “chugging” and “vroom” sound.


This invention will hold a Christmas tree vertically and provide a basin to collect water to supply the tree with a means to “drink”. This invention will also detect the level of the water and activate a water gauge and possibly a “chugging” or “vroom” sound to alarm a holiday celebrator that the tree has run out of water and needs to be refilled. When the basin is full, this invention could make a “vroom” sound. When empty, possibly a “chugging” sound. Most importantly, this device intends to alarm the celebrator enough to keep the tree well moisturized so it does not catch fire. The gauges can be lighted for a special night effect. The basin's outer base may have infrared controlled outlets. A handset can turn the outlets on and off so the device that is plugged into them is switched. The tree lights could be plugged in the outlets and any other ornamental devices that need electricity.


FIG. 1. Shows the top, front and right side views of a possible auto dashboard theme

FIG. 2. Shows the automobile dash theme tree-holder with Christmas tree

FIG. 3. Shows the automobile themed holder right-side with Christmas tree

FIG. 4. Shows the back of the modeled automobile dash with 120 VAC outlets that makes the visual and audible alarms operate controlled by an infrared handset

FIG. 5. Displays the circuitry that makes the visual and audible alarms operate


This Christmas tree holder incorporates a power supply 22 that powers an infrared detector circuit 18. The infrared control circuit 18 is compatible with a handset 15. If the handset 15 is operated, it switches a GFCI outlet 12, gauge lights 31, and sounder circuit 25 on. One contact of a float switch 6 and a float switch 9 is energized. When a water basin 16 is empty, the float switch 9 energizes a water level gauge 3. The water level gauge 3 displays the water basin 16 is empty and possibly a “chugging” sound can be heard. When the water is filled into the water basin 16 the float switch 9 de-energizes it's circuit and the float switch 6 energizes it's circuit and a possible “vroom” sound could be heard through the speaker 28. Gauge lights 31 will illuminate the water level gauge 4. This circuitry will be enclosed inside a base 13. The base 13 has a combustible fuel vehicle theme like an automobile dashboard 7 with the water level gauge 4 displayed on front. Screw supports 10 hold the tree in the vertical position