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A sports water bottle was designed to dispense fluid for athletes without interrupting their workout routine. The sports water bottle includes an attachable screw on bottom cap threaded on both the bottom bottle and inner circumference wall of the hollow cap. The attachable hollow cap, defined as the Bottle Pocket, contains a bottom base circumference wall as its closure designed to hold such items that would normally be carried in ones pocket on that person.

Richardson, Patrick Fitzgerald (St. Paul, MN, US)
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B65D1/04; B65D23/12
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Patrick F. Richardson (Fitzgerald) (St. Paul, MN, US)
I claim:

1. An attachable cylindrical bottom cup used as an appendage to a sports water bottle.

2. The attachable apparatus of claim 1, wherein said cup is cylindrically shaped having an open threaded top end and a closed bottom end.

3. The attachable apparatus of claim 2, wherein said cup is threaded on the top end is hereby complimentary to the bottom threads on the sports water bottle.

4. The attachable apparatus of claim 3, wherein said cup is top threaded to be used as an appendage to the complimentary bottom threads of the sports water bottle, is re-attachable to each other.

5. The attachable apparatus of claim 4, wherein said cup and bottle are complimentary threaded, with threads on the bottom of the sports bottle threaded on the outer circumference, and complimentary threads on the top of the cup to be threaded on the top inner circumference, enabling both the cup and the bottle to screw together.

6. The attachable apparatus of claim 5, wherein said attachable screw on bottle bottom cup is used as a container for small items and or for additional liquids.



The present invention relates to bicycles and more specifically to water bottles attached to bicycles with an attachable/detachable container cup secured directly on the bottom end of the bottom bottle to secure small items.


The present invention relates to an attachable bottom cup that screws on to a cylindrical plastic sports water bottle.

As is known, a sports water bottle, when attached to a bicycle, is a very convenient utility to have during the riding activity. The cup attached to the bottom of the bottle will facilitate the containment of such items as: keys, money, I.D., cell phones, etc. . . . while an individual is in transit. It is very important for athletic bicyclist to remain as aerodynamic as possible, without having to carry such weighted accessories as; backpacks and waist pouches to carry personal effects.


The present invention is a container cup that attaches to the bottom of a water bottle for the purpose of securing small items, such as; keys, money, I.D., cell phones, etc. . . . without having to wear loose fitting clothing or carry unneeded weight when bike riding.

The water bottle is double threaded (top and bottom) to enable the container cup to be attached to the bottom of the water bottle, thereby securing small items inside the container cup to the bottom of the bottle.


In order that the invention may be more fully understood, it will now be described, by way of example, with reference to the accompanying drawings in which:

FIG. 1 is an illustrative view of the present invention in use.

FIG. 2 is an exploded view of the present invention.

FIG. 3 is a sectional view of the present invention.

With regard to reference numerals used, the following numbering is used throughout the drawings.

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