Storm-window/door shield
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In all, I believe the benefits of this invention out weight the current practices being used. It's simplicity in being produced and also in its application to storm victims gives them a safer and quicker response time to get out of harms way.

Royse, Steven Paul (Monticello, IN, US)
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Steven Paul Royse (Monticello, IN, US)
1. What I claim as my invention is the storm-window/door shield. After watching the destructive power of hurricanes and typhoons, I believe a better alternative to plywood or flimsy sheets of aluminum can be obtained through my invention. I also believe that my invention can be used to allow materials used in “boarding up” to be used for what they are designed for which is construction purposes. I believe also that my invention gives people a opportunity to store this unit in their garage or shed, to be at hand when needed, instead of fighting the crowds that gather at lumber yards for their supply of plywood. The cost of my invention should readily pay for itself over time to be used over and over again, with time being of concern also, giving everyone a chance to install my invention and evacuate at a sooner time than taking chances buying plywood.


The basic idea if this invention is to give people an alternative to using plywood as a means of “boarding up” during storm seasons. It is simple and quick to install and would be quicker and less costly than plywood, a durable enough to last year after year. The application of the shield is basic and could be installed by virtually anyone. The concept of this invention is to use a permanently installed channel on left and right side of window and/or door. The shield itself is constructed of a durable yet lightweight material such as 6xxx series aluminum or composite material that will withstand very heavy wind and rain. One idea is for a single solid sheet of above-mentioned material when allowed enough room underneath window to slide into channel from underneath and to be locked in on sides. The main concept is for a hinged panel that is slid into channel on one side, and then pushed in from middle to lock in place. Hinge is locked when pushed in and cross bar is slid in front of panel for added stability and security. Illustrations of concept included. (0001)


As described in the materials used in the production of this invention, I have consulted with a metallurgist and found the best materials used in my invention would be of a 6xxx or 7xxx series of aluminum which is durable and can withstand the outside elements. Problems with past practice of plywood only leads to waste of material that can be better used in construction purposes. I believe my invention solves that problem.

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