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Game Planet, LLC is a store that will allow people to play the home video game consoles such as, Playstation 2, X-Box, and Game Cube in a public forum. The store will create a themed environment for players to hold tournaments, play games networking online with others across the world, play multi-player games using the game link system which allows players using 4 or more of the same type consoles to play together in a multi-player game with each player viewing the action from his/her own separate screen. The idea is to allow the consumer to gather and play together in a forum different from that of the home environment. The store will also offer various prizes for specified gaming contests.

Hansborough, Charles Mark (Temple Hills, MD, US)
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Charles M. Hansborough (Temple Hills, MD, US)
1. What I claim as my invention is, that there is no place in the country that is dedicated solely to the creation of a themed environment with which to play home console videogames. There are arcades and places of business for pinball and cabinet arcade games, also there are businesses such as Chuck E. Cheese and/or Dave and Busters that are restaurants and places for virtual reality games, as well as, cabinet arcade games. There are no businesses in the country that are 100% dedicated to home console gaming industries, nor are there businesses dedicated to the building of an environment with which to play these games in a public forum.



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Ever since the invention of the home video game system people have turned to these consoles for competition, entertainment, and even education. With the evolution of the console system, the scope of competition and the demand for a more complex output of games have also increased. In the 21st century the marriage of the Internet and the console gaming system took the industry to a whole new level. Now the market has taken its competition to a global level. In the past games were adaptable to many different cultures and languages in the form of content specific games, or games that were marketed to certain countries, but now the opportunity for global competition is possible from the comfort of your home or any central location with the proper connections.

The idea of Game Planet, LLC was birthed from small market research and the observance of the expressed desires of today's video gamer. There were two main observances that were raised from our findings. 1.) In the past, video games were considered to be an entertainment tool for kids, teenagers, and possibly the twenty-something crowd. As we look at the 21st century market though, we find the demographic of players to skew slightly older than that. We are finding more and more people in their thirties and forties beginning to enjoy the realism and entertainment of these games. As the adult sector begins to get involved in this market, the stigma of the video game as a “children's thing” is beginning to fade. The idea of the console game as an acceptable form of mainstream entertainment has now begun to arise. 2.) Out of the inherent human love of competition, gamers are beginning to form informal leagues all over the country in order to enjoy the fellowship of people and competition. Children and adults alike and together are forming leagues in their local barbershops and renting local halls with which to hold video game tournaments. Every year millions of people flock to video game conferences all over the world to get the latest word on the up and coming hardware and software. The purpose of Game Planet, LLC is to fulfill this new need to come together and play. Although the internet has provided an opportunity to form leagues and play people all over the world from the comfort of your own home, we are finding that people still love to physically come together for fun and compete against each other in groups probably a little to large to comfortably play together in ones home or apartment. Game Planet, LLC seeks to solve this dilemma by creating a place where small or large groups can meet in a fun environment and play by themselves or compete via the Internet against the global market.


Game Planet, LLC is a business where customers will come to play home console videogames in a themed environment. Console videogames, being defined as Sony Playstation, Sony Playstation 2, Sony PSP, Microsoft X-Box, Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo Gameboy Advance, Nokia N-Gage, and any other gaming platform that is derived from these companies or any others in this market. Game Planet, LLC will create the store environment through the creation of several rooms where the game consoles will be housed. These rooms will have themes such as “the jungle”, where the look of a real jungle will be recreated in every detail from trees and vines to lighting and jungle sounds. Customers will be able to play games that go along with the themes of each room. The structure will have 7 to 10 rooms all with different themes, and with 15 to 20 consoles per room. Game Planet, LLC will also have several waiting areas where smaller hand held games will be housed for play to customers waiting for usage of the main rooms. There will also be monitors for viewing of special gaming events and concessions will be sold in and around the waiting areas for all customers. Game Planet, LLC will also make available online network console play, through Playstation 2 online and X-Box Live, which are run by Sony Inc. and Microsoft Inc. respectively. Game Planet, LLC will purchase online accounts and there will be a network set up to facilitate the wiring of all rooms where online capable consoles are housed. Game Planet, LLC will offer several different payment options including hourly, monthly, and yearly plans. Game Planet, LLC will also have space available for party rentals, as well as, game tournaments and video game sports seasons.


Drawings for this invention are currently in development and will be submitted at a later date.


Game Planet, LLC expects to require a space of at least 15,000 square feet, which will be acquired through the local commercial real estate market. The square footage was ascertained through the research of other local public entertainment venues, and takes into account not just the space needed for the retail operation, but also the space needed for offices, storage, restrooms, and employee only areas. The design for the store will be built through the hiring of either a commercial builder or an expo design company. The theme for the inside of the store may change, meaning the various themed rooms may change depending on the time of year or what is hot in the market at any given point in time. A network specialist will be used to create the network necessary to run the stores online functions for the various game rooms, method and tracking of payments, security system, and executive office computers in the daily function of carrying out the necessary day to day business functions.

The store will operate on a regular posted schedule and will use a small credit card sized card, which will be purchased by the customer, to track such things as; the amount of credit the customer has left to use in the store, age of customer, type of games played, and various statistics for in store tournaments, and prizes won from Game Planet, LLC The knowledge and people I have assembled with expertise in the areas of finance, computer operations and networking, and business will make my invention a very feasible reality.