Arm rest pads/cushions for chairs
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The new portable ARM REST PADS/CUSHIONS FOR CHAIRS are unique in their simplicity and design to solve an uncomfortable chair arm problem. Many consumers who sit in chairs, like some office chairs which have no padding on the chair arms, will be able to attach the ARM REST PADS/CUSHION FOR CHAIRS in a matter of minutes, therefore experiencing more comfortable arm rest while they are sitting in the chair.

Jones, Kai (Margate, FL, US)
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A47C27/00; A47C31/00
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Kai Jones (Marion, MA, US)
1. The ARM REST PADS/CUSHIONS FOR CHAIRS is attached by plastic tie straps or by Velcro strip to any separate existing chair arm which could use some padding for extra comfort to one's elbows, arms and wrists. It is purchased separately from the chair and is attached to the chair by the purchaser.


The ARM REST PAD/CUSHIONS FOR CHAIRS is a portable cushioned arm rest pad that can be attached to any chair as an accessory, specifically office chairs or any chair that does not have padding to rest one's arm in comfort. THE ARM REST PAD/CUSHIONS FOR CHAIRS can easily be moved from chair to chair as it is attached with straps or become more permanent with attachment with Velcro.

THE ARM REST PAD/CUSHIONS FOR CHAIRS is made from several materials including foam or latex rubber, with a choice of leather, vinyl suede and or cloth and Velcro and/or plastic and metal eyeholes or round metal grommets and cardboard. Each ARM REST PAD/.CUSHIONS FOR CHAIRS is 8 inches long, 5 inches wide and 4 inches thick and stitched together by sewing machine in a pillow fashion.

The ARM REST PAD/CUSHIONS FOR CHAIRS can be made in two ways; Either with plastic straps at each end of the PAD/CUSHION that feed through eye holes and can be tied to secure the ARM REST PAD.CUSHIONS onto the chair arm or comes with a Velcro strip which adheres to the chair arm and the underside of the ARM REST PAD/CUSHIONS FOR CHAIRS.


The ARM REST PADS/CUSHIONS FOR CHAIRS was invented and developed due to a lack of available comfortable arm pads for chairs. The existing problem and lack of comfort for persons who spend long periods of time in an office chair or any chair which has hard plastic, metal, hard rubber, or wooden arm rests. This invention is portable and can be carried with the owner to each new location or attached permanently to any chair's arms. The ARM REST PADS/CUSHIONS FOR CHAIRS was invented and developed for the simple reason of adding comfort to all chairs with hard and unpadded arm rests especially office chairs which have a hard uncushioned arm rest


The general idea of the ARM REST PADS/CUSHIONS FOR CHAIRS is to provide comfort for the users elbows and forearms and wrists. The advantages of this invention is two fold;

    • 1—Comfort
    • 2—Portability

The ARM REST PADS/CUSHIONS FOR CHAIRS solves the existing problem for persons who spend long periods of time in a chair which has hard chair arms with no cushion or padding.


In the attached drawing of The ARM REST PADS/CUSHIONS FOR CHAIRS,

FIG. 1A demonstrates the PAD/CUSHION with a plastic strap feature for securing it to an existing arm chair.

FIG. 1B demonstrates the PAD/CUSHION with Velcro strip (not visible) on the underside of The PAD/CUSHION mounted on top of the existing chair arm and securely holds the PAD/CUSHION in place.

FIG. 1C demonstrates what the Velcro strip looks like before attaching it to a chair and attaching it to the PAD/CUSHION.


This invention named The ARM REST PADS/CUSHIONS FOR CHAIRS is a new concept and upgrade in providing comfort while sitting in a chair that has no padding or cushioning of the existing chair arm i.e.; Typical office chair with hard plastic, wood, metal or rubber chair arms.

The 5 step process of making the 8″×5″×4″ PAD/CUSHION is as follows;

    • 1—Cut to measure material of choice (leather, vinyl, suede or cloth) for exterior cover.
    • 2—Cut to measure foam for interior for cushioning.
    • 3—Cut to measure cardboard for the base.
    • 4—Stitch by sewing machine in pillow fashion.
    • 5—Attach metal grommets and plastic straps or Velcro for secure placement on chair arms.

Once The ARM REST PAD/CUSHION FOR CHAIRS is assembled it can be attached to any existing chair that does not have padding on its arms.

The PAD/CUSHION can be attached by plastic straps in a tie fashion as depicted in Diagram 1A of the drawing or attached by Velcro strip as depicted in Diagrams 1B and 1C.