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Fonetag is a very practical accessories made from leather. It is small enough to fit in any pockets. In addition Fonetag is mounted with an anti-fall flexible and dynamic loop, which give users flexibility. The open loop in the center of the top fourth of Fonetag provides users with a slide-and-lock mechanism for further security and convenience. Fonetag measures 7 cm×13.2 cm and is designed to be mounted on clothing, including medical scrubs, PoshPocket™ scrubs, and/or other professional clothings and/or uniforms, by means of specially designed pockets on the lateral side of pants and/or wherever practical, desirable, and PosH. however, this revolutionary and fashionable item can be used with any pocket but preferably pockets mounted with buttons for maximum security and performance. Moreover, Fonetag is more than a tag! for it encompassses unique and dynamic features including the flexible loop, the open loop, and a poshpocket compartment. An accessory and fashonable fonetag is also available. A picture of a true fonetag can be seen at www.poshpocket net

Obolo, Christophe (Stamford, CT, US)
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Christophe Obolo (Stamford, CT, US)
What I claim as my invention is as followed:

1. the flexible lip is claimed wherein such a lip is mounted on an id compartment or other similar or compatible object and where the flexible lip is used to prevent the falling of such objects whether they are hanging outside a pocket or any compatible compartment. The flexible loop claimed herein provide a natural lock mechanism for ids enclosed in small compartment.

2. the slide-and-lock mechanism FIG. 1 wherein the open loop located at the center of the flexible loop and wherein a mechanism for locking and securing fonetag, flat wallets is provided by means of sliding a button from a lower layer or surface through the open loop and lock it through a button hole or any other similar mechanism and designs.

3. Portability of electronics using a cord mounted with a snap-in mechachanism in the center and wherein one end of the cord is meant to carry any object and including cell phones, pagers, or other personal digital assistants. The opposite end of this cord may be attached to garments, bags or other compatible items for the purpose of portability, accessibility, and convenience by detaching the electronic or other compatible items by mean of a snap-in mechanism or quick-release clip with similar characteristics

4. The open loop is claimed wherein a flexible loop is mounted on the top ¼ of a small compartment and wherein the center of the flexible loop comprises an opening or space. This space provides a trapping mechanism wherein the outer layer of a pocket is trapped in and prevents harnessed objects to fall. In addition the open space is claimed wherein this space is mounted between two small compartments and wherein such a space is made by two vertical bands linking two compartments on each side and the inferior and superior borders of the superior and inferior compartment respectively. In addition, this space is claimed wherein such a structure is used to fold a two-compartment handbag and to carry it wherein fingers are passed in the open loop.

5. mechanism for identifying cell phones or other small object owners is claimed, and wherein a tag similar to fonetag or smaller in size is attached to an object by means of a cord or an hinge, and wherein a flexible loop is mounted.

6. a clip where one end is mounted with a small hole in order to attach an electronic or any other compatible item and where such a clip is mounted with an horizontal hole and a tip canal at one end for mounting and securing purposes.

7. A specially designed pocket wherein a pocket is mounted on garments to carry fonetag and/or small objects and wherein such pockets and/or compartments are mounted on garments, luggage, bags or other compatible materials. The claimed pocket is mounted on lateral sides on pants, with its top border located 2 inches from the waist rim.

8. Fonetag is claimed as a small palm desk, wherein the subject invention is used to support cell phone and/or small electronics and wherein Fonetag will be put on the back of a cell phone or other small object, and held on a user's palm.

9. Fonetag is claimed as a neck Id carrier, wherein an ID is inserted in the ID compartment and a necklace or chain is passed through a holding band mounted in the middle of the superior border of the flexible loop. Fonetag unique design permits it to be used as a luggage ID, wherein the leather band described herein is broadened and mounted with a securing mechanism such as Velcro or two metal clips. Alternatively, he open space can be used to insert luggage straps such as backpacks.

10. A Fonetag mounted with two plastic clips FIG. 12 is claimed wherein the female part of these plastic clips are secured to a stethoscope or other heavier objects. Fonetag is then used to carry and hold a stethoscope. in aaddition, a mechanism, wherein a tag like structure is used for portability of electronics and small objects is claimed wherein the subject tag is inserted into a pocket and/or secured to a surface with one or more buttons with the intent to harness, clip, or attached desired items by means of cords, buttons, clip, and/or magnetic plates.

11. an accessory fonetag FIG. 14 is claimed wherein a leather or fabric plate is attached to a garment or other compatible surface is claimed wherein the subject tag is is secured to said surface by means of butttons and/or clips, and wherein small ojects or items are attached to the subject tag by means discribed in claim 10.

12. A compartment securing mehanism is claimed wherein the edges and thin slot between the superior and the inferior lips of the flexible loop work to prevent the sliding of an id, credit card or other similar items from an holding compartment. This mechanism is further claimed where in flexibility and natural attraction between two lip-like structure work together to trap object in holding compartments, and wherein an open space or loop increases the workability of such a structure, and wherein such a structure can be mounted in wallets and/or handbag compartments.

13. Fonetag, wherein a tag like structure encompasses a hole in the upper one fourth (¼) and an id compartment in the lower three fourths (¾). In addition, the subject invention is claimed wherein the upper one fourth (¼) of said Fonetag is mounted with a flexible lip, wherein such a lip is mounted on an id compartment, wallets, key holders FIGS. 18, 19, 20, and wherein the flexible loop is dynamic and facilitates user's interactions with attached objects such as keys, cell phones and other accessories. The flexible loop is further claimed wherein it establishes a buffer zone FIG. 22, which is flexible and separates key holders from the user's hand and increases comfort without interfering with user's hand movements, such as in a hand opening a door with a key. The flexible loop claimed herein may have a central hole or not. In addition, the flexible loop is claimed as a further securing mechanism, wherein the edges and thin slot between the superior and the inferior lips of the flexible loop work to prevent the sliding of an id, credit card or other items from a holding compartment, and wherein such objects are trapped in holding compartments, and wherein the flexible loop is mounted on internal compartments of wallets, handbags or similar structures FIG. 21. In addition, the flexible loop is claimed wherein this lip, whether or not mounted with a central hole or aerodynamic open hole, serves as a trapping mechanism wherein textile materials are trapped therein as the loop flexes and prevents the falling of attached objects. Further, the open loop or aerodynamic hole claimed herein serves as a slide-and-lock mechanism FIG. 1 for further locking and securing Fonetag and preventing it from sliding off a compartment such as a pocket, and wherein, such a compartment is mounted with one or several buttons on the lower layer, which are then passed through the open loop and button openings on the outer layer of said compartments. In addition, Fonetag is claimed wherein, a detachable clip is attached to one lateral and superior corner by means of an attachment piece holding a detachable clip, which is in turn attached to an object, as further described and claimed in claim #14.

14. Portability of electronics and/or other personal objects such as keys FIGS. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 cameras, and personal digital assistants, wherein a clip or similar structures is mounted with a snap-in mechanism or similar mechanism, and wherein one end of the clip or structure is designed to carry any compatible object such as cell phone, pager, or other personal digital assistants, and wherein a cord and/or metal ring or other similar structure is mounted on the accessory end of the clip. Further, the accessory end of the clip is claimed wherein the said clip encompasses a tip canal and horizontal (lateral) holes as described in specifications for the subject invention. The tip canal and lateral holes herein are used to secure an object to the female part of the said clip, by means of a cord, clip or similar structures and or mechanisms. Whereas, the opposite end of the clip (male clip) and/or structure is attached, stitched, clipped or glued to garments, belts, bags or other compatible objects and/or places for the purpose of portability, accessibility, and convenience by attaching and detaching such objects by means of a clip or other similar structures. In addition, the subject invention is claimed wherein a circular loop is attached to the clip described herein, and wherein the loop FIG. 23 is passed through a belt for the purpose of carrying and accessing personal objects such as cell phone, keys, pagers and/or personal digital assistants.


FONETAG: leather accessory for carrying cell phone, ids, and personal digital assistants. The subject invention is used in coordination with a specialy designed pocket called PoshPocket. This poshPocket is mounted on garments, clothings, and including professional uniforms and medical scrubs. The Posh Pocket is preferably mounted on the lateral sides of pants in this cases, and/or wherever practical and desirable. Fonetag is designed to hold and carry phones, personal digital assistants, stethoscope, IDs and, and wherein such items are linked to fonetag by means of a satin cord and a detachable palstic clip. Its unique features include a flexible loop, an open loop, and a posh compartment with unique securing features for ids and/or credit cards.


Fonetag pertains portability of compact electronics by mobile workers in the medical field. In addition, The subject invention allows to carry a compact electronic an id and/or credit cards. Moreover, fonetag holds keys or a picture of a loved one. Fonetag pertains to portability and use of electronics and identifies owners thanks to the posh pocket compartment, wherein an id or a picture is inserted. However, fonetag is more than a tag for it encompassses unique and dynamic features including the flexible loop, the open loop, and and accessory fonetag.


Fonetag relates to small electronics portability and accessibility. It is a small leather accessory that can be attached to a cell phone, pager, keys or other personal digital assistants. Fonetag is inserted in a pocket and the objects linked to it by means of a clip hang outside the pocket like appendages. In addition, the top and superior quarter of fonetag encompasses an opening, which allow users to lock fonetag with a button and secure it. The inferior three quarters of Fonetag encompass a flat compartment mounted with a plastic window. The inferior compartment carries IDs and/or Credit cards. The clip is mounted on the left and/or right superior and lateral corners. In addition, the clip encompasses a male piece that is attached to fonetag by a small leather band. The female part of the clip is attached or tagged to the object to be carried by mean of a strong satin cord. There is an opening in the middle of fonetag from top to bottom forming a thin pouch for introducing ids or credit cards.

Furthermore, fonetag is more than a tag for it encompassses unique and dynamic features including the flexible loop, the open loop, and an accessory fonetag, wherein a pocket is not needed and a creative, flexible, and dynamic mechanism other than a pocket is used to secure fonetag to garments, luggage and other compatible items.

The open loop may be mounted on a handbag, wherein a superior and and inferior comparment are linked by two flexible attachment bands forming an open loop. The open loop described herein is then use to carry this bag, wherein a user inserts his/her fingers in the open loop, flexes them and traps the the small and flat upper compartment in his/her palm. The superior compartment herein must be small and only big enough to conatain a cell Phone or another small electronic oriented in the horizontal direction, FIG. 13. The lower comapartment is used to carry ids, pictures and another small electronic such as a small camera, oriented in the horizontal direction, FIG. 13


Drawing Page 1

FIG. 1: Lateral view of a pocket mounted on pants showing the following:

    • A: Posh Pocket
    • B: pocket outer layer foldings causing the trapping and holding of pocket outer layer
    • C: Fonetag is shown inside the pocket in dashed lines and showing the trapping mechanism of the flexible loop
    • D: upper flexible loop at work
    • E: Phone held by clip and harness system
    • F: harness system including snap-in clip

Drawing Page 2

FIG. 2 Electronic device held by fonetag and showing the following

    • A; electronic device
    • B: accessory hole in back of electronic device
    • C the detachable clip
    • D Lateral hole at end of clip
    • E: Anterior view of Fonetag
    • F: upper compartment
    • G: lower compartment
    • H: Plastic window
    • I: metallic snap-in button

Drawing Page 3

FIG. 3: showing Fonetag posterior view and the following:

    • A; thread loop
    • B lateral hole
    • C: Detachable clip
    • D: attachment piece
    • E: open loop
    • F: flexible loop

Drawing page 4

FIG. 4: anterior view of fonetag showing the following:

    • A: male clip
    • B: superior border of flexible loop
    • C: Flexible loop
    • D: id compartment
    • E: plastic window
    • F: open loop

Drawing Page 5

FIG. 5: Fonetag upper and lower layers showing the following:

    • A: flexible loop upper lip
    • B: flexible loop lower lip
    • C: slot wherein id is inserted through the two-lip flexible loop and the upper border of the id compartment
    • D: attachment band

Drawing Page 6

FIG. 6: showing fonetag when used as a palm desk to hold and secure compact electronics with the following:

    • A: human hand
    • B: fonetag
    • C: phone or pager
    • D: finger tips

Drawing Page 7

FIGS. 7A and 7B: anterior and superior views of the detachable clip

FIG. 7A: male clip

    • 1: holding hole for attachment piece
    • 2: snap-in flexible plastic extensions

FIG. 7B: female clip showing the following

    • 1: female clip hole
    • 2; female clip body
    • 3: lateral hole

Drawing Page 8

FIG. 8 showing a cut female clip and the following:

    • A: female clip hole
    • B: tip canal wherein the thread loop is passed
    • C: cut edges

Drawing Page 9

FIG. 9 showing the harnessing and securing mechanism and the following:


    • 1: loop is passed through an accessory hole
    • 2: the female clip is passed through the loop and pulled

FIG. 9 B

    • 1: female clip is pushed down
    • 2: tied ends of loop are passed through the lateral hole on female clip
    • 3: the tied end of the loop are pulled tigh and cut, while the female clip is pushed down

Drawing Page 10

Showing securing and attachment of female clip to an electronic

FIG. 10A

    • 1: the tied end of the thread loop are cut and two tight knots are made

FIG. 10 B

    • 1: the female clip is pulled back and the tied knot is snapped in the lateral hole
    • 2: the free end of the looped thread are cut again after opening them and making two tight knots

Drawing Page 11

FIG. 11 SHOWING anterior view of fonetag when used as an id holder on a medical equipment and showing the following:

    • A: stethoscope
    • B: Fonetag showing Dr. id

Drawing Page 12

showing the anterior view of a stethoscope harnessed to a fonetag system and showing the following:

FIG. 12

    • A: posh pocket with trapping and holdings folds
    • B: harness with clip (FIG. 12 B1), two attachment bands (FIG. 12 B2), secured thread loop (FIG. 12 B3)
    • C: folded stethoscope
    • D: button and button hole
    • E: heavy duty stitches

Drawing Page 13

FIG. 13 showing an open loop inserted between two small compartments on a handbag and showing the following:

FIG. 13:

    • A: open loop wherein fingers are inserted to support and carry a handbag.
    • B: upper compartment
    • C; lower compartment
    • D: lower compartment
    • E: flexible and lateral connecting bands(loop) linking the superior and inferior compartments

Drawing Page 14

Showing Anterior View of an Accessory Fonetag

FIG. 14 Showing the Following:

    • A: accessory fonetag mounted on a lateral side of pants
    • B: securing button passed and locked through the button hole
    • C: small electronic or item harnessed to fonetag by mens of a detachable clip and cord
    • D: button hole
    • E: pants

Drawing Page 15

Showing the Female Clip and the Tied End of Looped Thread

FIG. 15 showing the following:

    • A: female clip
    • B: accessory mounting holes
    • C: thread or cord
    • D: tied end of looped thread or cord

Drawing Page 16

Showing a Cut View of the Female Clip

FIG. 16 showing the following:

    • A: Cut edges of female clip to show inside
    • B: the looped thread with tied end knot
    • C: The tip or vertical canal at the end of the tip of female clip
    • D: an accessory thread used to pull looped thread throught the female clip slot and tip canal.
    • E: female clip slot

Drawing Page 17

Showing a the Tied End of Looped Thread being Pulled with a Pin Through the Lateral Hole on Female Clip

FIG. 17A showing the following;

    • A1: open looped thead
    • B: tied end of looped thread
    • C: a pin used to pull the tied end of loop through the lateral hole at end of clip

Drawing Page 17 Continued

FIG. 17B Showing the Following

    • A: tied end of loop is pulled out through the lateral hole by means of a pin
    • B1: female clip is pushed down toward the the accessory holes
    • C: pin used to pull tied end of looped thread out through lateral hole
    • D: lateral hole

Drawing Page 18

FIG. 18: superior view of a flexible loop mounted on a wallet showing

    • A: a flexible loop
    • B: a wallet to which such a loop is attached

Drawing Page 19

FIG. 19: superior view of a Fonetag showing

    • A: a reinforced corner or angle
    • B: keys
    • C: a pivoting ring
    • D: a holding ring

Drawing Page 20

FIG. 20: anterior view of a smaller fonetag or key holder showing

    • A: keys
    • B: smaller key tag

Drawing Page 21

FIG. 21: Anterior view of a flexible loop mounted on wallet compartments showing

    • A: flexible loop
    • B: Central hole

Drawing Page 22

FIG. 22: anterior view of a hand holding and turning a key and showing

    • A: a flexible loop acting as a buffer zone between a flat wallet and a hand
    • B: a hand

Drawing Page 23

FIG. 23: anterior view of a key-holding loop mounted on a belt and showing

    • A: keys
    • B: the loop mounted on a belt


Fonetag is a leather tag measuring 7 cm×13.2 cm. Fonetag is made out of leather and encompasses a superior compartment and an inferior compartment in the top ¼ and inferior ¾ respectively. fonetag measures about 2 mm in thickness. In addition, Fonetag is composed of a superior and an inferior layer. These two layers FIGS. 5A, B are stitched and glued together, except in the middle slot that constitutes the pocket, which goes from the superior and upper border of the two-lip flexible loop and travels trough the open loop and into the ID compartment. This internal slot or pouch measures 6.7 cm×13.2 cm.

The superior compartment and the inferior compartment FIGS. 4C, D have different characteristics. The superior compartment has a two-lip flexible loop forming a rectangle oriented in the horizontal direction FIG. 4C, and measuring 4 cm×6 cm. The middle of this rectangle forms a rectangular hole oriented in the horizontal direction and measuring 4 cm×2 cm. The outer rectangle constitutes the flexible two-lip loop, whereby the two lips are separated by a slot FIGS. 5 A,C from the top border of the loop, where they are unstitched, to the inferior border of the outer rectangle. However, the lateral and outer borders of the outer rectangle are stitched and/or glued together. In addition the inferior and horizontal border of the upper compartment encompasses a snap-in metallic button in the middle for securing ids and credit cards in the lower compartment. The inferior and horizontal border is marginal, and does not constitute a true devide between the upper and lower compartments, since this border may be claimed in either compartment FIGS. 2F,G. This unique feature increases the workability, and dynamics of the flexible loop and the the open space, along with the that of the PoshPocket™ compartment.

The superior and outer rectangle constitutes the flexible lips or loop, which curves and trap(s) tissue material into its open loop when inserted in a pocket FIGS. 12, 1 and when attached to an object, by means described herein. Moreover, the flexible loop or loop encompasses a superior lip and an inferior lip, wherein the attachment bands are secured. This flexible loop prevents fonetag from falling out of the pocket. The flexible lip makes a mechanism which is flexible and natural for holding small object on Fonetag when the later is inserted in a pocket. When users of Fonetag seat down, stand up or walk, the flexible loop bends and/or flexes according to physical dynamics, and embraces the users natural curves and dynamics while trapping a piece of tissue from the outer layer of a pocket within its inner opening or open loop or space FIGS. 1,4,12.

Further, the open loop is designed to make up a lock mechanism whereby a button can be passed through it and locked on the outer layer of a pocket. This latch and lock mechanism allows maximum performance of fonetag while providing further security against falling and pocket lifting. The two flexible lips FIG. 5 are designed to regain their original shape after flexing and/or bending.

Further the upper compartment encompasses a snap-in clip made of a male FIG and a female part FIG. This plastic clip is 2.5 cm long and 1 cm wide. The male part of the clip is attached to the left and/or right lateral and superior corner of the lower lip of the flexible clip by means of a small leather band measuring 1 cm×1 cm. The female part of the clip encompasses a lower lateral hole FIG. 17 at the end of the clip and a small vertical hole FIG at the tip of the clip. This part of the clip is attached to on objects having a hole on their inferior surfaces such as cell phones (wristband hole). Moreover, a heavy duty fonetag (Fig.) having two clips will be used to carry and support heavier items by means described below in the attachment mechanism. This amphidextrous fonetag may be used to carry two items such as a cell phone and keys in addition to an ID or credit card.

The attachment mechanism consists of passing a looped cord through the female clip into the tip canal FIG. 16C with an accessory thread FIG. 16 D and passing this looped thread through an accessory hole on an object FIG. 9A. Furthermore, the looped cord is opened after passing it through the accessory hole FIG. 9B. The the female clip is then passed through the loop FIG and pulled tight FIG. Further, the tied end FIG. 15D of the looped thread is pulled out through the lateral hole hole by means of a pin FIG. 17C. The tied end of the loop cord are then cut with scissors, and two tight knots are made. In addition, the excess cord is cut off and tips are burned with a match or glued FIG. 10.2 The male and female clips are then rejoined FIG. 1 and pulled tight while the tied knots snap into the lateral hole hole.

The lower compartment (PoshPocket) constitutes the lower ¾ of fonetag. The main characteristics of this lower compartment is the id and credit cart pouch. This pouch is flat and comprises a plastic window FIG. 2H. The id pouch is secured with a small metallic snap-in button, located in the middle of the upper edge of the id compartment FIG. 2I. A plastic id must be inserted in the lower compartment of fonetag for better performance and carrying capabilities.

Further more, the inner edges of the two flexible lips are separated by a thin slot FIG. 5C which work as a lock mechanism FIG. 11 to keep the id in PoshPocket compartment and prevent it from sliding into the open loop or space. This is an additional and an alternative locking mechanism, which is natural and dynamic. therfore a metallic button is not always necessary.

An accessory fonetag is created, wherein a leather or fabric plate is attached to a garment or other compatible surfaces FIG. 1H, and wherein the subject tag is is secured to said surface by means of butttons, stitches, and/or clips, and wherein small objects or items are attached to the subject tag by means of clips, cords, cords, bands, and hooks.


Even though there are similar items in the market for carrying Ids, keys or credit cards. None of them is mounted with a flexible loop (or lips), which is/are dynamic, flexible, and take(s) advantage of natural folds and dynamics to effectively trap the outer layer of a pocket in an open loop as Fonetag does. Further, the open loop provides a secure latch-and-lock mechanism to prevent loss of objects due to falling, and sliding.

Fonetag is designed to be used with medical scrubs, where a special and fit pocket is mounted on the lateral side of the pants. However, fonetag can be used on other pockets by taking advantage of the fall-proof flexible upper and lower lips. However, a specially designed pocket must be used if maximum security and performance are desired. This PoshPocket™ must be mounted 2 inches from the superior belt rim FIG. 1, on pants or scrubs, and must be lateral.