Jumper cable bag
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Jumper cable bag with wordage on it so that it can double as a sign to request a jump start.

Pearson, David Andrew (Costa Mesa, CA, US)
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206/388, 206/459.5
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B65D85/00; B65H55/00
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David Pearson (Costa Mesa, CA, US)
1. Jumper cable bag containing exterior wordage to double as a sign that can be used to advertise a request for a jump start



Distress signal field; this invention relates to the automobile industry.


The object of this invention is to provide a distress sign as part of a jumper cable bag/set. etc.


FIG. 1 is a front view.

FIG. 2 is a side view.


FIG. 1 is an illustration of a jumper cable bag containing an example of the new modification: The bag would be used as a sign that can be positioned where it can advertise a request for a jump start. The wordage can be placed on one or more sides of the bag and the parameters for the bag can be subject to change: For instance, corner weights can be added to keep the bag in place when positioned as a sign. The wordage and any additional underlining or punctuation etc. can be subject to change. It is expected that the bag would be sold as part of a set including the jumper cables etc. It is intended that the bag would be a container for jumper cables.

  • 1. Handle is a handle.
  • 2. Wordage is a set of words to make a sign out of the bag.
  • 3. Zipper is a zipper.

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Accorian etc. (soda) bottle; to preserve carbonation or freshness, (adjustable) (swivel) tilted sauce bowl (holder), sauce bowl (holder) with fold out tilt stand, wedge bottom sauce bowl rubber/beanbag bottom (sauce) bowl (for limos), a concept for televised boxing matches etc.; a microphone at predetermined elevation above the fighters follows them around [using (remote control) robotic machinery]. Decorative bra (as though it's an external article of clothing) (poka dots for instance), external article of clothing that can double as a bra and/or a bikini top. Brand names including; “atomic”, “fusion”, “99.9 percent fine” (for jewlery), “potion” (for perfume or alcoholic beverage), “Peter Piper” [for (pickled) peppers], “caribean” (for rum), “secret salad” (for salad dressing etc.), “super taco” (for taco sauce etc.), “pure silver” (for silver jewlery), “taste” (as name for spice mixture). More brand names including; “ice wheels” (for bladed skate wheels), “balance” (for speakers etc.), “snooze bag” (for sleeping bags), “secret sauce” (for bottled sauce mixture), “steel” (for watches), “firewater”, “wild west”, “west” (all three for whiskey ect.), “generic”; “generic” as product name for a product from a major brand name, “super” and “royal” [both for (power) tools].

Loaf of bread package with decorative picture of a sandwich on it etc., decorative bricks (images on them for instance), power toilet brush (with disposable/flushable elements), double decker (hamburger) buns packaged for markets, uses for glow(-in-the-dark) etc. buttons etc. that are not in the background, bicycle buyers guide (includes product information), wireless tv/cable ect. (box) (combo). (Detachable from the camera) (decorative) calender for adding the date etc. to photos; [a small (LED) device that displays the date (and time)] (for a predetermined amount of time at the touch of a button) (that is intended as one of the subjects of a picture) (to add the date etc. to the picture), calender with dated etc. pictures; (scenic dated pictures): (The date and the picture can correspond to the picture of the month). (Scenic) calender etc. with (underwater etc.) pictures of wild animals, calender with pictures of cameras/photos on it, calender with pictures of bicycles on it, camera designed to accept film with built-in battery, (wireless) (telescopic) tripod [as (detachable) part of camera etc. (case)], camera (carrying case) with accomadations for pictures and/or a photograph calender etc. (as described here-in). Piece of clear (colored) (diamond shaped) solid (stored with the camera etc.) (in the case pouch etc.) for picture taking to add color diffracting effect to the picture, camcorder with phone jack (to use with tv etc. as video phone), slop as brand/product name for (canned) (animal) food, abstract picture of dolphine for canned tuna products; see Ser. No. 10/1291,257 or 29/182,722. Can with reusable lid, magnetic sensor for detecting cancer lumps; uses iron in blood (uses the concept of a magnetic bicycle speedometer).

Candles etc.: Twine wick candle; any wick that retains glowing embers such as a cotton and twine wick (for a decorative effect), firework candle; (one or more sparklers next to wick) (and/or liquid/dissolved explosive in the wax); (included with a glass container that eliminates the fire hazard created by the sparks), and incense etc. candle; wick containing insense or candle with stick of insense next to wick for instance. Candy that looks like ordinary rocks (for halloween), candy etc. with artificial sweetner (instead of sugar), Dr. Jeckal cane (with concealed bottle) for retail sales (for halloween), canned chinese soup, canned cooked gourmet vegitables. Jigger (one ounce measured) cap, “49r” as a name for a hotel/casino, casino report; reports winning percentages etc., poker in a format (just) like the current format for blackjack at casinos, chair etc. with installable/built-in (retractable) (removable) (video) (game) equipement, chair etc. with built-in (insulated) ice container with drainage for cooling. Power recliner, motorized/power office chair, chair etc. with built-in (removable) weight lifting equipement etc., chair etc. with built-in (removable) projector; (a built-in projection tv), inflatable (suitcase) chair etc., a (commercial) television channel that plays uncut (or significantly less cut movies (the same movie at the same time as a channal that cuts or edits the movies for content). The channel would be advertised. A charactor (called “space man”); an (extraterrestrial/from the future etc.) hero with technologically advanced equipement (like “preditor” for instance), the internet fictionally comes to life (as a charactor/entity ect.). Charities that prove the percentage of the donation that reaches the cause, charities that arrainge to set-up farmland etc. (on site) (by renting/purchasing the land if necessary), cheese grater that doubles as a shaker/container (with detachable grater), (website/software) copies of famous chess games, camelot chess set, modifications to as swapping powers between the king and queen etc., (power) cleaning device uses paper towel. Vibrating cleaning equipement, decorative clipboard with built-in (removable) pen holder [designed for (credit card) drive through transactions; for example, it would be composed of clear colored plastic (with restaurant emblem on it) etc., atomic vcr etc. clock, (projector) clock that (chimes and/or) projects the time at predetermined (adjustable) intervals, wetsuit clothing. Backyard water coaster, motorized (theme park) water ride; (motorized boats instead of coasters), coffee brewer with built-in grinder, (stick-on) (squeezable) clown nose etc. (with horn) (packaged as a gag gift). Meat thermometer etc. (using appropriatly colored l.e.d.s) with indicator that points out from a color scale to match the projected color of the interior of the meat, same color scale for restaurant menu to point out the desired color of the interior of the meat of an order, (pet) food/restaurant ect. commercial in which the subject floats to the food eyes closed guided by nose. Commercial that gaurantees a product by offering to pay for half etc. of the (real) shipping and handling charges and half etc. of the return shipping charges if the product doesn't work (as alleged) or is undesirable etc. (customer unsatisfied) and is to be returned for a refund, hand held (or as an add-on accessory) power compass.

Computers etc.; program that backs up information to multiple drives, computer program for learning sign language, laptop with upgradable replacable (plug-in) (ISA) drives, laptop with upgradable replacable (ISA) cpu/system board etc., laptops all designed to accept a universal laptop battery readily available at retail stores, laptop designed to use conventional (AA size for instance) rechargable batteries. Program/operating system that uses shorthand or other system of words of reduced lettering (for palm p.c.), wireless laptop workstation, pc with plug-in parts (drives ect.) (with handles on them) (that can easily be swapped out for upgrades without opening the case; (the easy to swap system board would plug into the bus for instance). Cellular wireless modem, double computer; two computers in one device (for bussiness applications) (in which a working computer is vital), computer interface (adaptor) for downloading from tape players etc. (such as video cassette recorders etc.), computer piano; equipement (including piano software and computer piano keyboard) to get the computer to act like a piano. (Dedicated) software for producing (for sale etc.) signs.

Container with built-in (removable) serving dispencer, concealed container/bottle; in such devices as canes, ski poles and handlebars etc., plastic bag or tupperware container ect. with one way valve apparatus for removal of air to preserve freshness; a specal vacume, vacume nozzle or built-in (removable) pump can be used to suck or pump the air out (the concept can be used for canned potato chips for instance). Microwave shrink wrap (food storage bag), container with measuring cup cap etc., cooking basket with foldable legs (intended for use as a steam/fry basket with ordinary pots, taco shell mold (for deep fryer), barbequed corndog (wiener is first barbequed then dipped in batter and deep fryed). Costumes including; bunny costume, shirt with chip on shoulder, chip (with velcroe on it) for temporary placement on shoulder (as costume), grinch coastume, Humphrey Bogart costume; (trench coat and fake teeth).

The use of ordinary (normaly illegal) fireworks on cruise ships or other boat rides, insolated cup with liquid in the insolation (for the freezer), cup etc. with built-in thermometer (for the liquid), chainsaw etc. (meat) carving tool/knife, (glow-in-the-dark etc.) (foam rubber) grips (built-in to/for) cutlery, dacorie etc. mix with (blended) real fruit for markets ect. Light (food) dehydrater; uses a (common) light bulb as a heat source and has mirrored interior walls, (high power) insolated (light) (food) dehydrater (high power fan), dehydrated fruit (as ingredeint for dacories ect.), dehydrated vegitables as a retail product (side dish or drink mix etc.), desk with (retractable) (rotatable) platform, desk with retractable typewriter platform, different dice (odd numbers only ect.). Park/structure with actual size (inflatable) models of dinosaurs ect., multiple product (toothpaste ect.) dispencer/tube, water dispencer with built-in (removable) light, popcorn kernal container with serving etc. dispenser, (underwater) machinery to try to enterpret the noises made by marine mammels (and communicate), doll that gets/loses a tan, female action figure doll (GI Jane doll for instance), dragster with jet etc. motor.

Drill/power screw driver (or any tool) with one or more built-in (removable) lights, (built-in foam rubber) grip for power drills etc., bean bag drink holder (for automobiles), network of designated drivers for hire (they drive to customers car), adjustable square head (or other expanding bit application) screw driver (triangular jaws move away from each other to meet two opposing corners of square hole). Stand for hair dryer for the intention of drying pet feces, (dedicated) dryer for the same intention, stand for the intention of converting a hair dryer to a heater, device for dusting that floats.

Electric vehicles etc.: Method of energy refills for electric vehicles; the drained batteries are swapped for recharged batteries at the station (and the vehicles are sold with used batteries so that the owners don't have to exchange new batteries for used batteries for thier first fill-up), electric car battery apparatus with terminals on the bottom (that uses one or more car batteries), industry standered electric vehicle battery. Electric scooters etc. designed to use automobile battery, electric vehicle designed for easy battery swap, (wind turbine) (wind powered propeller driven generator) (for) (to add to) charging system.

Modification for encyclopedias to include history information of devices (t.v. sets for instance), face bags as a retail (novelty shop) item (packaged as a gag gift), fake microphone (for camcorders), fake mustaches ect. packaged so that they can be given as a gift. Power fans; power fan that says sports on it or has team name and colors etc., power fan with spiral painted propeller etc., power fan with scent distributer, power fan with colored metalic propeller. More predictions for power fans; power fan with clear (colored) plastic propeller, propeller with one or more (removable) (three dimensional) built-in reflectors and/or mirrors, and such concepts as; glow(-in-the-dark) etc. spots, taillights etc., sparkler holders, whistles, other words, pictures, symbols, patterns, images, etc.

Faucet with built-in liquid soap dispencer, faucet with (controllable) liquid soap injector, filing cabinet with built-in (removable) (erasable) contents list (label) for each drawer, satillite brush fire detection system a system to convert hydrogen into water (for firefighting); (compressed/liquid) hydrogen from a tank through a nozzle is burned to produce water internal to the device. The water is collected in a secondary tank containing a high pressure water delivary system (such as the system of a firetruck). The process of converting the hydrogen to water would happen internally. The exact details of the system are subject to change. “Hydrogun”; a gun that shoots projectiles containing (liquid/compressed) hydrogen (and a version of the described hydrogen conversion system), (compressed/liquid) hydrogen through burner nozzle to produce water (or increase humidity) (for fire fighting applications), rebuildable model of building etc. designed for (pyrotechnical) demolition with one or more fire crackers etc. Picalo pete etc. firecracker; one side containing adhesive would be curved to fit on the outside of the picalo pete and the fuse would contain a marker showing where to place it, it would be designed to blow up just before whistling stops, picalo pete or other fountain that explodes (at the end). (Decorative) (clear) (multi) (colored) apparatus for safely lighting and watching fireworks (indoors), the apparatus can have a sparkler holder from which multiple sparklers can be burned in sequence (the next sparkler is lit before the preceeding sparkler finishes), two or more sparklers connected by one or more fuses, two or more sparklers connected so that one lites the other before it finishes. Firewood (log) with one or more built-in sparklers or other spark emitters, nail containing spark emmiting material for hammering into firewood (for a spark generating effect), fireplace designed to use newspaper; (built-in compression device etc. or other means to get the newspaper to act like firewood etc.).

Fish bowl designed so that the fish can't jump out, (clear) (colored) (metal) (tipped) (mousetrap etc.) fishhook. Flexible device for pulling a loop of fishing line through the hookeye as part of the knot used to tie the hook to the line, system of bagging the fish for sport fishing boats: The caught fish is fileted as quickly as possible after being caught the filets are then immediatley bagged (and then immediatly placed in a cooler etc.), fishing rod with lighted [and/or glow(-in-the-dark) etc.] handle and/or glow-in-the-dark etc. line guides. Glow-in-the-dark etc. fishing equipement, fishing equipement with glow-in-the-dark etc. parts, add telescoping (to) (the pole part of) the pocket fishing rig, fishing reel etc. with drag setting indicator that is incremented (in pounds ect.); (the drag setting indicator can correspond to the drag setting in pounds), conventional fishing reel ect. with a setting at which the line can be casted without backflow/tangling without placing the thumb on the spool. (Conventional) fishing reel etc. with one or more buttons etc. to increase drag while it is pushed (the button can also be intended to use for casting without tangling instead of the current method of placing the thumb on the spool), conventional reel with settable mechanism to put pressure on the spool for casting (instead of using the thumb). (Conventional) fishing reel with drag setting mechanism that clicks (for the casing mode setting) (and/or for indicating the setting at increments that correspond to the setting in pounds etc.), fishing float that is heavy enough for casting, flag colored/decorated products (for instance a bar of soap decorated to resemble the flag, “yankee” and “american” as brand names for the flag colored products, flashlight with variable/switchable brightness. Silverware handle that accepts attachments (fork, spoon, etc.), power steakknife, foodguide website/booklet/software that shows (certified) (researched) information about such factors as cholesteral etc., image of food product on package; for instance an image of a hamburger on a package of hamburger buns, elastic tethered football pass/kick practice apparatus, (remote; see Ser. No. 10/372,611) “for sale” sign in the form of a sticker. Frisbee etc. with built-in cd etc., frisbie with spiral design, furnature with built-in jack, jack designed for use with furnature etc., (board) game in which one or more bussinesses get started, alternate routes for monopoly including bussiness and/or shopping sections, monopoly rent shield card for the board game. Gambling (board) game; [horse race (board) game with (mechanical) machinery to simulate the races for instance], (insulated) encapsulated frozen gas, private gasoline etc. storage tank, retail products packaged as pre-wrapped gifts, (eye)glasses with soft parts, clip-on eyeglass ornaments, dual or multi-position earth model, the upside down position can be a viewpoint for latitudes south of the equator. Glow-in-the-dark etc. devices (all or parts of can be glow-in-the-dark) including; key, lock, keyhole etc., compass, switch, grips, lava light etc., (lamp) (light) switch etc. (cover), (door) handle cover, bb, shampoo ect., (handlebar/tool) grips, camping equipement and mountain climbing equipement/grips. Glow(-in-the-dark) etc. apparatus that includes a light that shines at timed intervals at it to keep it glowing, glow-in-the-ark item (key) made of solid phosphorus, golf ball hitting apparatus with such factors as an (elastic) (tethered) (breakaway) (golf) ball and a stop net (with velocity reader), grape squeezer, Dr. Suess greeting cards, greeting card program etc.; (combinations of pictures and phrases printed to custom blank cards). Stove top grill that includes drainage, radial (air etc.) gunship [guns arrainged (radially) to point in multiple directions].

Devices for storage and deployment inside of handle bar, an industry standerd cap is part of the device to provide concealment; examples of such devices include a comb, a brush, a lipbalm or lipstick holder, a bottle, a container, pullout devices for the inside of the handlebar: The devices include a small but effective rear-view mirror and a (head)light (or a tail light) are pulled out for deployment or pushed back in for concealment using one or more telescoping mechanisms; attached to the device is an industry standerd cap for concealment when the device is pushed into the handlebar. Self winding heart, heater with interval timer (to take the place of a thermostat), heater with built-in (removable) (retractable) scented oil, stand alone (telescoping) drink holder (for one or more drinks) (with elevatable platform/holder), mousetrap etc. fish hook, (clear) (colored) (metal tipped) fish hook, use transmitter to keep (race) horses free when not in use, increased entertainment for patients (at hospitals).

Insulated encapsolated ice, (insulated) encapsulated ice as detachable part of refrigerator/freezer/ice chest, insulation for encapsulated ice, ice chest with one or more (built-in) (removable) (insulated) compartments, ice chest with (built-in) (removable) light, ice skate etc. with heated blade, inflatable chair, inflatable actual size dinosaur ect., inflatable octopuss ect., (clear) (colored) (stick-on) (window) insulation, Infra-red transmitter/reciever (remote control) with signal magnifying/dispersing lense, mirrored reflector for (the) infra-red (light of) (infra-red remote control) transmitter, large scale jerky producing process using (mini) steamroller, diamond shape metal pendant, jewerly with metal ect. of certified purity percentage, joke of the week ect. for media etc., juicer with built-in (removable) strainer, jumper cable bag that can double as a (distress) sign, jumper cable set that includes a (seperate) (distress) sign. Keychain container/bottle, (keychain) ornament in the form of a vehicle, keychain breath spray/perfume etc., soccerball on a spring kick practice apparatus, power knife with multiple types of attachments.

Lamps etc.: Wine (bottle) lamp etc., (color change) (glow-in-the-dark etc.) lava (etc.) lamp (uses color wheel to change colors) (intermittently turns off to display brightly glowing lava), (floodlight etc.) lamp with (rotating) prism bulb cover with or without lampshade, prism (floodlight etc.) bulb, lamp(shade) with one or more restaurant names (or other advertisments on it), blowish etc. lamp, Lampshade that projects [shadow(s) of] one or more images and/or words (dummy) etc., (color) (change) bubble lamp [with (viscus) (colored) fluid]; (includes built-in air pump), lamp that says “dummy” on it etc., neon light that spells “dummy” etc., lampshade with one or more (partly) (variably) (colored) (clear and/or translucent) images on it, (partly) (variably) (colored) clear and/or translucent lampshade with or without one or more images on it. Shadeless lamp in which the bulb is removably encased in (partly) (variably) (colored) clear and/or translucent apparatus with or without one or more (such) images on it. All such embodiments can contain one or more (automaticaly) rotatable elements. Also incuded as a function of lamps: Lamp(shade) with (removable) (retractable) scented oil apparatus; the lightsource heats the oil.

Language book containing (hidden) (complicated) instructions (including) to memorize the translations for an optomized list of words at timed intervals (one word a day for instance). The book can also contian estimates at how long it takes to become fluent etc. based on the described rate or other such rates. Music book that puts forth the notes as a language using accompanying recording, shakespearian/“jive” ect. translation book(s). “Green Lantern” lantern etc.; (common green colored lantern (to abstractly point out “the green lantern”), (toy) tubular elastic powered projectile launcher, lazer pointer in the form of a gun, lazer gun that projects a spot for a predetermined (adjustable) amount of time (for target practice ect.), LCD (watch) display with glow-in-the-dark background, reusable (dishwasher compatible) lid (including one or more handles) for open cans; (intended to be sold seperatly) for the intention of sealing open food cans. One lid would be compatible with all cans of a predetermined size: The can lid is an alternative to tupperware. An example of the can lid is a singular piece thick rubber or plastic of a size to generate an airtight fit when placed on an open can.

Life ring with bag (to keep occupant dry). Oven/barbeque light that turns on/off when the door/cover is opened/closed, color change light etc. that contains and uses two or more color wheels (turning in different directions), (flash)light lens containing one or more prisms etc. (of predetermined size) telescoping lighter, limo truck shell or trailer (convertable to camper). (Built-in) combination ignition lock; multi-wheeled lock that connects the circuit with the right combination, (door) lock/key hole with marker(s) to signify the locked/unlocked position(s), (suntan) lotion for dolls.

Sportfishing etc.; lure with barbed backwards angled dorsal fin to act as concealed hook, certified bait/lure (proven and documented using a fish pond ect.), bait/lure test grades (documented how it did at a fish pond that is set up for such tests for instance), fly that acts as (insect) lure as it is reeled in, fly that uses underwater parachute effect (and telescoping mechanism) to unravel into a lure when reeled in, lure with flaps etc. to change depth. Other sportfishing etc. concepts; remote control/programable lure, lure that uses plastic disks to program swim patterns (like plastic flight pattern disks used by the “superstar” toy electric airplane), (glow-in-the-dark etc.) lure (containing one or more lights), storage device for glow-in-the-dark lure/bait (fish holder) containing light (with timer) (to brighten the lure).

(Upgradable) in dash (talking) map system, high rise super store etc, certified skill levels for martial arts ect. classes etc., padded shoe for kickboxing etc. matches, meat from animals that died from natural causes, large/medium (remote control and/or programable) (thermistaticaly controlled) [portable and/or on (motorized) wheels] scale (multi nozzled) mist machine (for resorts etc.). Devices built (entirely) with (easy to replace) modular components (that contain external malfunction indicator) (so that repairs can be made by replacing a module), audio/video equipment with motel/resort ect., chain logo on it. Add audio etc. equipement to motel etc. rooms.

Motorized devices etc.: Power mop (with automatic liquid dispencer ect.) [and/or with (a variety of different types of) replacable heads etc.], one interchangable (water resistant) (rechargable) motor unit for multiple devices; (rotissorie for instance), motorized (wired/tethered) (remote control) (programable) baby stroller, (auxillary) gas tank/battery in place of water bottle for motorized bicycle, motorized cue chalk, motorized duster. Motorized ice chest (with all terrain tires), motorized mop, motorized (telescoping) scouring pad, motorized top, (motorized) umbrella on wheeled apparatus (automaticly follows the user around with the intention of keeping the user dry), motorized mountain climbing grip, (motorized or) motor assisted wheeled trashcan/dumpster. Wind-up motor apparatus; electric motor winds the (very large) spring and the apparatus runs a generator, for instance, using the wound spring (for indoor use) (for power outages).

Motorcycle with windshield wiper, motorcycle helmet with wiper, device (built-in to video equipement etc.) that logs when movies etc. were watched and by whom (and accepts critical information), mountain climbing grip with leverage, movie etc. storage device (built-in to existing video etc. equipment), movie rating chart in the form of a chart (with an incline) (related to ski slope). Concepts for movies etc.: A (lazer etc.) gun that simultaneously shoots at multiple targets, a (lazer etc.) gun with computerized motorized aimer (on a swivel) that automaticly shoots at multiple targets one (or more) at a time (or can shoot at multiple targets simitaneously) etc., (space) ship that uses (“defender”) smart bombs and (accurate) computer generated homo erectus etc. (as a charactor) etc.

Device to assist in using newspaper as feul for barbeques/fireplaces ect.; the device would use leverage ect. to compress the newspaper in an attempt to give it the properties of firewood, said device would contain the newspaper and be used along with the newspaper in the burner, being made of heat resistent material (such a as steel) it would remain undamaged through multiple uses, newspaper with (smoke) flavoring (for use in barbeques), nightlight (that also accepts christmas bulbs etc.) with ac outlet(s). Adaptor for nightlight to accept christmas ect. bulbs, “bionic eye” tune for (power) zoom occular instrments, power zoom occular instruments, occular instrument etc. rating system; uses (estimated) distance at which the instrument can be used to read the 20/20 eye chart, said concept (inversed) applied to microscopes; [uses (clear with solid charactors) microscopic media]. Occular instruments with one or more built-in (removable) (adjustable beam) (disperce beam) lazers/(narrow beam) (flash) lights (to illumate the field of view), telescoping binocculars, occular instruments with one or more photogrey and/or (partially) (color) tinted lenses to darken or add color to the field of view. (Computerized) odds handbook/program/device/card/ect. (tells odds of getting/beating a pair of aces in five card draw poker for instance ect.), (xmas lights with plug-in for) lighted ornament (with plug for xmas lights socket), (oven with) (double sided) (indoor) flame broiler, oven etc. with power oven rack ect. extender, pan etc. with removable drainage screen, such a list as this as part of a patent, PTO list arrainged alphabetically by device for easier seaches. Certified (PTO) invention/trademark searches; assign certified search numbers, (toilet) paper roll holder etc. with bearings, patties with fruit etc. as (extra) ingredients, (retail) (circular) steak patties, pattie mold, older movies available on pay pay view (at reduced price), list (of all) movies available on pay per view at any time, committee etc. to stop pay per view etc. events etc.; (arrainges boycotts etc.), slogan for said comittee; “join the comittee to stop pay per view”, palm PC with (removable) (retractable) joystick, perfume that smells like and/or is named after specific types of flowers or other things ect. (“orchid” for instance). Said perfume embodiment with (parts of) the flower or other embodiment that it smells like and/or is named after.

Phones etc.: (wireless etc.) phone with switch to disconnect the battery, kit to add such a switch to a (wireless etc.) phone, (removable) phone sticker for stored phone numbers, cordless phone base unit anntenna switch, (one or more) (internal) incomming call light(s) (flashes etc.), kit (for wireless etc.) phone to add battery switch, by the call billing for wireless phones, phone with one or more programable (I+) area code buttons. Phone with (auto dialing) address computer, phone with pop-out list, wireless etc. phone with vibrating incoming call signaler, (wireless etc.) phone with (wireless) transciever/modem/network card [for one or more computers with (wireless) transcievers/modems/network cards], phone etc. that looks and sounds like “star trek” communicator.

(Dated etc.) picture(s) from mars rover etc. (with one or more added martians ect.) for poster/calender/postcard etc., organized box for photos, toy or miniature piano etc. brand/product/restaurant ect. names for pizza; “pizza hat” (logo ect. with subject wearing hat that has a pizza on it) and “pizza boy”, (from scratch) pizza kit [with (power/wind-up) turnable pizza pan], restaurant etc., instructions (as part of a cookbook) book etc. to duplicate restaurant etc. pizza etc. Planter with built-in plant food/water dispenser, one card draw etc. poker (for casinos, video games etc.), inflatable etc. elongated pool; long enough to use as lap pool, (motorized) pool table with wheels (and the equivalent of a parking brake), post cards etc. with dated etc. pictures, (scenic) post card etc. with one or more (underwater etc.) pictures of wild animals. Pot with screened spout for drainage, (other embobiments of or) stuft (like a stuft animal) potato with glasses (a spectator), stuft mr. potato head, mr potato head kit for a real potato ect, mr/mrs potato head concept for other embodiments (animals for instance) (another for instance is mr tomato head).

A change for the power strip and audio/video equipement in which it is arrainged that the signal cables of the audio/video equipement are connected through the ground pins of the power cords; the power strip is rewired to connect the cables using the ground recepticles, power strip with one or more unswitched sockets, power strip with (switched) audio/video cable inputs/outputs. Credit card ect. with a preset limit on behalf of the manufacturer concealed in a product as a prize, product description that releases information about how the product is made, its origons, locations and the manufacturer ect. Concept to check if an invention etc. is successful; for example; an invention resulting in a hypothetical product (etc.) would be tested: The hypothetical product would be treated as though it has been mass produced. For example; the unproduced hypothetical product would be advertised on the internet and sold on a c.o.d. basis (it would not be gauranteed that the orders would be filled): If enough orders are placed it can be assumed that the hypothetical product will be a success. Dedicated (advertised) website or newspaper subsection etc. for the described concept (the concept would be advertised) (as an invention assistance process) (like ISC) (it would be explained to the potential buyers that the advertised products are inventions on the drawing board and might not get mass produced).

Hand powered (geared) (rubber band powered) propeller winder, pouch (part of a purse or other (hand) bag/baggage with picture of and/or the word keys on it etc., organized purse etc.; labeled compartments etc., horse race with (part of) the horse's/jockey's etc. record on it, (hand held) two way radio ect. (with/colored casing) [with (internal) incomming communication signal light], walkie talkie ect. with speaker (tele)(phone). Walkie talkie with very loud ringer/volume, programming for radio stations; to treat the programming for a predetermined amount of time (excluding commercials) as though the date is of a year from the past, satillite radio with output jacks, satillite radio (removably) built-in to audio/video equipement, tuner that is programed to skip to next (preset) station if commercial ect. airs. Radio control (model) vehicles ect. with breakaway parts and/or part(s) that disable the car upon impact (for demolition derby), (radio controlled) model vehicles etc. with scale specifications, radio controlled model vehicles ect. with accurate scale performance (for instance a 1/25 scale model of a stock 1993 corvette accelerates at 1/25 the rate of the production car), scale ¼ mile timer etc./(electronic) (r/c) drag race set etc. (for radio controlled model vehicles) ect. (Life) raft ect. with built-in water ect. storage, (electric) razer with light, (electric) razer with one or more (replacable) floating/hinged solid (cylindrical) rolling lubricators in front of blade(s), disposable razer with designer handle, rotory head razer with (replacable) floating solid lubricators surrounding each head, narrow head razer (designed to work imbetween eyebrows), grip for (disposable) razers.

Realistate marketed in percentages (percentages of an apartment for sale etc.) (using classified ads etc.) [the percentage owners would collect (an equal) percentage of the rent or other revenue that the realistate generates], can recycle apparatus in which the cans are crushed using sledge hammer, recycle container for cans designed to use trash compactor to crush the cans. (Insulated) refrigerator compartment (for softer butter) with a thinner exterior wall; overwhich (overlapping) sliding insulation panels can be used to control temperature in the compartment etc. (the inner side can have adjustable insulation in the same manner), (built-in) (removable) thermometer etc. for the inside of refrigerator/freezer (compartment) ect. (with one or more highlighted temperatures; freezing point etc.). (Insulated) refrigerator thermometer etc. magnet, (clear) (colored) (tinted) (insulated) drapes for (household) refrigerators, remote control with built-in (removable) (flash)light. Names for restaurants etc. including; “brontasaurus burger” (use reptile meat), “pineapple express”, “banana express”, “super taco”, “steakasaurous” and “steakasaurous burger”. Lamp(shade) with restaurant name (or other advertisment/logo) on it, green eggs and ham etc. as restaurants menu item etc. (as a part of a spoof movie ect.), tossed fast food salad.

Bath robe with hood, the next step for robogrip (roboflex), robotic mop, (wind-up) (modular/seperate unit) power/manual (soccer table; multiple scure) (fish basket) rotisserie etc. [with light socket power cord for (toaster) oven use] (and/or with motor that can be replaced with hand crank) (and/or with built-in (removable) light), ice skate blade that can be bolted on to (in-line) skates in place of wheels/trucks. Adaptor to convert in-line skate into ski boot that can be bolted on in place of wheels, ski boot ect./in-line skate ect. with one or more built-in (removable) lights, safety cap/grip for roman candle, tube with elastic (rubber band) (safety) projectile launcher, individually packaged sandwich spread etc.; each package of a product containing multiple packages contains enough spread for one sandwich for instance. (Piggyback satillites); satillites manufactured so that two or more can be (easily) combined for (piggyback) launches, launch vehicles for two or more satillites. Holder [(removably) built-in to refrigerators/cupboards etc.] that can hold one (or more) sauce bottle(s) (etc). in either the upsidedown or the rightside up position; (two openings of equal size one atop the other with skirting such as that of the automobile drink holder to accomadate sauce bottles of different sizes). sauce bottle labeled for oreintation in both right side up and up side down positions. Scale (for dieters) with reduced full scale reading (the dial spins around multiple times in order to gauge smaller fluctuations in weight), scale with elevated meter, electric scooter etc. designed to use car battery as fuel source, (very) small scale scuba equipement etc.; (for pools etc.) geneticly engineered etable kelp etc., shower handle with protrusion, shower mat designed to produce a message, power pressure activated (soap injected) shower foot brush, shower mirror designed to be attached to drape rod. (Wide angle) shower head with (multiple) (moving) (spinning) water pressure driven nozzles, (gravity feed/water pressure driven) liquid soap injector/dispencer (built-in to shower/faucet ect.), handheld shower nozzle (with) grip, automated ect. picketer sign, for sale sign (for cars etc.) that makes it clear that the item that it is on is not what is for sale and that something else is for sale, such a sign for specific items; t.v.s for instance. Humerous sign (containing one or more humerous pictures/illustrations (for bars etc.) that says “(please) don't squeeze the bar man” etc. (the humerous picture can be an illustration of Mr. Whipple smiling while someone is ambiguosly squeezing him). Flourescent/glow-in-the-dark etc. “for sale” etc. sign.

Skates etc.: (areodynanic) skate(board) truck with forked axle; [the wheels can be replaced with ice blades/skateboard (water) skis etc.], skateboard ect. with more than two trucks, adaptor to fit inline skate wheel on skateboard axle, glow(-in-the-dark) etc. skateboard grip tape, glow(-in-the-dark) etc. skateboard etc. parts, skate/skateboard etc. with one or more built-in lights, skateboard etc. wheels with rollers. Trackball skate(board) etc. wheels, bladed skate(board) ect. wheels; one or more circular blades protruding from the (otherwise ordinary) (urithane) wheel or wheel comprising one or more circular blades (for ice skating), skate(board) etc. with shock absorbers, skateboard deck with adaptive bindings (for (water) skiing etc.

Ski etc. with one or more built-in lights, ski ect. with one or more glow(-in-the-dark) etc. parts, train on oval track as ski lift, ski pole with built-in (removable) (concealed) container/bottle, and ski pole etc. with built-in camera (holder). Stand-up (zero incline)(slip'n'slide) (water slide) etc.; the rider rides on a (ridged soft skim) board, (stand-up) slip'n'slide containing one or more (multi-directional) mist/sprayer nozzles Slotless slot car set; one car runs on AC. the other on D.C., slot car set with scale specsifications/performance, slot car set etc. with scale quarter mile track/timer, snacks called “scoby snacks” for people/animals, wrench socket with screw hole (for stripped nuts), soldering device with built-in (automatic) solder dispencer, powdered drink flavors such as cola etc. Software programs that absolutly communcate in human language (such as english), solar panels installed or adjusted with a degree of tilt that is intended to compensate for geographic latitude (an advertisement can be used to offer better output using such angles), (three dimensional) (clear) (latticed) solar panel (uses clear/translucent etc. receptors) (with built-in magnify lens) (surrounded by one or more one way mirrors). Chinese soup stock, barbeque potato chip seasoning (sold seperately), hollowed out dried (crushed) peppers packaged as a spice, card or other documentation containing picture (and documentation about) dangerous (looking) spiders etc. Stand fort.v. (that doubles as antenna), device for recycling used staples, audio (music) player with hard drive (to store songs etc.), (bumper)sticker containing picture/illustration (see Ser. No. 10/291,257 for example of the illustration) (in green) of a dolphine.

Colored sticker to change color of (diode) display, sticker containing (spiral) design for frisbies etc., gold etc. stock, property stock, designer (cocktail) straw, (water resistant suit for riding in the rain), swim goggles etc. with angled side/rear-view mirror, (telescopic) swim training device of adjustable bouyancy, elevatable table etc. with (elevatable) (removable) (retractable) (slidable) (power) (turnable) (etc.) platform, table with (power/automated) elevated/elevatable drink platform (to assist with drink pick up). Table with multiple levels, (insulated) bucket with built-in tacklebox (and ice chest), tacklebox with built-in insulated compartment/ice chest (and bucket), upright taco holder (built-in to plates etc) (for restaurants etc.), taco shell mold; (of adjustable shape) (for wider tacos) (for multiple taco shells) (for oven/deep fry etc.), one button cd/dvd to tape ect. duplicator (built-in to a device).

(Fake) (refillable) cherry tomatoe or other device to act like a water ballon ect. built-in to target, breakaway target, breakaway model as a target, tax write off forms for direct donations to the homeless etc. “The telescope channel”; channel/website/software ect. that shows and explains direct (live) views from (observatory) telescopes/microscopes or other optical instuments ect. (the programs would include information (specs) about the telescope etc. that is being used), (telescoping) (foldable) stand for small tv's (that doubles as antenna), toaster oven with one or more (pop-up) toast slots. Toaster oven with one or more built-in (internal/external) lights, convection (etc.) toaster oven, emergency (water) shutoff switch etc. for toilets, (rechargable) power toilet brush, power toilet seat; (machinery etc. moves the seat between the up and down positions at the touch of a button etc.) (like a garage door opener). Toilet paper holder (for easier toilet paper roll replacement); the toilet paper roll holder having an axle (with bearings) with a (decorative) handle that is used to remove or insert the axle, (the other side would have a fake handle that looks the same as the other handle to make the device look symetrical).

(Screw) driver with (retractable) (removable) (extensible) lateral bar (for increased leverage). Tools (with glow-in-the-dark etc. parts), glow-in-the-dark etc. tools, tools with foam rubber handle, (glow-in-the-dark) foam rubber grips for tools. Machine containing powerful gas motor fan and faring etc. that is designed to remain underneath a tornado spinning the fan in opposing direction with the intention of reducing or disabling the tornado, automated motorized remote control (skateboard/waterski etc.) (remotely piloted) vehicle for towing, toy locomotive of scale power, ridged trash bag (doubles as a waste basket etc., (motorized) miniature dumpster; for residences,. Trash apparatus with (power) elevatable trash bag holder (a step-on lever can be used to elevate the holder) (the intention is for easier trash bag replacement), device (designed) for trash compaction [or recycling (can) crushing etc.] using a sledge hammer, add on wheels etc. track width increasement of wheeled trash cans, wheel kit for non-wheeled trash cans, power trimmer with line that automaticly feeds to keep the cutting line at the correct length. Triangular (cargo) device for the back of pick-up trucks to (both) increase milage (and provide cargo space) (an expandable mechanism from the inside can be used to lock the device etc.), truck/truckbed liner with (such a) (built-in) (removable) (cargo) device etc.

(Stackable) tuperware (shaped) for one or more (pizza) (pie) slices [of shape and size for (pizza) pie slice], two way radio (walkie talkie) with ringer. Two way radio (walkie talkie) with incoming transmission light/vibrater etc., “star trek” walkie talkie etc., underwear that can double as (normal) exterior clothing, (robotic) vacume cleaner with multiple nozzles in variable directions (for dusting), wind-up vehicle motor, (removable) (built-in) devices for vehicles including; altimeter, barometer and humidity meter etc. Double lens (video/movie) camera (and player/projector/picture maker with processor for the double tensed video device), device that can customize subtitles, (circuitry built-in to video equipement or seperate device that formats the video output into the letterbox ect. format (letterbox box), cable box etc. (control box)/computer ect. with pull-out system upgrade unit. Tv or other (radio ect./tv) tuner/cable box ect. with transmitter for ratings, hard disk drive video recorder (that automaticly records everything that is watched etc.). Video book improvement; dvd or other media form (computer disk) contains contents of a book or other printed material (not excluding pictures etc.) for reading on a tv or other monitor. An example of the (remote control) device displays the words (of adjustable size lettering) one or more lines of adjustable size (one or more characters) at a time on a video display (a tv screen) (along with a switchable numeric display for words per minute). The lines would be manually or automaticly scrolled (using the remote control). The rate at which they are automaticly scrolled can be adjusted. Corresponding circuitry can be built-in to video equipement (dvd players for instance). Programs and equipement for reading (books) in such a manner on a computer are also predicted. Classroom speed reading tacktics are predicted for the described concept; (the video book).

Video game; a wetback highway game; the player driving an automobile either trys to avoid hitting the wetbacks or trys to run them over etc., (fold out) video game controller; to try to duplicate the arcade game controller, chewable vitamins etc. with artificial sweetener instead of sugar, automobile cigarette lighter socket (volt) meter lead, sideways washer that is also a dryer; (the water drains out then it acts as a dryer). (Add on) waste basket (with) (built-in) (removable) (retractable) (elevatable) hoop, watches made of different materials; silver, iron, fiberglass etc., glow(-in-the-dark) etc. analog watch with built-in light, watch that chimes once at half past the hour and twice at the hour etc., (for watches/clocks) binary chimer (tells the time by chiming in binary), watch/clock with tinted/colored window/glass (display cover). Watch that self winds/charges by magneticly responding to iron in the blood, watch with built-in (removable) flashlight, stove top water distiller (for emergencies), bottled water with one or more rocks in it (sold as mineral water), water collector in the form of a condenser with (super conductor) cold surface of increased area; (bumps on it for instance). (“Rainwater” as brand name for) bottled rainwater; (rain water collection farms would be used to gather the water). Water bottle with wider top, (very large) (folding) (likupsidedown umbrella with a tube on it) [inflatable (with inner tube adaptor)] rain funnel for water bottles or as part of a rain collection kit. Water heater ect. water retrieval kit (punctures and drains the water heater) (for emergincies).

Concepts for website or software programs ect. including; educational website, drug prevention website. Concept for idea list website; the intention is to use it to completely protect inventor's inventions; (the website would become common knowledge as a low price easy option; eliminating the need for a patent). The system would be accepted by the public as unquestionable. Another concept for idea website; software to allow the customer to type in his/her idea (to avoid discloser to a questionable source). Website for gathering and showing opinions about movies or other things etc., movie website, website for playing movies (or other programming) directly; seperate device or circuitry built-in to tv's etc. that can play the movies (or other programming) directly from the internet, (dedicated) device (built-in to tv's etc.) including (vcr/dvd/hard) drive etc. for downloading movies from the internet etc. More such concepts including; (dedicated) device (built-in to stereo equipement etc.) including (cassette/cd/hard) drive etc. for downloading songs etc., website(s) for such functions, (USPTO) website that logs ads to sell percentages of ideas; (it would be part of the patent search process) and personal ad website (with pictures), Website etc. to boycott pay per view events, (automobile) alminac website, website for (automobile) reliability statistics.

Trackball wheel, windowsill (etc.) devices including fireplace, generator, barbeque, air conditioner, ect.: Windowsill devices are indoor combustion (gas motor) devices (designed to be safe). The devices include one or more exhaust ports that are run out the window. The devices are sold with a (voucher for a) replacemant window screen containing bracketry to support and a fitting opening for the exhaust port. (The replacement window screen can be ordered from the manufacturer). Turnable pole with a pointer and/or a wind velocity meter near the bottom. The pole containing wind direction and/or velocity measuring equipement at the top. Diet wine, wine in plastic bottles, (biodegradable) products packaged in singular container with subdivisions (to preserve freshness) examples include: A can of potato chips with multiple compartments and individually wrapped bread products; sectionally wrapped loaf of bread), wrap machine that uses heat and cellophane and wrecking ball toy.

It is contended that all alternatives, notions or necessary related concepts are obvious to those who are presented with the initial concept and considering what is needed to put the concept on the market for the following concepts: viscosity test kit, for instance involving a color change to indicate viscosity level. Backyard roller/water slide/coaster, for instance; an inflatable pool that the ride empties into. Newspaper barbeque, for instance; heat resistant device to roll and clamp the newspaper into a compressed newspaper log that is part of the log but is designed for multiple uses. Classified ad to sell direct percentages of an idea, for instance; copies of legal contracts provided by the advertiser to transfer a percentage of an invention. realistate sold directly in percentages, for instance; a corperation that retains controlling percentage of the property.

All (improvement) concepts/items listed here-in are intended for retail or as an addition for new products etc. All flashlights/lazers etc. can be of adjustable brightness. All battery operated/motorized/power devices can be rechargable and/or solar powered. Subsequently all rechargable devices can be designed to accept conventional rechargable; (AA nicad for instance) or cordless phone batteries etc. All glow-in-the-dark concepts/items can contain one or more glow-in-the-dark parts. Etc. is the abbreviation for et cetra: It is a call to start thinking about related items and apply all obvious or related etc. notions to the given concept.