2-In-1 tee-n-bibs
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The 2-in-1 Tees-n-Bibs, are made with plastic snaps and soft velcro, former name hooks & loops. This will be attached to the neck line of the child's tee shirt. The snaps and the velcro all will be sewn on the tee shirt part underneath the child's neck. The snaps with the plastic round part that fit into the flat part of the snaps, will be on the tee shirt. And the round ball or oval shape part will be attached to the bib alone with the rough part of the velcro. It should look like a bib without the strings attached to the bib.

Shaw, Sharlene (Chicago, IL, US)
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Sharlene Shaw (Chicago, IL, US)
1. I claim the 2-in-1 Tees-N-Bibs are attached to the tee shirt by means of fasteners, with snaps and velcro.

2. I claim the 2-in-1 Tees-N-Bibs is a more convenient and easier to use.

3. I claim the 2-in-1 Tees-N-Bibs are safe to use for infants and children.



My idea is a baby half Tee Shirt and baby one piece Tee Shirt, with two detachable bibs. They will come in all colors and sizes, extra bibs will be available they will make life easier, for on the go moms, at home moms and working moms, and all child care centers. The 2-in-1 Tee-N-bibs will snap on or velcro, onto the under-neck part of the tee-shirts. No I have not seen anything similar to this idea. What make my idea so unique, is that its safter than the standard tie behind the neck bibs, also its much easier to put on and take off, when babies are very fussy. Most babies fall asleep while feeding it would be easier to remove, the bib without waking the baby. Who would buy this product, parents, grandparents all child care faceitly, and hospitals Places where infants and small children are being care for. The price for the 2-in-1 short tee shirt with (2) two detachable bibs will start around $7.99 per package, for the one piece 2-in-1 tee-n-bibs will start aroung $9.99. And will be avaliable at most retail stores Babies-R-Us, Baby Deport and J C Penny, Sears stores and where baby items are sold.


Drawing 1# shows what the 2-in-1 Tees-in-bibs, One piece tee shirt that snap between the baby or childs legs with the detachable bibs on it the bibs will either velcro around the neck or snap under the infants or child neck.

Drawing 2# shows a child or infant standard tee shirt with the detachable bib on it, that will either snap around the neck, or velrco under the child or infants neck.

Drawing 3# and 4# shows how the extra bib that will come in the package with drawing 1# and drawing 2# will look like and how they will fit on drawing, 3# is velrco, and drawing 4# is snap.


The 2-in 1 Tee-N-Bibs will have (1) tee shirt in the package and have (2) Detachable bibs. They will say Velcro 2-in 1 Tee-N-Bibs, that will help parents and Child and infant care providers, the Velcro strip will have the soft side of the strip that Will stay on the hem of the neck part, so it will not irritate the infant or child shin under There little necks, and children (small) with extra sensitive skin or parent who prefer snap, And care giver, will be able to snap on an off the 2-in-1 Tee-N-Bibs on part of the bibs That will remain on the neck hem part of the tee shirt only, both the Velcro and the snap 2-in 1 tee-Bib will extra soft fabric for none or less irritation, or if it at all. This unique Idea was created babies that drool a lot and have, digestion problem which cause some Babies to spit-up frequently. Making the baby clothing wet, or have the parent, care giver To change your babies clothes and, or keep having to work with the standard bibs of Moving the babies head and neck backward and forward making babies more fussier, or Wakening the baby from his or her sleep. This unique design will allow you to change Your babies bibs when it become wet and messes, more easier and comfortable for babies, And their parents, also the 2-in-1 tee-n-bibs can help parents with small children and infant with disability.