Aerosol adapter for an external medium
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An adaptive device when connected to any standard aerosol mounting cup and seal arrangement will provide a platform to adapt at least one method of remotely dispensing product from an aerosol container by an external medium.

Garner, Michael Lynn (Gray, TN, US)
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Michael L. Garner (Gray, TN, US)
I claim,

1. An adaptive device that will attach down into any standard aerosol mounting cup (2.54 centimeters) and seal arrangement when existing spray valve is removed as unique in the attachment design by it's inwardly flexing multiple locking fingers and said adaptor will securely lock into place on top of said mounting cup and seal arrangement.

2. An aerosol adaptive device which will provide a platform enabling at least one adaptive spray valve actuator to inserted into the preferred embodiment which will actuate at least one standard aerosol valve design.

3. An aerosol adaptor that will provide a platform for connecting at least one type of remote aerosol external dispensing medium.



This application claims priority under 35 U.S.C. sctn. 119(e) to U.S. Patent Provisional Application No. 60/587,267, filed on Jul. 13, 2004, Title, Aerosol Adapter for an External Medium, the disclosure of which is expressly incorporated by referrence herein in its entirety.


Of and relating to the upper portion of an aerosol container particularly the valve and seal structure that are common to all aerosol containers and more particular with regards to the inner structure of the sealing ring and valve opening in that the preferred embodiment of this invention will attach as a platform or adapter base for the attachment of an external dispensing means herein referred to as “external mediums”, means of conveying or broadcasting something.


This invention pertains to the use of standard aerosol spray cans and problems that arise in their method of utilization. The aerosol container spray system can dispense various products including cleaners, insecticides, lubricants, automotive products, sealers, and various types of paint. These standard aerosol sprays work fine for the most part but they do have an inherent problem. When an aerosol container is tilted from upright position or to a more horizontial angle to apply contents to a surface and requiring someone to stoop or bend over to apply causing the container to be tilted at such angles for proper application the liquid in the aerosol container flows by gravity to the opposite end of the container which is also the opposite end of the pick-up tube at the bottom of the can. The pick-up tube in an aerosol spray can system is the supply point for the spray nozzle at top of can so tilting the container at said angles, common when utilizing aerosols, forces the aerosol gas or what is more commonly known as “aerosol propellent” to the bottom of container thereby allowing the supply point of the pickup tube to be open to the propellent releasing propellent gas instead of the intended product. The adaptive device applied for in this application will attach to the top of any standard aerosol container when the actuatiung spray valve is removed and will provide a platform that will allow for an external spray medium to be utilized.




I have found no form of prior art that utilizes the inner circular area of an aerosol valve mounting cup for an attachment area to allow an adaptive device to be utilized for remote external dispensing of aerosol products.


An adapter device that will provide a platform for attaching a remote external medium dispensing method to any standard aerosol mounting cup and seal arrangement.


Illustration 1, page 5, FIG. A depicts normal aerosol spray operation if utilized in the correct upright postion while FIGS. B, C, and D depict aerosol canister spraying at increased angles for application resulting in the release of excessive propellent gas instead of aerorol product.

Illustration 2, page 6, FIG. E depicts the canister angle for proper application of an aerosol spray showing propellent gas 5 at top of canister 6 forcing the liquid product 7 through the pickup tube 8 at bottom of canister 6 when spray valve 9 is actuated. FIG. F depicts the liquid flowing to opposite end of supply tube 8 due to gravity putting supply tube 8 open to the aerosol propellent 5 thereby releasing propellent gas instead of intended aerosol product.

Illustration 3, page 10, depicts a person utilizing an aerosol spray as in Illustration 1, page 5, only this person is utilizing the aerosol adapter and has connected a type remote dispensing spray gun which allows a person to keep the aerosol container level at all times as in this depiction hanging on the persons side yet still able to spray contents evenly at any angle the person chooses.


Drawing 1, page 7, FIG. G shows cross-sectional view of adapter platform 10 which has a threaded opening 11 in upper portion of the platform 10 utilized for inserting aerosol valve actuater 20 shown in Drawing 2, page 8. Lower portion of the platform has a multiple finger type lock design 12 which has spacing 13 between each finger which allows the fingers to flex inward 14 or compress together when pressing downward 15 on platform 10 when affixed to the upper circle opening 16 of the valve assembly 16 as in FIG. H, page 7. When pressure is applied downward on the adapter platform 10 the tappered ends 17 of each finger type lock forces the compression or inward flexing of fingers 12 as they pass over and into the circular lip 16 of the valve assembly 18 and snapping down inside the valve assembly body 19 securing the adapter platform in it's proper alignment on top of the aerosol canister as shown in FIG. I, page 6 of Drawing 1. Note: (aerosol spray valve is removed).

Drawing 2, page 8, depicts at least one design type valve actuator insert 20 which is screwed down into the adapter platform 10. The valve actuator insert 20 is designed to actuate at least one design type of aerosol valve 21 when inserted down into adapter platform 10 thereby actuating specific type valve 21 pressurizing tubing 22 connecting the valve to an external aerosol medium (a spray gun) as depicted in all figures in Illustration 3, page 9.