Dribble master basketball
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A basketball with an irregular bounce to be used as a practice and training tool to improve the ball handling skills of all levels of basketball players. It can be used as training tool to teach basketball skills to children of all ages, kids just learning how to dribble, kids who have learned how to dribble, to advance middle and high school players and college to professional players honing their dribbling skills up and down the basketball court. At any level of play the Dribble Master basketball will be a useful tool to enhance the skills of all basketball players.

Bibby, Charlie Henry (Encino, CA, US)
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1. A Basketball comprising of 5 to 7 circular bubbles protruding randomly over the entire surface of the ball. The diameter of the circular bubbles range in size of 2 cm to 5 cm made gradually smaller toward the top. The spacing distance of the said circular bubbles is random and is 8 cm to 15 cm apart. The circular bubbles are of random height they raise within 1 cm to 2.5 cm from the surface. The circular bubbles described within are randomly placed air pockets under the surface of the ball causing protrusions over the periphery of the Basketball.



The invention is raised circular patterns in assorted sizes in random placement on rubber and leather basketballs. The basketballs are used to improve the dribbling and ball handling Skills of players by the difficulty of mastering the irregular bounce of the ball.


The invention provides assorted size circular bubble like surface patterns protruding at irregular heights from men's and woman's regulation size basketballs in rubber and leather. The bubble protrusions greatly change the bounce of the ball. When the hand on top of the ball pushes the ball down the fingers must be spread to control the ball because the ball bounces off the floor at different and random angles making it difficult to control the direction you want to take the ball. With the irregular bounce of the bubble surface basketball the dribbling skills will be improved by learning to adapt to the irregular bounce of the basketball. The object of using the ball is to have fingers spread on hand to control the ball while looking forward and dribble the ball up and down the basketball court. Practice with the ball will increase your skill level of dribbling because of the bounce of the ball.


The exterior qualities of the ball include 5 to 7 assorted sized circular bubbles protruding over the entire surface of the ball. The circular bubbles can range in size of 2 cm to 5 cm in diameter and can be randomly spaced at 8 cm to 15 cm apart. The bubble circles are raised 1 cm to 2.5 cm from the surface of the men and women's regulation size rubber and leather basketballs. The assorted circular bubbles are made with air pockets under the surface of the ball. Regulating the amount of air pressure in the ball can change the bounce. Various modifications and changes could be made without departing from the original idea and purpose of the invention.