Golf accessory attachment device
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A golf accessory attachment device for use primarily on golf bags. The device is light-weight and simplistic in form to afford rapid removal and reattachment using the male “stud” portion of the snap fastening device commonly found on golf bags where a cover is employed to cover golf club heads for protection when not in use. The device employs a small, folded piece of webbing. Securing the fold is accomplished by insertion of a common “cap and socket” snap fastener. The resulting fixed loop in the webbing then has a common “golf towel hook” passed through it. The device may then be attached to a number of small golf accruements by means of the hook and quickly attached to one of the “stud” snap fasteners on the bag.

Reason, William Burt (Lexington Park, MD, US)
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1. A device for attaching small, lightweight golfing accouterments to the stud snap type fastener commonly found on the modern golf bag.

2. The device according to claim 1, being constructed of a piece of robust pliable webbing being approximately three inches in length.

3. The device according to claim 2, wherein said webbing is folded lengthwise at the middle so that the two ends of the webbing meet.

4. The device according to claim 3, wherein the ends of the folded webbing are bound together by passing a cap and socket through said ends and being set in place using a common snap setting tool.

5. The device according to claim 4, will have caused a permanent fixed loop to be formed in said webbing.

6. The device according to claim 5, will have a common towel hook routed through the permanent fixed loop.



The present invention is directed to a golf accessory attachment device. A preferred embodiment is a piece of pliable webbing folded and bound at the ends with a common snap fastener with a common towel hook routed through the formed fixed loop in the webbing allowing the towel hook to fasten to any number of single devices and the snap to engage the stud snap commonly found on the modern golf bag.


The invention relates to a device that provides the means of attaching golfing accessories to a common golf bag by employing the stud portion of a snap fastener of the type found on virtually every common golf bag in use at the writing of this invention. The snap fastener is recognized as a robust mechanism for securing all manner of devices in numerous applications. The snap is used as the primary means of attaching the cover to the top of the golf bag, usually by at least four snap assemblies. The utility of employing the snaps during the game, while the cover is not attached to the bag, illustrates the utility of the present invention. It should be recognized that the common stud portion of a snap fastener is the most common fastener found on today's modern golf bag. However, if a golf bag manufacturer were to employ the more robust “single directional pull” stud fastener during bag manufacture, then this invention could easily be manufactured using the mating “single directional pull” socket snap fastener. This change would significantly increase the load bearing capability of the present invention. Golfers appreciate the ability to quickly remove their golf towel or other accessory (i.e., golf cleaning brush, sighting monocular, etc.) without the need to open a spring, snap hook, or attaching mechanism. The attachment device allows golfers access to accessories without leaning uncomfortably over or down to the golf bag. Numerous historical efforts have been made to alleviate inadvertent loss of golf items and accessories, but little has addressed convenience of access to accessories. Of particular note, Clayton, U.S. Pat. No. 4,625,862 provides for a means of attaching a myriad of golf accessories to a single point on the golf bag in an aesthetically pleasing manner, using a series of pieces that make up the device of economical construction. Further, referencing the drawings of the Clayton patent, it appears that the invention (FIG. 2) utilizes the main sling-attaching ring 1 of the golf bag (FIG. 1). When properly mounted, this ring is commonly found on the side of the golf bag oriented toward the front of the motorized golf cart. This positions standard bag accessory pockets toward the rear of the golf cart, making them accessible to the golfer. This configuration seems to make access to the Clayton support assembly for golfing accessories (FIG. 2) difficult, if not impossible, when the golf bag is mounted on a motorized cart. Although the Clayton patent primarily provisions for mitigating loss of golf accessories, it stands as a fair comparison to establish the validity and usefulness of the present invention. The fact that every modern golf bag sold today utilizes at least four snap fasteners establishes the basis for the present invention. And, more particularly, the fact that the common arrangement of said snap fasteners provides the stud portion of the snap to be affixed in a permanent fashion to the outer upper edge of the golf bag provides the mating component for the present invention. Accordingly, it is the object of the present invention to provide a means of support for golf accessories by providing an assembly that will mate with stud snap fasteners located on the outer upper edge of the common golf bag. It is another object of the present invention to provide for rapid means of releasing and re-attaching up to four golf accessories from the golf bag. The number of items represents the typical number of snap studs found on a common golf bag. It is another object of the present invention to be small and lightweight in construction as to not add unnecessary size or bulk that would be aesthetically unpleasing when employed. It is further an object of the present invention to be constructed of robust materials that are as simplistic and common as to be produced economically. So much so, that the invention is envisioned to become as common a golf accouterment as the golf towel it was first envisioned to compliment.


FIG. 1 illustrates the device in the preferred embodiment, using webbing, seared at each end, bound by a cap and socket snap fastener, causing a permanent fixed loop to be formed in said webbing. A golf towel hook completes the assembly by being routed through the fixed loop.

FIG. 2 illustrates the present invention deposed in a preferred application, in this case, the golf towel hook is engaged with the grommet of a golf towel.

FIG. 3 illustrates a common golf bag and the typical location of the stud type snap fastener at the top outer edge of the golf bag. It further illustrates the present invention with a common golf club cleaning brush attached to the golf bag.

FIG. 4 further illustrates the present invention again with a common golf towel attached to a golf bag.


It should be noted that although the present invention is meant from the outset to offer convenience to golfers as an aid to their round of golf, the invention could easily be adapted to any number of applications where rapid access to a towel, tool or small home appliance is desired. Further, provided an appropriate mating device is available, the golf accouterment could be readily applied using the invention. For instance, a similar loop that would adapt to a belt worn by the golfer could be configured with a snap stud that would then receive the invention in its preferred embodiment. FIG. 1 illustrates the invention in the preferred embodiment. In that, a piece of webbing 2 measuring approximately one inch in width and approximately three inches in length. Webbing 2 is folded at the middle thereby mating one end of the webbing with the other. A snap cap and socket 3 is then passed through the folded piece of webbing about three-eights of an inch from where the two ends of the webbing meet. This will cause a fixed loop 4 to be created in the webbing. Finally, a common golf towel hook 5 with a slip spring opening is routed through the fixed loop 4 formed in the webbing completing the assembly. The invention is now ready to receive any number of individual light-weight golf accouterments as illustrated in FIG. 2 where the golf towel hook 5 is opened and routed through the golf towel grommet 7 and then attached to a common golf bag 10 using the stud portion of a snap illustrated in FIG. 4. As another example, FIG. 3 illustrates a common golf bag 11 with a golf club cleaning brush 9 attached to the golf towel hook 5. The concept of the invention provides for a unique and novel means of temporarily attaching and being able to rapidly remove an item from the stud portion of a snap 8 found on a common golf bag during a round of golf.