Cat mobile, a battery powered playground car
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The present invention is a non-traditional children ride-in playground vehicle having a coupe body style consisting of a variety of fun devices for small children including images of a cat and two kittens. The cat is mounted on the left side of the vehicle with its chin nestled against the top border of the vehicle's windshield while appearing to be keeping guard over the kittens that are engraved onto the hood panel. The battery powered vehicle is designed with two electric motore in order to provide equal power and mobility to the rear wheel drive. A plastic motor apparatus having space for batteries, wiring connections and relay switches are located in the trunk area, and having a rear door to properly secure the power source. The vehicle is equipted with two bucket seats, an in-dash provided with a radio and C D player and two non-locking doors.

Haney, Marrell (Chicago, IL, US)
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Marrell Haney (Chicago, IL, US)
1. The cat mobile, a non-traditional children ride-in vehicle comprising: a cat ornament that is mounted on the left side near the windshield border line; a three doors vehicle having a reversable sun roof adapted to open by pivoting upward or by sliding back into a storing compartment; a vehicle having functionable head lights and tail lights. a vehicle having motor device and a battery source installed inside of a compartment which is located at the rear of the vehicle. a axle component that is adapted with spring devices for children playground and amusement vehicles.


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1. Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to a non-traditional children playground and amusement car

2. Description of Related Art

Although most children playground vehicles offer fun for children, very little in the way of style and class can be seen in their presentations. The U.S. Model application Ser. No. 09/245,585 provide several improvements in ride-on cars, but shows a lack of consideration for young children who desire to imitate their parents while, at the same time, enjoying their toys. However, a more exciting children platground car is provided in the present invention: it offers innovation in body style with friendly face images of cats, and an enclosed top having an easy to operate sun roof, bucket seats with cushion that is covered with naugahyde, and an in-dash with radio and C D player. The invention is provided with a rear end compartment, plastic motor and a battery powered souce.


An object of the present invention is to provide a non-traditional children playground car with multiple functions so as to offer a high mobility and excitement and joy, as they drive the stylist coupe on sidewalks and playground ficilities.

The proceeding object have been achieved by providing a vehicle with a body style that is different from traditional playground cars for childre. The present invention is designed with a body style pivots vertically at the top center structure and gradually curves downward to the front and back sections of the car. Aluminum strips adorns the sides and top sections of the body showing a vertical line at the left and right side doors and a horizontal plane extending across the top section at the rear part of the sun roof. Small children may envision a sense of closeness and a real companionship by having the mounted cat image appearing to be observing them as they drive. In order to provide a higher standard for children, amusement and playground cars, a chasis designed to accommodate a rear end compartment for power train devices, switch mechanisms and battery power source are used to increase inside dimension which provide more flexibility for the older drivers. The front end axle having a set of maneauvering bars being attached to the stirring column, are connected to each end of the spring adapted maneauverable flex-axle and thereby providing increased mobility and durability for the drivers. A preferred humming device being attached to each electric motor are designed to sound like a rear motor upon ignition and accelleration of the engine apparatus. The vehicle is adapted for wind shield wipers and lights that function through the use of current from the battery source, which is another non-traditional feature in children playground cars. The gears and car activation system being installed in the space between the bucket seats are preferably done on a horizontal plane that originates at the lowest section of the in-dash mechanism and extending to a degree that allows for a C D tray and a soft drink holder. Some suitable materials such as aluminum steel, plastics, naugahyde, glue, screws and rubber are preferably used in the construction of the invention. Safety features include three non-locking doors with open air spaces between the doors and the top elevations with an automatic stopper device as part of the on/off components and a roll back or pivot up component for the sun roof in order to provide for more fresh air circulation throughout the vehicle.


Referring to FIG. 1 is a children non-traditional ride-in vehicle 9 according to present invention comprises a non-locking left door (not shown) and a non-locking right door 3 having hinges for attachment to the frame that is adapted for easy access and being provided with open air space above the doors. A radio antenna 15 is attached to the rear bumper section through the use of 1 inch screws. The motor's compartment, hinged door 7, is adapted to be pivoted up to a horizontal plane that is equal to the horizontal plane of the attached area of the rear door 7. Aluminum steel rods 8 are equipted with spring devices designed to keep the compartment door opened during use. The transparent sun-roof 6 is fitted onto glider devices that extends from the sun-roof area 6 to the hollered top component 10 which provides a source for temporary storing whenever the sun-roof is not in use. Several 1 inch metal screws or other attachment products are suitable materials for joining the full size cat device 16 to the left side of the vehicle at the border line of the left windshield frame. The engraved images of two kittens 13 are preferably made on the top side of the hood panel that is adapted to open at the vertical top of the snap on grille 5 which contains two functionable headlights. The vehicle is equipted with four rubber wheels 2 which are shown on the right side of vehicle 9 only. All wheels are made of plastic products and having attachment to aluminum metal axle bars 44, 49, 65 and 60. A stirring wheel having attachment to a stirring column 14 is joined to pivot bars 46 and 47 which are adapted to connect to axle maneauvering posts 48 that are adapted to rotate inside of roller bearing cups 45 and 50. Open air window spaces are provided at 4 to allow for more fresh air circulation throughout the vehicle. A non-functionable gas cap 11 is for cosmetic purposes only. The tailpipe section 12 is also for cosmetic use; it is made of plastic and is easily installed to the under side of the frame FIG. 3 with 1 inch metal screws. Unlike most playground vehicle, the present invention provides for a power plant in the rear section of the trunck area 1 for easy access.

Referring to FIG. 2 as in according to achievement desires of providing a playground and amusement vehicle with class and something difference, provides an in-dash device FIG. 2 having functionable radio 24, a C D player 25 and a stirring column 19 with stirring system 20 adapted to maneauver the front end with connections to pivot rods 46 and 47 at connecting section 68. The in-dash device can be easily installed with 1 inch screws at sections 26.

Referring to FIG. 3 is the embodiment of the vehicle's plastic frame having a rear power train 1; it encompasses a rechargeable battery source, having a outlet section for recharging the batteries, wiring and switch components. The compartment is closed with a seperate, hinged lid. Compartment is attached from the bottom side to the frame section. A power outlet cover 43 is adapted to lift out whenever recharging the batteries is needed. A non-removable carburator cap 27 is for cosmetic purposes only. Electric motors 30 and 39, having sound devices 30c are adapted to sound like a real motor, and other various sounds, are connected to a three unit driveshaft which turns the axle section that turns the rear wheels. The enclosed driveshafts 29 and 40 are powered by electric motors 30 and 39 having appropriate wiring connections. Rear wheels 28 and 41 are propelled by the electric motors. Bearing cup devices 32 and 38 which are located at the front section 42 are designed to maneauver axle 33 and 37 from axle's pivoting rods 35 and 36.

Referring to FIG. 4 is axles 51 and 60 having wheel connections at flex axle ends 63 and 65. Each axle is adapted with coil springs 52, 54, 58 and 64. A preferred attachment of the springs to the frame, from the bottom side and onto the car's body is provided with use of metal screws or other bonding process. Materials and bonding products that are considered to be valuable in the constructing of the vehicle are plastic, aluminum steel, naugahyde, metal and plastic screws and foam material for seat paddings. The major process includes forming and structuring the invention with quality products that are durable: The process of molding, together the body components for the vehicle, is a preferred method for joining various parts such as fenders, car's top panels, grille and side panels. Although the size and other dimensions of the invention may vary, it is preferred that the length of the vehicle be approximately 5 feet long; and the width of the car be approximately 4 feet wide. In other word, the inside dimension should be suitable for children between the ages of 5 through 10.