Portable padded air flow pouch
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a flat, round, portable padded pouch with net material front (4) air resistant interior back (9) will allow air to escape freely from perforated tubing confined inside portable padded air flow pouch. An opening (7) and (8) has a velcro like fastening material to secure perforated tubing in specific place. Said pouch will offer cool air to a person laying in bed between bedding.

Mccall, Heidie Isaacson (Vancouver, WA, US)
Wedin, Marlene Marie (Vancouver, WA, US)
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A47C21/04; (IPC1-7): A47C21/04
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Heidie Isaacson McCall (Vancouver, WA, US)
1. In a portable padded air flow pouch of the type comprising a net cloth material front to allow air to escape and air resistant interior back to reflect air through front of net of said pouch. Said pouch has an opening. Said pouch has a velcro like fastening material on the top and bottom of opening when the top and bottom of the opening are pressed together the velcro like fastening material forms a semi permanent bond that holds the perforated tubing securely inside the pouch.

2. The closure of claim 1 wherein front body of said pouch is comprised of net, webbing, mesh, open weave, lattice like cloth material that has approximately twenty holes per square inch.

3. The closure of claim 1 wherein said body of interior back of said pouch is composed of any air resistant material that is able to be sewn such as nylon polyester blend fabric or nylon.

4. The closure of claim 1 wherein said body of opening of said pouch is composed of velcro like fastening material such materials bond together semi permanently when pressed against itself and easily pulls apart, can be pressed together and pulled apart repeatedly for opening and closing and will hold objects in a specific place when objects are placed between fastening material.



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1. Field of Invention

This invention relates to portable padded cloth pouches, specifically designed to allow air to escape from the pocket.

2. Background of the Invention

Contemporary society has no shortage of circulating air fans and room air conditioners, unfortunately in the dark of night these appliances are inconvenient to operate and offer no specific remedy for hot flashes.

In the main, hot flashes are experienced by menopausal women.

While hot flashes are miserable during day light hours, at night they have the added disquieting aspect of disrupting sleep.

Consumers exist for a product that will offer relief when these vexing episodes occur in bed.

All conventional air circulating or, air cooling methods are fraught with limitations.

The primary flaw cannot be overcome. Nothing on the market was designed to deal with hot flashes.

Fans do not make suitable “bed fellows”

Circulating pedestal fans are not only cumbersome and ineffective, but, have the inherent component of providing an inviting target, in the A.M. for a toe. They also stir up dust, dust mites, pet hair, pet dander etc.

Room air conditioners, while providing relief for errant toes, have numerous undesirable elements. These units are not economical to use, nor are they environmentally friendly. There are no remotes for room air conditioners, so, the user has to get out of bed to turn it on and off. (as if women in the throes of menopause are at a loss to find things to complain about)

Conventional room air conditioners designed to offer air cooling, offer no method of precise delivery of cooled air to a specific body area while laying in bed covered with bedding.


Objects and Advantages

Accordingly, many of the shortcomings conventional air cooling methods present have been cited. Numerous objects and advantages of the solution being offered are.

  • (a) portable air flow pouch holds silicone tubing, latex tubing can produce disheartening allergic reactions, hypo allergenic silicone tubing does not kink, but its most compelling feature may be its lack of odor. Cool air is delivered through non-perforated tubing connected to an air pump. Ideally the pump should be stored and operated under the bed. Placed here the pump is unobtrusive and will not be tipped over in the night. Perhaps the most compelling reason for under the bed storage is that it affords the user access to the coolest air the room has to offer.
  • (b) the mobile pouch allows the hot flash sufferer to apply cool air precisely, where and when desired. No need to get up and out of bed, relief is at the users fingertips.
  • (c) the pump is controlled by a remote switch. Convenience dictates the location of the switch that has a clip attached for clipping to pillow, blanket edge, etc.
  • (d) the lightweight pouch houses no potentially hazardous moving parts, only silicone air hose.
  • (e) cool air is pumped to the padded air flow pouch. The pouch is positioned between bed covers and the user. From this location maximum air is delivered and possibility of irritants such as dust or pet hair etc. being distributed is eliminated.


The invention consists of a flat, cloth layered pouch. The front of the pouch is a net material allowing the air to be dispersed yet unimpeded.

Velcro like fastening material is utilized to hold the perforated tubing securely in place.



FIG. 1 shows top view of portable air flow pouch

FIG. 2 shows end view of opening

FIG. 3 shows said pocket layers


Reference Numerals

  • 4 net material
  • 5 top of opening
  • 6 stitched seam
  • 7 top inside of opening
  • 8 bottom inside of opening
  • 9 inside back of pouch
  • 11 padding layer
  • 12 decorative cloth
  • 13 air resistant material


FIGS. 1, 2, and 3

A preferred embodiment of the padded air flow pouch of the present invention is illustrated in FIG. 1 (top view) the said pouch has a front layer 4 of net, webbing, mesh, open weave, lattice like cloth material which has approximately twenty openings per square inch. Net material sewn to a solid piece if cloth material 5.

FIG. 2 shows end view looking into pouch. 6 stitched seam holds layers together. 5 solid piece of cloth serves as the top of opening. 7 velcro like fastening material 8 sewn to inside of 5 (FIG. 3). 7 and 8 FIG. 2 pressed together form a semi permanent bond to hold the tubing. 9 air resistant cloth interior of said pouch.

FIG. 3 4 net material 11 lightweight common quilt batting 12 decorative cloth material 13 air resistant cloth material.


Fig 2

The manner of using the portable padded air flow pouch is to pull apart the velcro like fastening material to open bottom of said pouch 7 and 8. Insert circle of perforated tubing into opening, press 7 and 8 together a semi permanent bond is formed to hold tubing securely in place.


From the description above a number of advantages of the portable padded air flow pouch become evident:

  • (a) the light weight pouch allows the user to bring cool air to any part of an overheated body, while remaining in bed.

(b) user friendly velcro like fastening material makes said pouch easy to disassemble for washing.

  • (c) Menopausal women often experience hot flashes while in bed. Said pouch provides relief from these nocturnal visitations.
  • (d) said pouch is soft and flat, it can be stored under a pillow or between bedding at all times for quick access to cool air.
  • (e) said pouch can be turned on and off while laying in bed.


Accordingly the reader will see that a portable padded air cooling pouch for natural external relief of night hot flashes, an uncontrollable and uncomfortable physical symptom many women experience when the unavoidable event of menopause occurs at mid life, is needed. At night, any women who has ever experienced a menopausal driven hot flash will welcome such a product.

    • it allows the user to remain in bed while being the recipient of cool air
    • it is a responsible and economical use of electricity
    • it is environmentally friendly as said pouch delivers cool air without the use of any harmful chemicals or other elements that could be of harm to the environment or the atmosphere.

Although the above description contains many specifics, these should not be construed as limiting the scope of the invention, but, as merely providing illustrations of some of the presently preferred embodiments of the invention. For example, the said pouch can have other shapes such as oval, triangular, etc.