Personal hygiene unit
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The Universal Shower Slider is a uniquely portable unit that can be attached to any existing shower neck pipe. It will provide the user with the convenience to adjust the height and sway of any hand held shower device. The universal shower slider is constructed of ¾″ PVC pipe and various ¾″ fittings, It has a clamp at the top and a suction cup at the bottom. It also includes a traverse rod and a showerhead adjustment assembly that provides a ¾″ male adapter connector. The Universal Shower Slider in its fully assembled configuration is clamped to the existing shower neck pipe at the top and is secured by a standard 1″ round suction cup at the bottom. The traverse rod provides a track upon which the showerhead adjustment assembly rides up and down. Moreover any handheld hose is thereby providing the water spray screwed to the existing shower neck pipe.

Watari, Kosaburo (Staten Island, NY, US)
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A47K3/20; A47K4/00; (IPC1-7): A47K3/20; A47K4/00
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Kosaburo Watari (Staten Island, NY, US)
1. The Universal Shower Slider comprising: A hanging rod connected between said wall mounting devices; A clamp mounted around said upper support extending from shower neck pipe, which is connected to vertical rod and a lower support extending from the sliding element to the mounting support of vertical rod is attached to a wall by suction cup with metal clip which fitted into the 90 degree pipe said; A mounting support for removably holding a structure;

2. The existing hand-held shower hose assembly as claimed in claim 1 wherein the body is formed in the passage with shower neck pipe and existing hand-held shower. Exiting hand-held shower holder is screw extending through a connected said male adapter, 45-degree pipe, and pipe clamed to sliding vertical rod, said screw being in threaded engagement provided for tightening said adjusting handle: A positioning of shower—head height is an adjusting pipe clamp mounted around to be fractionally held in position said headed pivot and desire adjust shower head mount said exiting hand held shower holder.

3. The Universal Shower Slider defined in claim 2 wherein means including a for any existing hand-held shower spray being connected by universally being provided for tightening said screw being in threaded engagement with pipe.



This Personal Hygiene Unit replaces the expensive traditional toilet equipment that was designed to be in lieu of using toilet paper to that of washing instead if wiping.

This PERSONAL HYGIENE UNIT is the least expensive equipment to own, and is an ecological solution when using, as it takes at least half the amount of paper to complete the personal cleansing process. The latter being a plus to those who are faced with septic tank maintenance from time to time.

This PERSONAL HYGIENE UNIT is compatible for installation on any toilet, as it is connected the existing hot waterline near by. As it is being applied, cold water is slowly turned on and is progressively becoming warm, at which time sufficient washing has been accomplished. There is a health benefit too, as the entire process is smooth and comfortable to perform. Wiping with paper is an abrasive process that can potentially cause pain and irritation in a sometimes sensitive area of the anatomy.